Gaggia Macchina Caffe caffé manuale GRANGAGGIA Deluxe SB RI8425/11 : Great Espresso Maker

Makes absolutely wonderful coffee but the frother is on the feeble side; heats the milk but produces very little froth, even when using full-fat milk. However, i was quite content until after 8 months it started leaking and making loud fizzing/popping noises, apparently because an internal seal had gone phut, Continue Reading

De’Longhi EC146 : purchase and still experimenting with different strengths but I love lattes and to be able to make one at

No complaints here, this being one of the cheapest espresso machines you would not expect anything crazy. It makes espresso properly (with crema, unlike what other comments seem to say, as long as a decent blend of coffee for espresso i used. You buy cheap beans, you get cheap coffee). Continue Reading