Caterlite Electric Airpot 355X235X237mm 4 : Electric Airpot – 4.25L.

The product is exactly what we wanted, is easy to use and works well. It’s early days to comment on reliability but so far, so good.

I can have a hot drink 24/7 without having to wait for the kettle to boil. I would recommend this item to anyone.

Very good works well only downside there is no on /off switch on unit itselfalways hot foe perfect tea.

Absolutes love thiswe turn on in morning and boilsdon’t have to boil again lasts all dayi don’t have to wait for kettle to make my gravy.

Only just started using it but should be a very useful addition to our meetings. Once heated the water keeps hot enough, or easily re-boiled for the whole group.

Great for when you need to make more then 3 mugs of tea at a time as well as all the other things you need boiling water for saves all the running back and to to top up the kettle.

When all the family are home at weekends or holidays this is a godsend. I fill it first thing in the morning and then it quietly sits there all day making sure they can all have hot drinks literally on tap without constantly re boiling the kettle wasting both water and electricity. It’s very easy to refill as required and uses minimal electricity compared to a domestic kettle. This was a replacement for a smaller version i had found overseas years ago and i could not be without it. The water level gauge is a plus and there are three ways of filling your cup. Only downside is that the light is very small/faint so sometimes i have forgotten it is switched on and left it on overnightaugust 2013. Three years on and this is still going strong.

Very usefull product if you have lots of drinks to make. When full heats in 30 minutes. Pump stops when there is still a lot of water left. Have got 16 large mugs from it.

  • No more waiting for the kettle to boil. These are great
  • An essential piece of kit.
  • This is brilliant, I am a tea fiend and having constant

Caterlite Electric Airpot 355X235X237mm 4.25 Ltr Teapot Infuser

Product Description, This Caterlite electric airpot will keep water at just below boiling temperature with only a one minute re-boil period. Also features a push button pump dispenser and a safety lock lid.

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My airpot arrived today and as yet can’t say if it’s a good or bad buy. I traveled to thialnd last year and this is were i first used one of these and found it great, and as my kettle has passed on i decided to give it a try. One thing that does give me cause for concern is that there seems to be no way of locking off the pour out button, it is very easy to push and could be a danger to children, there is a lock on the pump button though. I would have given it 5 stars but for this point.

I bought this item for my own kitchen to replace a similar product i had bought previously. I loved the one i had before but after buying this one it is even better superb quality. I will definitely buy from this seller again as it also arrived in super fast time.

I know a thing or two about these water boilers. This one is an absolute bargain. It boils but does not over boil as do many of them. It’s insulated so super efficient. Mine came in stainless steel although advertised as white plastic. (i suspect that they all are which is usual).

This item has become essentail to the smooth running of afternoon tea in a busy household. It generally works extremely well and i’m pleased. Any slight overfilling does mean the pouring nozzle continues to pour once the pour button has been released. It needs regular descaling, but, overall, an essential piece of kit.

This is brilliant, i am a tea fiend and having constant hot water is awesome – i bought it via amazon warehouse so got it for £32 with £6 promo code – bargain.

Fill it up once a day and you’re laughing.

This is my second purchase of this airpot. I highly recommend this to anyone who has a disabiliy and finds it difficult to fill the kettle and lift and pour. I bought this as my husband is disabled i ensure its filled up with water and all he has to do is press the button to heat water and then press for water to go into his cup.

Great product works brilliantly and is very handy when unexpected visitors arrive, we don’t have to keep filling the kettle ,we would recommend the electric airpot to anyone, you don’t have to keep reboiling it either. Since writing this review ,my electric airpot just stopped working after only 8 months, and now i have got to buy a new kettle.

  • No more waiting for the kettle to boil. These are great
  • An essential piece of kit.
  • This is brilliant, I am a tea fiend and having constant

Caterlite Electric Airpot 355X235X237mm 4.25 Ltr Teapot Infuser

Had one of these before although another make. Never used a kettle since i started using these pots i’ve went through 6 but they last s couple of years.

We bought this after much research as we wanted to make good use of free solar electricity and the low wattage is excellent for this purpose. We use it every day and it will take about thirty minutes to boil a full capacity from cold. The reboil feature is excellent and allows tea to be made. We store the hot water created in a lever pump action glass lined thermos flask and this stays hot overnight so that we can boil it in a kettle in about 30 sec. This maximises the energy saving. We clean both with citric acid which is easy to rinse out. It seems robust and is excellent value.

I purchased one of these last year as a gadget christmas gift for my husband. Every guest that came to visit loved it, and since then i have purhased 3 more as gifts for family members. Once you have filled it with water and turned it on, “that’s it” there’s no need to reboil if you need piping hot water for anything. So easy to use and an absolute godsend for my mother who is recovering from her second operation for breast cancer. My father fills the airpot for her before going into work in the morning, and then she is able to make herself hot drinks whenever she wants one, just by pushing a button, no lifting heavy kettles.

This is the second airpot i have had, but is not the same make as my first, nor is it quite as good because the water is not kept hot enough to make tea, which my first one was. However, i keep a small kettle on hand if i am making tea and fill it from the airpot, so the time taken for it to boil is short. The alternative is to re-boil the airpot but this wastes energy if making only one or two cups. On the plus side, it is handy to have very hot water for blanching vegetables, filling saucepans for cooking, making other hot drinks etc. The airpot looks smart in a modern kitchen.

It has made life in my office so much better.

Delivery of item was as promised and convenience in the kitchen with use of the electric airpot is excellent. Not sure why the earlier unit failed though.

Perfect for our small orchestra: the water is ready for our break and pours beautifully. It’s lightweight, doesn’t get hot on the outside so easy and safe to empty and is easy to wipe dry afterwards to be put away for the next week.

This product is perfect for our regular activities at cherry tree court – tea and coffee making facilities on hand.

Great product – generally the product is designed superbly and works as well i you would want it to – however the safety sensor is a little higher up the internal pot than you you want (it tries to shut off the pump output way before the danger area for an overboil situation. But that is oversafety – nothing else, in our busy office environment we would prefer a lower set-point but hey hoservice given from supplier was absolutely fist class and i can’t recommend them highly enough.

I bought one for an elderly lady i look after; she is delighted with it, it is much easier and safer than juggling a kettle full of boiling water and her hot water bottle. I have now ordered one for myself.

Features and Spesification

  • 4.25 litre capacity. — Push button air pump dispenser. — One minute re-boil — Safety lock lid — Keeps water just below boiling temperature
  • Easy to use
  • High quality

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