This section on Coffee & Blogging covers everything lifestyle; life updates, money saving tips, childhood memories and even DIY projects for the more creative ones in the world. No matter what you’re after, my lifestyle category features a mix ‘n’ match of pretty much all sorts. I’ve always believed a blogging niche isn’t necessary, which is why lifestyle posts to me are very varied, to ensure I’m providing you with content that’s not repetitive or boring (I hope)!

Shopping for presents is difficult, right? I’m often left panicking over what to buy my twin sister or my Mum for various occasions, until it comes to a week or so before and I simply¬†settle for something that I think, ‘that’ll do’.¬†But, what if I said you were to shop for a gift for someone you’d never met before, never heard of before, and therefore know nothing about? Yes, your… View Post