Luvele Supreme Vacuum Sealer Food Saver Kitchen Vacuum Packing Machine Sous Vide Cooking Bags – ‘s All New Pro Style Model : Nice and light not to technical and does a great

This is a great product that works exceptionally well. Would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to keep food fresher for longer. I bought this for my husband as a birthday present with a sous vide water bath. It is excellent, i definitely chose the right one, i Continue Reading

Freshlocker VS160S Vacuum Sealer Machine Automatic Air Sealing System Vacuum Packing Machine : Great purchase!

Brilliant item, user friendly and very efficient. Decent vacuum sealer which helps increase the shelf life and store food with little fuss. It’s slightly big but you can’t have it all. It doesn’t get too loud either and the bags that it comes with keeps everything in. I recently added Continue Reading