Monthly Favourites

Monthly Favourites…these aren’t a series of posts I stick to month after month, which is why you’ll find this Monthly Favourites category on Coffee & Blogging will be updated when I feel like it in all honesty. There’s no point me updating these on a monthly basis (unless I happen to have really switched up my beauty or skincare collection, or perhaps been on a little shopping spree where I have a multitude of new things to show you), because let’s face it…you’ll get bored. So, I hope you enjoy the Coffee & Blogging Monthly Favourites!

It’s been a while, I know, but here’s another Monthly Favourites – I’ve already made it clear my Monthly Favourites won’t occur on a┬ámonthly basis (weird, right?), but that’s to avoid these posts becoming repetitive, boring and simply silly. So, here’s another monthly favourites post for you to feast your eyes on. Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette I’ve been using this pretty much everyday for work ever since I… View Post