Castey Vulcano Tray Pan : Great product

We use this every single friday, the whole family absolutely love it, great for our steak, chicken and fish fajitas. Throw on the meat, the peppers and onions on one, warm the fajitas on the other, roll it up and down the hatch. The handles make it so easy to handle safely and it also doubles up brilliantly as an oven baking tray. Make sure you buy the rightsize for your oven though as the 60cm really is pretty big and won’t fit most ovens.

Totally hard wearing and you can cook so much with it. Truely non stick and solidly made. If you haven’t got one you need to get one.

I love these castey pans and the flat tray pan. It is so useful as a baking tray or on the top of my induction hob for bacon, eggs or sausages. Very easy to clean, just needs a wipe and is not too heavy.

It is just what i wanted, i can no longer lift some pans with just one hand so this is just perfect and will go in the oven as well.

I have two other castey items that i use regularly and saw this particular one at an outdoor show. I bought it online and like the previous comment measured my oven to make sure i bought the right size. It is amazing – great for everything that you would normally fry but a lot healthier and fantastic to wipe or wash clean. I try to be very careful when storing my castey products as dont want to damage them because i like them so much. Also recommend the casserole pots.

It is so easy to cook with and love the cook-touch handles. However, after use there is the imprint of the patterned base on my induction hob which seems to be a nightmare to clean off. I wonder if others have experienced this?.

This pan is very versatile in that you can also use it in the oven and even take it to the table for breakfast etc.

Great product, good design, much better now got silicon handles.

  • If you want non stck easy to clean this is perfect.
  • Fantastic piece of kit
  • Great product

Castey Vulcano Tray Pan, Suitable for Induction Cookers, 35 cm

Castey Flat tray 35 cm The flat tray pan from the Castey Vulcano collection is an extremely versatile piece of cookware. The patented disc on the base of the pan conducts heat evenly all over the cooking surface, which means that wherever you place your food on the pan, it will cook perfectly and evenly throughout. This can be used for stove top cooking as a “plancha” style cooker or flat griddle / hot plate / teppanyaki style cooker. Ideally suited for when you have a variety of different foods cooking at the same time such as your typical fried breakfast – crack on your eggs, add sausages, bacon, mushrooms & tomatoes all together – much easier than keeping an eye on several pans at once and also a lot less washing up! Can also be used as a regular baking sheet for your oven foods. The beautifully crafted handles really do make it extremely safe to use and easy to hold when taking it on or off the hob, in or out of the oven, or to the dining table for a delicious family feast. Castey cookware, is the best cookware we’ve ever used. They work with all hob types, they have the best non-stick surfaces in the industry today, allowing you to cook with a minimal amount of oil. Incredibly easy to clean & extremely durable, thanks both to the PFOA-free non-stick surface, lightweight construction and the fact that they are dishwasher safe and oven proof.Castey products are 100% recyclable. Take your love of cooking to the next level. Give Castey a try.5 YEARS WARRANTY & 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK.

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I bought this as a gift and it has been the best gift ever, my father absolutely cannot live without his castey nowit is incredible how it uses no fact, cooks perfectly every time and the design is so perfect, it can be left out on the hob as it is very stylish as well as unique and innovative in its function. The lifetime guarantee is a real credible confidence giver as a customer purchasing a ‘gadget’ – this is a kitchen essential for our family now.

Excellent product and fast service.

. Used it on our gas bbq, fits perfectly on the gas ring. Also useful in campervan for cooking full english breakfast.

This flat try is a tad expensive , but so well worth the money , food cooks so easily with the great advantage of no oil ect and the flavours ar so much nicer , i am very impressed with mine.

A true non stick pan cooks very well fat drains into side channels easy to clean. Brought two more as presents.

I use it regularly and it’s easy to clean too. I’ve tried several alleged lifetime guarantee trays which have lasted about a year. This though is the real deal.

If you are thinking about buying one of these,it may help to know the true dimensions. As i fail to see where the 14 inch comes in. Overall it measures 15′ x 10. 250’and the flat cooking area 9. I have not used it yet, but it looks to be well made and a good value item. The base has an 8′ diameter raised ring to sit on the burner.

Saw this demo at a show and was really impressed. It is non stick and perfect for cooking meat. Would recommend in any kitchen.

  • If you want non stck easy to clean this is perfect.
  • Fantastic piece of kit
  • Great product

Castey Vulcano Tray Pan, Suitable for Induction Cookers, 35 cm

Excellent pan for cooking with.

The most versatile piece of cookware in my kitchen – so many uses and such brilliant quality. One thing to be careful of and that is with regards to the sizes. Make sure the surface area of the pan is sufficient to your needs and also check that it will fit your oven if you ever want to use it in the oven. We use ours every weekend for cooking the full english, less washing up, less to keep an eye on and lovely to serve yourself right from the pan. Keeps all the food beautifully warm at the table for at least half an hour and the handles make it so easy and safe to handle.

Thrilled with the quality and performance, how did i managed without it,?.

Will be buying more for other members of the family.

Bought this item a few weeks ago and i have to say i absolutely love it. Amazing quality, and has the best non-stick surface i have ever experienced on any cookware. It’s also light enough to make washing it easy and, best of all, can be used on my induction hob and in my oven. The silicone handles make it a lot safer than any other baking trays i have used. I have now ordered several other pieces of castey cookware and i cannot wait to use them. All in all, i am delighted with my purchase and i would recommend it to others without hesitation.

Although this is rectangular it is not flat so when doiing fried eggs the white runs into the outdidr drainage channel.

You can cook anything on this pan including a full fry up but my favourite has to be steak which cooks evenly. This is the smaller pan which is fine for 2 people but a family might need the larger size.

As expected just like my previous one but better with silicone handles.

Fantastic product and so easy to clean . Makes even my pancakes look and taste good .

Features and Spesification

  • Dishwasher and oven safe: The Castey Volcano can be used as a pan on your hob or as a tray in your oven.
  • Lightweight non-stick cast aluminum: Cook easily with the Castey Volcano Pan! Allows you to cook using virtually no oil.
  • Perfect heat distribution: Pan reaches the same temperature throughout (no more hot spots). Safe to use with heat proof soft grip silicone coated handles – even when put in the oven!
  • Durable: The Castey Volcano is very robust and is very easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher. Cleaning will not get any easier!
  • 100% money back guarantee. Buy with Confidence! If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase you can return it for a full refund and every product has got 5 years of guarantee.