I don’t know about you, but I’m a huuuge foodie. Sushi, Nutella, BBQ pulled pork, Mac ‘n’ Cheese or even a classic Italian dish – you name it, I’ll eat it, so long as it doesn’t contain gherkins, chunks of tomatoes, raisins or brown sauce; my four worst enemies. I however, also have a major sweet-tooth and that’s why you’ll find a whole collection of recipes on Coffee & Blogging for sweet stuff like the extremely chocolatey Chocolate Fudge Pie, a tangy Lemon Drizzle Cake, simple Coconut & Vanilla Cupcakes or for a gluten-free treat, these Flourless Brownies.

Not only will you find all sorts of recipes on Coffee & Blogging, you’ll also find a selection of food and drinks by various brands available online and in-store, such as the most delicious African snacks by Love Chin Chin and the fruity organic drinks by Berrywhite. Want to see a specific recipe on the blog? Let me know!


Since moving into our home, I’ve never been so excited to buy so many appliances and gadgets for the house. More specifically, the kitchen. Funnily enough, most appliances in my kitchen are from AO; my dishwasher (thank god for dishwashers is all I can say), washing machine and even my brand new Kitchen Aid which my Fiancee gave me for my 25th birthday! Nevertheless, I finally thought it was time… View Post