CAIWEI Newest 2019 Mini Home Theater Projector – Excellent quality for a 350gbp projector.

My colleague who tested this for me as i have not set it up at home yet is completely jealous and wants one. He already has a projector but this little one leave the standard projector for dead in it functionality. A good buy which i hope will give me lot of fun for several years.

I’m really impressed with the quality of the projection from this. I have used it for gaming and films while the tv is being watched in the same room without issue. Wasn’t sure if it the price was too good to be true but i couldn’t be more wrong.

Great projector and good value for money. I bought it for watching films and sport when friends came around but ended up using it permanently as my main tv.

My only critic would be that it drops the wireless internet connection very often and a beep plays when it does which is a bit annoying but other than that it is a very nice piece of technology and the seller is very helpful.

It’s cracking, only downside is downloading amazon video app & netflix, you need to plug in a mouse and keyboard. It comes out of focus now and again but easy enough to regain. Great for indoors but outdoors not so much, i tried to beam a batman sign into the sky to see if he would come but didny work.

Great product, very compact. Liked that it can be used as a computer (word, ppt, etc). Love that it is battery operated. I use it with my sonos for audio output in the bedroom. It is a little loud, but nothing unlike other projectors.

Good quality product for home, office other on the go needs, great customer service, software needs improvementwill update the review as i explore more.

Just received the wifi version with android. Watched my first hd movie and i was impressed. Definetely a value for money. However, didn’t manage to get mirracast to work yet with any of my tablet/smartphones and also i did not find any digital zoom in or out functionality yet so i need to place the item at the proper position to get the screen right on the wall. Also i could not find the projector settings yet. Just some basic options like rotation, mirror etc. Don’t know yet where to find lifetime information of the lamp. Also, the speaker is very basic, loud volume but with noise. You will need external speaker to watch a movie decently. Nevertheless, i recommend this item.

The instructions are very basic, on the website it stated the the unit was compatible with ios, iphone & ipad via bluetooth, there are no instructions on how this links up. The screen only opens for a few seconds before closing again. The android screen does not give info regarding the usb & it cannot find the usb on standard format. Still trying to work through the instructions for what they are.

. Speaker is fine & the kodi capability is great. I’m using it for film nights for the grandchildren – they think it’s a real cinema. Very versatile – i’ve hooked up a dvd player to it for their favourite dvd’s and the android kodi capability makes this a very useful device – you’ve just got to sort out adding a couple of good streamers. Cheap hot dogs – a few bags of pop corn and they think it’s smashing and it doesn’t break the bank – fans is a bit noisy but once the film gets going you don’t notice it. I’ve even used it to watch the rugby once the nippers have gone to bed.

Perfect picture and i am running on a 120′ screen from 4 mtrs away. Have it in my bedroom and connected to my bluetooth surround speakers.

I bought this for my son in law for xmas it was easy to install and program. I would recommend this to anyone.

Good affordable projector, perfect for average use. Here are the specifications for the CAIWEI Newest 2019 Mini Home Theater Projector:

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  • Here comes 2019 CAIWEI New Mini LCD Projector, provide Captivating Enjoyment Loud and Clear. 1280×720 native resolution, 3200 Lux led luminous efficiency and 3200:1 contrast,With a built-in 5W stereo speaker, delivers total video enjoyment with epic sound quality, the projector provides an exquisitely immersive AV experience.
  • Small Size, Big Image, The Projection size is 24-200 inches with distance 3.41-19.84ft,an optimum distance of 6.56-13ft guarantees a super-clear and bright image. 16:9 widescreen resolution, projection screen will not deform, more conducive to watch, provide a better user perception, ideal for outdoor party, home gathering, home cinema, sports show,slide shows,kids cartoons ect.
  • Provide HDMI/USB/Audio Plug & Play connectivity, HDMI delivers superior digital video and audio. Enjoy digital contect form any USB,view your pictures as a slideshow or listen to your favorite music via the USB port. Just insert your flash drive into the USB port for the ultimate entertainment.Work well with Roku Streaming Stick/ Laptop/ Blue-Ray DVD player/ PS3/ PS4/ Xbox/ TV box ect.
  • What we improved? -Lower Noisy, adopted Nidec Turbo fan,higher heat dissipation efficiency, lower operating noise, effectively improve the life of the projector. -Higher Brightness, add more led beads, provide extra 20% brightness than old version,an extensive service life of up to 50,000 hours,you don’t need to worry about lamp defects.
  • Set up in seconds, support ceiling/ front/ rear projection. Wireless Screen Mirror with your ios/android smartphone, no cables need. Digital Zoom in/out,a manual zoom to make positioning easier. ±15°Keystone correction for easy setup without image distorting. Voltage: AC 110-240V.

Does everything with an adjustable crisp image. Bought for camper where space is at a premium using a drop down white board.

I really love this projector it has really great picture quality and the sound is great too. No need to add speakers to my projector for when i have friends or family over to watch a movie. Best part of all i can use my amazon fire stick to watch movies. Anyway, not only is the picture quality amazing but the sound on here is super loud plus. Overall, i’m really impressed with this projector and i would highly recommend anyone who is purchasing their first projector.

This is the first projector i have owned so not really much to judge against. Have to say though it is very good and amazing to see such a larger screen. I’ve used it in the house now on a 90inch screen and it is clear and smooth. A bit dark but with all lights out it really feels like a cinema. Only downfall is i would have liked better battery time before running out. It does say in the discription to this item it will last 180 mins but that’s not the case. I’ve played it none stop watching virgin t. V and it lasted 90mins also played ps4 non stop and lasted 90mins. Have to say though graphics and motion on ps4 was great. My intentions for buying this projector is for the use in the back of my van conversion when it’s complete which i’m sure it will perform fine and this is the reason why i choose this item over other projectors due to it advertising 180mins due to camping which would have been a great bonus but only last 90mins.

Bought this one to view world cup matches and picture quality is really good. Sound from the projector is not optimum and due to bluetooth connectivity, connecting to external sound bar is easy. Happy with the product so far.

The product was not very good , but the customer service was top rate they were very happy to help me and even would replace the product with a new one so i give a 5o i give 5/5 for customer service, if any one has a complaint i really do suggest talking to their customer service first, they were very happy to help me out without any hassle.

To be honest expected more from the projector, bought it as it said it incorporated screen mirroring. . I can’t get it to work, had a tv ariel guy come and put a box and another tv cable on my ariel as the projector is in my garage/man cave. Projector can’t find any tv channels. Had to buy a freeview hd box for it to work, all instructions are in chinglish and useless. Basically you need to have a usb stick and do updates for any of the ‘android’ features/apps to work and you definitely need a mouse to use the android menus as with the remote you’ll spend hours slowly moving the silly hand icon about selecting letters. Picture quality is good and it will be great for watching the world cup on 90′ screen just wish it had stated in description screen mirroring will only work if you have a chromecast.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Not bad for the price, needs add ons to get best out of it.
  • Very Good Projector
  • There is a hole in the bottom for a mini ‘spider’ .

– very decent picture quality- good brightness levels- android firmware is easy to use- very good customer support (firmware stopped working and was able to resolve it in a day).

It’s so small and lightweight. The wifi and bluetooth connectivity is excellent. My fire tv stick works perfectly with it too.

We have always been looking for a decent and good-quality projector. I came across this on amazon and decided to give it a try. Installed it in my movie room and i was so surprised by its clear image. It is amazing for its pricegood advantage it’ s multiconnection and support my iphone and ipad and other consoles. And huge pros i have one year money back guarantee and also very professional customer service which i live so much.

My son is very happy with productnearly a year later and this product has stop working with emails going back and forth. I feel the company is just giving the run around i have now asked for a new projector or refund. Let’s see what happens a very unhappy person.

A great value for money product, quite heavy but is has a lot of things going for it and the set up was reasonably easy to do ,we specifically needed it for a teaching situation where the room as it was daytime was quite light but the projector did its job. It is built to last a long time.

Not working with samsung s9 plus mira cast over wifi. Support samsung devx platform. Also not able to install amazon prime video app. Now tv app install is also not working on projector. Need to use wireless keypad and mouse for better control.

Hi i recently purchased the projector and it was amazing.

Works fine for a while then the fans started to make a loud noise when it’s turned on. So have to keep turning on and off till it stops.

It does deliver a very good image, nice and crisp and the letters appear sharp. I am no expert in projector but that seem to me to be a very good projector – also i know how difficult it is to find a projector that works in daylight and that very projector still delivers a good image on my wall even in daylight. I was really surprised to receive a proactive email from caiwei with documentation regarding on how to use this projector wirelessly speaking. Thanksit is small, light, easy to carry and.

Love the built in wfi, makes it very easy to stream to. Having the android operating system as well, makes this an all round excellent piece of kit. Supplier was also very good, with good communication & speedy delivery.

Happy cast option which is used to play wireless from iphone or ipad doesn’t seem to work effectively. Options ae not user friendly and on few occasions the video goes blank for couple of seconds.

Had this projector for a few months now and very happy with the quality, great value for money. We invested in an external android keyboard to make some of the app navigation easier. Aside from that and some long cables to wire in a sound bar, we’ve not had to do anything else. The ability to zoom picture size and aspect ration has been useful and the resolution has been perfectly fine for our needs. All round seems like a good buy.

For the money it sells for its good value.

It’s very easy to set up, that is if you have a hdmi cable. It’s a bit more fiddly if you’re trying to connect your laptop to projector via wi-fi, though. That said the set up is all icon based and generally pretty straightforward. It’s very bright, and the resolution is easily high enough for movies and for business presentations. The only thing i’d say, is that, as with all projectors the colour tends to get a little washed out for business presentations unless you’re in a blackout room. Generally i don’t think that’s a problem, although we use it to present our software, where it’s nice to see the colours more. I don’t think you can blame the projector for that though. I didn’t realise that it also had a battery pack included.

I recently purchased the caiwei wireless wifi projector and i am very happy with it. The projector was delivered quickly and well packaged. Very easy to set up and connect to the wifi. Great for watching youtube clips and the built in kodi is a gem. The projected image is very clear and colour quality is good. I found the fan a bit noisy but nothing too major also the sound quality could be better, however this is not an issue as i connect it through my sonos system. I’m interested in photography and my camera or laptop can be connected directly to the projector to show photos. This is a very good product for the price.

My home cinema is filled with endless joy. My 1st ever projector affordable and brilliant great product hours of entertainment connect to your sky or virgin box and enjoy hours of fun and be the envy of all your friends. Trust me they have no paid me for this review.

Very user friendly and easy to set up using laptop,tv or even wifi. Great picture quality with adjustable sceen angle.

Excellent value for money projector. Easy connectivity and very good brightness even when the room in not particularity dark. If you are looking for an affordable portable projector this is the one.

This unit is amazing , very easy to use and the quality of picture is great, highly recommend this.

 this is exactly what i was after. I can use it outside in a 3×3 pop up canopy near the house and get a good tv size picture at the height of the sun on a summers day. So when a bit less sunny and later in year can get a much bigger clear picture to watch sports and movies outside. Currently using it for the world cup and loving it. Will be great at 7pm this evening. Video attached was in the full sun at 12pm today 28th june. I used it on sunday for the grand prix and at 3/4 in the evening picture was good enough to watch from sun beds at bottom of garden.

Went above and beyond with after care helping me set up this fantastic projector (im not tech savvy) my kids and their friends enjoy movie night with popcorn and love it. The picture is flawless and sounds great would highly recommend.

Definitely worth the price and the quality is excellent. Highly recommends this to anyone who is interested.