Campingaz Party Grill 200 Camping Stove – Great little BBQ, but struggles in the wind and cold

This is a fantastic cooker/barbecue. Have just used it for 3 weeks camping. Was easy to use and fast to set up. One piece of advice is twist of blue base first as is really tight first off then put back on but not too tight. Then it’s easy on and off after that. It may be small but it’s surprising how much you can get on the barbecue plate. Another piece of advice is to soak the barbecue plate in hot soapy water as makes it so much easier to clean. And we really wanted toast one morning so tested making it on the barbecue plate and it worked brilliantly.

We used this alongside another gas stove, for maximum cooking time. It was like chalk and cheese. This one top trumps the crappy standard gas stove. To emphasise a point i cooked pasta on the other stove and it randomly tipped over and ended up with a high soil to pasta ratio. We started again on the campinggaz party 200 and it was done a lot quicker and with the three sturdy legs it stood strong and didn’t tip. They brand it unisex which is a bit bizarre and party 200, i don’t know what types of party these guys go to but ok. All in all, a great stove, so good we bought another one and booted the crappy one into next week’s bin collection.

An excellent little bbq, well worth every penny, and great to take for a day out.

Doesn’t work very well when windy and changing the use is rather messy.

Fantastic little grill/stove. Really easy to use, reliable and safe. Can easily bbq on this and much easier than setting up coal etc. Quick and easy to clean as well. Love how it stores away neatly and the gas used seems to last for a long time.

Really easy to use and so easy to clean. Great for bbq and also for camping / boiling kettle.

Very easy and quick to set up. Very efficient burner and non stick grill plate make sure you get great cooked food speedily. Can also be used without the grill plate to heat pans of food. Nice and compact for transporting.

Excellent grill, fast for boiling water and excellent for cooking breakfast.

Great little cooker for camping and boiling water.

I bought this because i am limited on space in the car. Used this for the first time on a weekend camping trip with family. Was impressed by its portability. Wasn’t sure how long the gas would last so i took 2 canisters but i hardly used any gas at all. Looking forward to putting it through it’s paces on my next camping trip.

Bought to replace our old one which was a few years old. Great for camping or for taking on holiday. Only gripe old one was supplied with its own bag which we threw away wish we had kept it now.

Overall very happy with this bbq/stove. Great for cooked breakfast and barbecues, but it does struggle to cook when camping in cold temperatures and if there is any wind. The ignition doesn’t work any more, no big issue. Easy to clean and overall it is good value for the money.

Bought this as a gift, absolutely amazing piece of kit. Gives off a load heat so you can actually chargrill veggies and steakvery compact and portable, very easy to clean. Here are the specifications for the Campingaz Party Grill 200 Camping Stove:

  • Compact and multifunctional Party grill
  • Suitable for frying, grilling and cooking
  • With a water compartment for fat collection
  • Equipped with piezo ignition which makes matches unnecessary, suitable for CV-300 Plus and CV-470 Plus gas cartridges
  • Easy to clean

Absolutely brilliant little bbqthe nonstick grill plate works perfectly, ensuring you can cook to perfection. Filling the bowl with water while cooking, makes for an extremely easy clean. Boils a 1l kettle in just a few minutes, meaning you aren’t waiting to long for that brewused now on three, 3 night camping trips and it’s been superb. Certainly worth the investment, don’t think twice about it.

Bought this for 3 week camping tour of cornwall on a strict budget. This little gem of a cooker allowed me to make great meals for my family with total ease. Pros – packs away neatly, quick and easy to set up, gas cannisters average about 7 pounds, and during the 3 weeks we used 3. 5 cannisters, that was for everything except lunch when we made sandwiches. Easy to clean and dry and put away. Heats up really quickly, griddle plate design is great as any fat drips into drip tray and not into flame. I used it with a frying pan and also a wok for stirfrys/curry/spaghetti bol etc, really can do everything on this. When comparing it to the bigger version, i would say if you have a large family, you’d need the bigger one, i could cook for 3 people on this smaller one, (1adult 2kids), but the bigger one has more accessories, i looked at this as more things to clean () so opted for the smaller one and i’m glad i did.

We used this for over 2 weeks on our camping trip and it was invaluable. It was easy to use, clean and store. Will definitely be using it again our next trip.

This was perfect for a camping trip with two small children. The grill could fit 6 sausages at 1 time to cook and was easy to clean. The versatility of having a hob as well to make the all important morning cup of tea made it a great addition to our camping trip. It was really easy to attach the gas canister and it stores down really small with the legs fitting into the main body for storage.

Took it camping for a weekend, cooked breakfast and dinner on it two days in a row. It uses a fair bit of gas but it is a proper bbq. We did burgers, sausages, kebabs and chicken on it and it worked fine. The kettle function is great as well , heats the water up in no time. All folds away neatly into a semi circle shape so is easy to move around.

The best bit of camping kit i’ve ever bought. Excellent as a stove or a grill/bbq. Easy to clean, and well thought out from the manufacturer. I don’t know that i agree with other reviewers who say it uses a lot of gas, or that the gas is expensive. I find mine to be quite economical, using it for 2 meals a day for a weeks holiday in the lake district and i still didn’t finish one gas canister. The gas canisters come in two sizes cv300 and cv470 and can be found reasonably cheap if you shop around. You’re looking at about £5 for a cv300 and around £7 for a cv470.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Buy this it’s great!
  • This thing is awesome. Took it camping for a weekend
  • Great addition to camping kit

Brilliant, went on a camping weekend holiday. Family of 3, and met up with in-laws. We all used this as a primary stove. All clips in the coming area. Cooked: toast, full english breakfast, beans on toast, bbq, coffee, hot choc. This worked like a bloomin charm. Would totally get this in larger size or maybe 2 of these. Tips: amazon and mountain warehouse do canisters. Mountain warehouse 2 for 1 so got a few. Plan ahead tho, amazon send in 3 days. You have to have an adult to accept delivery\sign due to ignition being ‘pyrotechnic’.

Excellent upgrade on last model. Fits in the front locker of the boat.

Used it for the first time at the weekend, did a fantastic job, cooked burgers, chicken, sausages to perfection.

Just right for a couple camping 🏕, easy to assemble and great to use.

We bought this one to replace an identical product that finally gave out on us after 12 years. Brilliant for camping, we have cooked a whole breakfast on it including fried eggs.