Samsung 2018 55″ QE55Q9FNA Flagship QLED Certified Ultra HD Premium HDR 2000 Smart 4K TV : If you can afford it buy it, superb.

Once i had adjusted the grey scale settings it was fine. Standard setting out of the box was not satisfactory but because of my knowledge the tv performed very well after adjusting white levels and rgb bias settings. Happy to offer advice for purchasers. Otherwise set performs very well. Hdr Continue Reading

Samsung 2018 55″ QE55Q6FNA QLED Ultra HD certified HDR 1000 Smart 4K TV : Awesome high-end TV with QLED technology which looks amazing in both HD and 4K

This has a great screen but i turned down the backlit brightness a little. Watched a recent sci-fi film and the graphics were epic. I paired it with a small soundbar using bluetooth and it was like a trip to the cinemawimbledon looks very clear. I especially liked the cable Continue Reading