Cablesson HDElity HDMI 7 : Very Good

Recently bought an lg led cinema tv and was shocked there was no standard audio out to plug in normal phono leads, l and r cable. I did not wish to invest more money on a surround sound system when i have a perfect working order technics hi- fi. I tried connecting scart to phono leads, headphone output to phono leads with no output to the hi-fi at all. Scart from sky box to hi- fi worked but that meant i could only source sound from sky. Bought this converter with toslink digital cable, connect this to converter, phono leads from converter to hi-fi and it works a dream with any device used on the tv. Problem solved and only took 5 minutes to set up. I do have to turn the amp to a much higher volume to obtain usual level of output but otherwise fine. If you face a similar issue buy this.

Works beautifully, i already had a “hdcable” branded version of this same unit (which cost me significantly more than £80) and everything works identically. Switching is fast, and it will happily mirror the same content on both outputs. Audio output (both optical and and analog at the same time) mirrors what is being output on channel a. Audio is given whether or not the tv on channel a is turned on. Black finish is nice and looks better than my other silver matrix. This version comes with the power supply and remote only. No “magic eye” ir extenders are included, although obviously the sockets are there if you wish to add them at a later date. At this price point, everyone needs one of these matrices, they really are very useful. This unit is incredibly good quality, much better than any of the other rubbish on amazon at this price point.

This is an excellent little product. What the picture doesn’t show you is that it comes in a professional-looking box (including magnetic catches), and that the casing of the product itself is matt-finished metal. The all-in-one power supply sticks out at the bottom rather like a mobile phone charger, so if you have low-set sockets you may find it tricky to plug in. I bought this to run neet® – 1m – toslink digital optical audio cable – lightwave dt4 pro flx lead – spdif – precision digital audio from my new apple tv to an nad amplifier. Set-up was easy: toslink cable from atv to the box, standard rca red/white leads to the amp, power supply to the box. Initially i thought it was a dud – the sound was badly distorted, with hisses and crackles at peak volumes. Then i had a look at the atv sound settings and switched sound output and dolby digital both to auto. Bingo – clear, crisp, well-rounded sound without the horrible imbalances i was previously getting playing airtunes via hdmi into the tv. Very impressed – i’ve only had it for half an hour or so and already i’ve been inspired to write this review.

If like me you have a tv that does not output analogue audio then this product is the only way to play all sound from vga/hmdi/tv though a decent speaker system, very pleased.

At last i can feed my dac full 24/192 khz digital feed via hdmi easy and brill results on blu ray audio discs.

Bought this 11 months ago and fitted between my samsung hd flat screen and my denon analogue hi fi amp. Works perfectly with no problems. Good sound quality and allows tv sound output through the analogue amp.

Like others i came across this device after much searching, i’ve had blu ray home cinema systems which didnt do it for me. Some others had just talked about having a good stereo sound which the 42 inch tv doesnt deliver. With this little device and a speaker splitter (also amazon) i can switch speakers – front to rear – if i want to, and connect the optical output from the tv to an analogue input in my hi fi amp to have superb sound. Dead simple and it works, now i’ve got great stereo sound without the false surround sound effect.

Bought this to exploit the digital output from my samsung tv. It worked fine but i wasn’t able to use it the way i intended as my hi-fi amp has no remote control. This meant i had to keep getting up to change the volume on the tv. I decided to try it between my teac cd player and my teac amp and got a bit of a surprise. It definately out-performs the onboard dac in the cd player and i’m delighted with it.

  • Digital to analogue converter box
  • It works Amazingly!!!
  • Amazing piece of kit

Cablesson HDElity HDMI 7.1ch Audio Extractor & Mixer

Size Name:7.1ch Audio Extractor  |  Colour Name:4k2k (30Hz) The Cablesson HDElity HDMI 7.1ch Audio Extractor & Mixer offers the highest HDMI 1.3 / 1.4 with 3D and Deep color compatibility on the market.This unique device supports the separation of high quality stereo analogue audio and digital S/PDIF audio from the incoming HDMI signal without losing any active audio channels from the audio bit-stream and also makes HDMI audio more friendly to your audio systems with only stereo support, such as TV and Stereo speakers.The HDElity HDMI 7.1ch Audio Extractor and Mixer is also designed to co-work with any HDMI Matrix in the market to make different audio capacity HDMI equipped devices can work with multi-channel HDMI embedded audio at the same time!With patented circuit inside the box, this HDElity Audio Extractor and Mixer can down mix 2/5.1/7.1 PCM audio into stereo without losing any audio channel.
Note: only supports 2/5.1/7.1 ch PCM or LPCM multi-channel audio down-mix. Other than these formats, the analogue stereo audio may be either silent or noisy! Please configure the audio packets in HDMI source carefully
Designed in Oxford, United Kingdom

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I didnt want to buy another sound system when i got my new tv (with only a digital hook up). Rewiring those rear speakers would have been a pain in the butt. After discovering this little gadget i was elated, well, quite happy anyway. It connected up easily, hid behind the units inconspicuously and performed like a titan, well impressed.

This nifty little device is awesome – hdmi out from my laptop using flac files played using foobar2000 sound then optical cable to my trusty sony av receiver then mordant-short speakers give a sound that fitting of studio quality. Can’t believe how good this sounds for the price. Highly recommended product and a great seller.

As described, fine delivered quickly reasonably simple install i would recommend this to others wishing to use existing hifi equipt connected to tv.

Bought this to connect to an optoma 230x projector connected to a device that could only output surround sound on the hdmi cable. The projector has no speakers or audio pass through to external amp. This device worked perfectly. 1 (or stereo if you press the switch) through to the connecting device on its own. This is a good feature because if your device doesn’t report that it supports anything other than 2 channel audio then you would only get stereo otherwise. It can then output the audio over optical toslink or coaxial spdif. Nice little box – well made.

Great product for getting a good hd picture to my projector and optical sound to my amp.

Enables me to plug tv into hifi amp. Great quality sound and no speaker bars and cables everywhere.

There are many positive reviews of this product and here’s one more. I have a samsung syncmaster tv and a teac amp, the only ‘out’ on the tv was an optical out but unfortunately there was no optical ‘in’ on the amp. So for months, in order to get any sound from the tv to the amp, i had to patch a lead from the headphone input on the tv the phono inputs on the amp. Not a great solution i can tell you. Then i came across this product. At first i was highly dubious that it would even work. Then i plugged it in and boom. I really can’t express enough what an amazing difference it makes to the sound. You really get those cinema-like bass rumbles when you’re watching movies.

Ideal companion to fire tv box when your hdmi cable is attached to a projector.

  • Digital to analogue converter box
  • It works Amazingly!!!
  • Amazing piece of kit

Cablesson HDElity HDMI 7.1ch Audio Extractor & Mixer

Does what it says on the tin.

– if you need an hdmi matrix with a digital audio out (toslink) then buy iti now have one hdmi cable into my tv and a toslink cable into my av receiver. The hdelity takes the audio signal from the selected hdmi source and outputs a digital signal via toslink. There’s a delay of a couple of seconds after selecting the source, but sound and picture is excellent. I rate this product 5 stars.

Just to echo d preston’s superb account of this device. I too bought a 42″ lcd tv which i wanted to connect to my ps3 and through my stereo amplifier. After alot of head scratching i came across this little device and the above review which fitted my problem perfectly. Now wired up ps3 to tv via hdmi, from tv via optical cable to cyp dct-3 and then phono to amp.

After buying a samsung led tv i needed to connect it to my analog audio system. Searching at the local market i was not able to find an adequate converter. This little box does the job perfectly.

This neat little box was a life saver. I’d just bought a new tv, which i’d intended to link up to my 12 year old, but still great sounding sony av amp/receiver. The curry’s staff (amazon didn’t stock the tv i wanted unfortunately)assured me that amongst the myriad connections on the back of the tv, i’d be able to connect it to my sony amp. The tv had every output except the one i needed which was the pair of stereo left/right rca’s. I wasn’t pleased, as everything else had hooked up ok until that final bit. Anyway, a quick search on amazon for a possible ‘digital to analogue rca converter’ (hoping there was such a thing) turned up several suitable boxes including this one. I also sourced a digital/optical cable from them as well, crossed my fingers & sent off the order. Due to amazon’s generous, free prime trial offer, they were both with me the next morning. Few minutes later, had everything connected and thankfully my tv’s sound was coming through my sony amp. This is a tiny, well-made box of tricks that does exactly what it says on the tin (well leaflet, anyway). If you happen to have an older-type av amp that still delivers the goods sound-wise, but lacks the latest type of digital connectivity, one of these converters will do the job and save you paying out for a new amp if you don’t really need one.

Vi premetto che ho acquistato questo oggetto esclusivamente per collegare il pc al monitor e alla tv devo dire immagini perfette suono anche al pc – alla tv immagini perfette ma purtroppo non sono riuscito ad ascoltare l’audio alla forse dipende da me che non ho saputo impostarlo quando riuscirò ad ascoltare gli altoparlanti alla tv vi farò sapere – se qualcuno vorrà aiutarmi è ben gradito. Ora vi faccio la traduzione cin bing traslator. I start by saying that i purchased this item exclusively to connect your pc to the monitor and tv i must say perfect sound images to pc-perfect images on tv but unfortunately i failed to listen to the audio to maybe depends on me that i didn’t know when i set it to listen to the speakers to tv i will let you know-and if anyone wants to help me is very welcome. I managed to set it and works great great.

I even have three of these set up on different floors of the house with the transmitter and receiver lined up to face each other per floor to allow me to switch sky channels wherever i am.

Neat product with plug/power supply. Works well with the optical output from my samsung 7000 series tv. I think that it does not provide a dolby 5. 1 output, although i cannot be sure yet and would be glad if somebody could contradict me, having obtained rear speaker surround outputs. Many reviewers have bought this item because they think that the samsung tvs do not have an analogue audio output. My 7000 series has two lots of analogue outputs, one each from the two scart connections (provided as conversion leads which plug into the tv). However, i have found that the tv’s adjustable sound output delay facility only effects the digital output and not the analogue audio outs. This means that the sound from my harman kardon a/v surround sound amp is slightly out of sync with the tv’s own sound. Not a problem if you’re not going to use the tv’s sound as well, but annoying if you’re using one or the other depending upon the program and your feelings at the time.

My inputs are ps3, ps4, appletv & lacie cinema drive. My visual outputs are a monitor and a projector. My audio outputs are a soundbar (toslink) and wireless headphones (coax). This has worked freat for me for the past couple of years. However, i always used my ps3 for 3d bluray. So i figured i’d just use the ps4 for 3d blurays. I can’t get the switcher to pass a hd 3d signal from the ps4 with new cables or the old cables that worked with the ps3. The ps4 3d works fine if i bypass the switcher, i. Send direct to the projector. If i send the 3d signal direct to the projector by bypassing the switcher i get no sound as the sound is all being sent from the switcher.

Very simple to plug in and operates perfectly – this has made the buzzing on low frequencies a thing of the past now i can put my sounds through my hi-fi – what a difference for listening pleasure.

No conflicts with ir like other hdmi switches.

It simply does the job perfectly in extracting the audio from an hdmi input. Video/audio quality is not affected at all.

I use it to send dvds and sky to our kitchen and it is perfect every time.

Tried a few others before this one, and this is definitely the best.

Upon purchasing an lcd tv i was surprised that sound out was by optical connection only. Was pleased to find this analogue converter on amazon, having failed in my local electronic outlets (some international names) to get any options on how to connect with my analogue 5. 1 surround sound which had a non-optical digital input. Purchased, prompt delivery and ideal results.

Gotta say this doesn’t work well for me. Ps4 and google cast main connections, every time i want to watch one i have to reset the matrix. Often multiple times, to get the unit to recognize the connection.

This gadget does exactly what it says. It extracts the digital audio output from the hdmi signal which can be passed onto an audio amplifier to decode the dolby digital and dts 5. Both optical and co-ax presentations are supported for the audio output. Very simple to use, just plug in the cables and off it goes, no messing around – highly recommended for those who have surround sound amplifiers with no hdmi inputs.

Perfect, noise and distortion-free audio conversion. I’ve only used the optical input, but have no reason to think that the coax would be any worse.

Features and Spesification

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    by entering your model number.
  • Able to prevent PC from deactivating inactive HDMI/DVI ports, HDCP compliant* Conversion from HDCP-protected signal is NOT supported.
  • Support HDMI Deep Colour & 3D / DVI 1.1 compliant
  • Able to read and store the EDID of displays (monitors or projectors), Able to overwrite the EDID into the EDID Reader/Writer/Re-timer or the HDMI displays
  • Built-in default EDID, Able to maintain HDMI/DVI video resolution
  • Re-synthesizes input HDMI stream and maintains or improves signal integrity.