Gift Guides

Got an occasion on the horizon which you need to buy a gift for? Well, I’ve got you covered. Since rebranding my blog, I’m slowly, surely, incorporating new types of content onto Coffee & Blogging to help cover everything I believe you need and want to read about. Everyone has an occasion they need to shop for each year, right? You’ve got birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, weddings, new jobs, graduations and more, so surely you have one of these to begin shopping for at some point this year. If so, over time you’ll find gift guides below for all sorts of occasions to help you find the perfect gift.

As we all know, or as you should know, Mother’s Day is on Sunday. We’ve all seen the big advertisements for that ‘perfect’ gift for our Mum this Sunday, but what about all those little gifts that can be just as good in their own way? All gift idea advertisements I’ve seen so far for Mother’s Day involve hig-end beauty sets, with the little free gift bags you get when… View Post