Cafe Stal Café Stal BEC-10M Espresso Coffee Maker – Really nice item, had it for almost a year and

Looks good, brews well, but drips a bit when the coffee is poured.

A well-made product that is a joy to handle and look at. I would highly recommend it to anyone. With regard to the small nuisance of the gasket falling out, have you tried placing the filter and gasket on the water container before carefully screwing the pot on to it?.I have found this answers the problem.

Beautifull crafted bought it as a replacement for my hex aluminium version to use on my induction hob recent upgrade but then no joy the stainless steel is so pure it has no magnetic value i will give it is a gift for someone searching for an induction capable version now.

Great stylish stovepot – unfortunately, the base was too small for any of my gas hob burners.

Beautifully designed, fits together well (top onto bottom) and is large enough for two decent sized mugsa very speedy delivery too.

Bellux stovetop stainless steel espresso coffee maker 6 cupi’ve had this coffee pot for 11 months and i use it every day, i’ve even taken it on holiday. In a previous review a question was raised about further rubber seals, i’ve found the ones for the 6 cup aluminium bialetti fit perfectly. All in all this pot provides an excellent cup of espresso.

This is the fourth espresso maker, of this type, that i’ve bought. It looks good, is well made and should give years of service. The divider (used for making ‘regular’ coffee) in the grounds chamber is flimsy such that it feels like its buckling when you tamp in the coffee. Also, the divided chamber is still too large. I like my coffee strong but this is too much. Also the product description i read before purchase didn’t mention if it had a divider – so i had to buy hoping there would be one.

A very good quality product, i do recommend to everybody. I was looking for a stainless steel espresso coffee maker, not aluminium which is a poison for our body, and i was very happy to find this particular item. I use it on average 1-2 a day and after 1 year it looks exactly as when i bought it. Fantastic product, thank you seller:-).

I had a 12 cup apollo aluminum stove top espresso maker. It worked fine but i got this one since it seemed like a better quality model for the same job. I like the fact its stainless steel for a few reasons. One its heavier and seems to distribute heat more evenly. The second is the fact that it tastes less tinn-y. It’s a bit of a hassle cuz the filter and rubber ring (gasket whatever) is not tightly fitted so it comes out every time and so you have to make sure its in the right place before you screw the top on. This 10 cup is only enough for about 2 average mugs of coffee so don’t expect 10 cups. Overall i’m very satisfied with this purchase and recommend it anyone with a small kitchen with no counter space.

It’s just ok, another purchase on my quest for good coffee at home. Eventually got tiered of it and its in a cupboard someplace. I have a coffee machine now, rocks.

We originally purchased a 6 cup but this proved too small capacity-wise so we returned it. We were most pleased with the returns procedure and the rapid refund of the purchase price to our credit card account. We then ordered the 10 cup version which arrived very promptly and which was pressed into service immediately atop a stove top heat diffuser. The coffee maker is aesthetically pleasing to look at, the reservoir holding around 500ml (just below the inner valve) translating after around 5 minutes to 2 medium-sized coffee cups of excellent coffee – and without the metallic taste our old coffee maker had begun to produce.

I am hooked on my nespresso machine at work, so got this to enjoy the same delicious espresso at home. This makes coffee that i think is even slightly better than the nespresso machine, it looks good, and it is dishwasher safe so easy to clean. My initial espresso pot did not do well in the dishwasher so this was the replacement and although it was more expensive it has been a tremendous purchase.

I love coffee, nice coffee and this makes lovely coffee. Not enough of it though but the upside of that is it that the coffee is always fresh. Buy good coffee to use with it. Here are the specifications for the Cafe Stal Café Stal BEC-10M Espresso Coffee Maker:

  • QUALITY TEAWARE – The Bellux collection offers a beautifully designed and carefully manufactured range of high-quality mirror polished 18/10 Stainless-Steel tea ware
  • ERGONOMIC – Strong Argon welded spouts ensure that the silverware never leaks
  • ELEGANT LOOK- Boasting a lovely mirror polished finish and suitable for any occasion, the Bellux collection would be a perfect addition to any kitchen
  • The well-designed bodies are complemented by a cool touch hollow handle to ensure safe use
  • Dishwasher safe, though hand washing is recommended for optimal quality maintenance

I was delighted when my bellux expresso maker arrived, it looks like a beautifully designed piece of stainless steel engineering. Having used an aluminium one for a few years now i can certainly taste the difference. Two small niggles; on one of the reviews there was criticism of the ring and filter fit as it keeps falling out as you try to screw the top on, am i doing something wrong?secondly it is not easy to accurately get the correct level of water as the valve is only visible from inside. Perhaps a little mark on the exterior would be helpful. Otherwise absolutely lovely piece of equipment.

Really nice item, had it for almost a year and use it daily. Very easy to clean and assemble. Disassemble is trickier as you have to be careful not to put force on the handle (i’m sure the handle will break if i did so each day). Sadly though i haven’t seen any crema like i used to get each time on my old aluminium stovetop by bialetti, but the aluminium rust became a health concern. Overall, i’m very pleased with it.

I’ve had the 6 cup version of this exact model for 10yrs now and it has been used every day without fail (unless i have overpacked the coffee or when it needs a new o-ring). It still works perfectly but i needed a bigger version for our coffee loving household. Even goes on campfire or bbq and is dishwasher safe. And this 10 cup is exactly the same quality. Other aluminium ones that i have used taste metallic and do not last. The little seive plate that comes with it goes knob down into the basket before the coffee goes in to make the basket half capacity. Without the seive in, if you fill the basket up half way it works and tastes exactly the same.

We ordered this and it arrived less than 48 hours after we’d ordered it – it works fine. Looks good, works well, no problems.

It makes good coffee with no leaks when pouring. The stainless steel design makes it look modern. I wish i’d bought it for myself.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good machine but could use some improvments
  • Love it
  • Really nice item, had it for almost a year and

Totally agree with leon123, the mocha looks great, even more when you hold it or see it for real. It looks very sturdy and durable, wich is what i was after. I just found out how to use the perforated disc, so i din’t have chance to try it yet, although i did make some espresso and taste good. Anyway, a very simple explanation manual would have been very useful, which is why i am giving 4 stars and not 5. I will add more in a few months, after using the mocha more than what i’ve done so far. Update (nov 2012): the mocha pot is good quality but the rubber gasket is rubbish, it does not last long enough. Maybe for the novice this does not look like something particularly annoying, but an old gasket means a leakof steam and therefore less water brewing the ground in the filter, in a few words a little less coffee in your mug,and to make it worse, when you will pour your coffee, it will spill from the same leak. And i am using my mocha pot only 2-3 times a week, if you will use yours more often this is definitely something to keep in mind. This is the only negative point.

The products are very good quality and have a lovely finish. That is why i bought this coffee pot. Its more expensive than others but the fact that its stainless steel and not aluminium is a huge positive factor for me. The mirrored finish is ideal – it looks sharp and is very easy to polish and keep looking new. I already have the bellux mirrored teapot and it too is of the same high quality.

I have had it for 7 years and it works just like it did in day 1.

I bought this stovetop espresso pot 6 months after getting concerned about the aluminium content in my old traditional cheaper stove top. I was also unhappy with the quality of the coffee i was getting, but was on a tight budget so i chose the bellux on its low price alone. I have to say it is very good quality overall. The design is attractive, and all the parts fit together well and are solidly constructed. The handle can tend to get quite hot, but that doesn’t bother me too much – i just use a tea towel when i want to pour. It comes with a spare rubber seal ring, which is useful, although it begs the question what does one do when the 2nd seal perishes?my main qualm with this item is the lack of instructions. At first, it all seems straightforward, but actually, there was one component that caused me misery for about 4 months until i worked it out for myself (after many wasted cups of coffee). The pot comes with a small perforated disc with a centre peg/ handle that fits into the chamber where the coffee goes. I guessed this was something to do with using the pot at less than maximum capacity, but couldn’t really see how it worked. I used it on top of the coffee for some time – treating it like an extra filter/ space filler.

Very good quality – sturdy construction and easy to clean. I use it to make one large mug of strong coffee for myself using one heaped tablespoon of coffee. Produces much stronger and hotter coffee than the equivalent spoonful does in cafetieres. I was using nespresso but became concerned about potential for mold in the machine and the potential for toxic chemicals from the pods, and also not being able to get organic coffee in pods. This stovetop machine is clearly superior on health grounds and of course much cheaper than nespresso and no more faff once you’re used to it.

Narrow for the stove topples over.

Start with the basics: it makes good coffee if the coffee is good. Upside: well built, stainless steel. Downsides: if you were expecting more than six very very small cups please note the base takes 400ml of water before the pressure release valve covers up. It makes (nominally) about 250ml of coffee. Not six cups unless these are 42mls each. The balance is in the gap between the bottom of the pressure tube riser and the base, and that absorbed in the coffee grounds. It looks good because of the tapered base: but the heat rises up the side and heats the handle etc. And very prone to ‘boil the coffee’ post perc. You would need a narrow burner support if using gas. I had to find a secondary metal support to sit on my gas burner.

Using the metal disk to half the amount of coffee you get a full single mug of strong coffee from this great coffee pot. If there are two if you, take out the disk and get two half mugs of expresso to be diluted by hot water to make a good strong americano. I use boiling water in the pot which means holding the bottom with a heatproof mat, or i burn my hand, but it takes only a minute on the hob to make the coffee.

I bought this to replace our italian style hexagonal aluminium pot and its a really good replacement – the finish is superb and its precision engineered so that the top and bottom are easy to screw together – this may sound strange but i have tried many in shops that are difficult to screw back together as they are not so well made – something i find very irritating as many were more expensive than this one. It also makes great coffee as you would expect and you get no steam on your fingers when pouring, as the lid is solid and fits well not just resting in place.

It was not easy to locate a quality stainless steel stove coffee maker. Aluminum versions are available in many shops and on line but sadly they do not work on induction hobs. This item is very well made, quality fittings thoughout, you get what you pay for in this world.

It makes a very good cup of coffee, however i would like a larger one as most people want more than an espresso sized cup and it takes a while to brew another batch of coffee.