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Sift through countless beauty-related posts here at Coffee & Blogging, where you’ll find some of the latest beauty launches by big brands, as well as smaller brands you may have not come across before. You’ll always find honest beauty product reviews with any post that’s featured on this blog. Additionally, explore my makeup collections, monthly beauty favourites, makeup tips and more. I’m no expert when it comes to makeup and skincare, but I do know my own skin type and the products which work best for me and my skin – therefore you’ll always come across honest reviews and my top tips for using specific beauty products and techniques.

Skincare has been a big priority for me as of the last 10 weeks, and it’s paying off big time. I spoke all about my current skin issues in my post about the best products for dry skin I’ve been religiously using lately, but these are just three staple products I use for the main issue. On top of these, I use several other skincare products which I want to talk… View Post