I have a major case of wanderlust and my first tattoo was even of ‘wanderlust’ in a vintage typewriter font on my right wrist – just thought I’d let you know. Travelling is something I’ve always had a passion for, and quite simply, I wish I had more time to do even more than I already do. My aim is to get away at least once a year, with some being twice (or maybe more!), where I explore a new place in the world; UK or abroad, it doesn’t matter to me, so long as it’s new to me. Ever since spending 3 months in America, I’m constantly dreaming of the next place I’m going to visit.

To date, my favourite places so far have been Boston, New York, Oslo and Paris. However, I do intend to revisit all four to make new memories and explore even more of the area than before. I have a big bucket list of places to visit, but I intend on sharing these with you over time in this travel category on Coffee & Blogging. Got some recommendations on new places to explore? Please share your posts or memories with me!


  Festivals are known for being a dirty affair, with muddy puddles, gross toilets, and greasy food being just some of the delights that await you when you set up home in the middle of a field. But whilst this is all in aid of seeing some of your favourite bands live, it doesn’t always need to be such a grimey gathering. Believe it or not festivals don’t have to… View Post