Blogging Tips

The world of blogging is scary, I’ll admit, and even scarier when you’re a beginner and looking for endless blogging tips for ways to start a blog, learn and improve your SEO, find the ideal WordPress themes / Blogger templates for your blog, but even understand the likes of No Follow links or find the answer to What is Domain Authority? During my time blogging here at Coffee & Blogging, I’ve learned a lot and have even worked in the marketing industry for over two years to be able to share with you the best blogging tips and advice I can offer. Simply scroll down below and sift through the endless blog posts to find what you’re looking for. Got a request for a blogging tips post you’d like to see? Just let me know! I’m always on the look out for content requests.

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If you’re somewhat serious about getting your blog out there and seen by a whole new audience, then SEO may be a term you’ve stumbled across once or twice to help you achieve this. In the past I’ve delved into sharing a few basic SEO tips for bloggers, but in this post I want to share specifically my WordPress SEO tips for your WordPress blog which I’ve learnt along the… View Post