Blogging Tips

The world of blogging is scary, I’ll admit, and even scarier when you’re a beginner and looking for endless blogging tips for ways to start a blog, learn and improve your SEO, find the ideal WordPress themes / Blogger templates for your blog, but even understand the likes of No Follow links or find the answer to What is Domain Authority? During my time blogging here at Coffee & Blogging, I’ve learned a lot and have even worked in the marketing industry for over two years to be able to share with you the best blogging tips and advice I can offer. Simply scroll down below and sift through the endless blog posts to find what you’re looking for. Got a request for a blogging tips post you’d like to see? Just let me know! I’m always on the look out for content requests.

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As a blogger, there’s a lot of questions we may have around the topic of PR, SEO or Marketing – or all three. Depending on where you’re taking your blog or how hard you want to work on it, all three are something you would have come across at some point during your time as a blogger. Therefore, it’s only inevitable to have questions – and lots of them. I… View Post