thinksound ts02 8mm High Definition Passive Noise Isolating Wooden Headphone : Flawless sound, so easy to listen to

I love the warm, rich quality of their sound and they do a good job of blocking out unwanted noise. Great quality of the sound and the product itself plus they’re ecofriendly. Well-spent money, although less commercial than beats but having the choice between the two i’d pick thinksound. I Continue Reading

LinkWitz Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones : A Good Purchase.

What i love about this is that it has an amazing metal headband and excellent leather earmuffs. Crazy bass and surround sound system. So comfortable to use these. These headphones are described by the seller, and possibly the manufacturer, as noise-cancelling. This is a fallaciousdescription. These headphones are only noise-reducing, Continue Reading

LinkWitz Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones : Not premium as others say. Questionable value for money

These are excellent headphones. Just back from trip abroad and they worked great on the plane. May not be quite as good as the more expensive sets but more than good enough. Quality of item was fine until the bluetooth stopped working after less than1 hours use, total. It’s a Continue Reading

Bang & Olufsen B&O PLAY by Beoplay H8i : difficulty achieving 2 simultaneous connections

First off, i’m not a hifi or music buff. I’m using my headphones largely for listening to speech recording, while i’m studying phonetics, various other speech recordings and only a small percentage is listening to music. Physically, these are lovely comfortable head phones. Most headphones are too big for me Continue Reading