CDA Products CDA FWC303 Freestanding Wine Fridge – Cooler not cooling.

Makes a bit of a buzzing noise but a great cooler nonetheless.

I bought this unit to replace a caple w13113 wine cooler which could not be repaired after 4 years of use, a bad choice,this cda coller is as it says on the tin, and so far so good i changed the door from right to left no mean feat. And bought this type as it has a 5 year parts warenty.

It looks great – really pleased with my purchase.

Exactly as required to replace an existing cooler.

Good looking cooler fits nice into are new kitchen units. Plenty of room for the larger bottles.

Noisy and noisier that a large refrigerator and does not take 20 bottles without having to ram then in somehow . Other than that it’s ok (at the moment) – it looks better than it is.

Fantastic value for the money.

Removed a cupboard and put this wine chiller in my existing kitchen. Fits in the space perfectly, really quiet, looks sleek and chills to 5oc.

Not bought from amazon as at the time not available for delivery. It is however well made, looks good and cools well. The only down side is it seems a bit noisy when it runs. For this reason i would only recommend it for rooms you do not occupy.

Great product, a bit pricey but worth it.

Good product, performing well so far.

I purchased this in april 2016 as i was having a new kitchen fitted, unit is under mounted next to the washer dryer. All working perfectly okay up until the new year when the temp went from 5 degrees up to 21/22 degrees and has stayed at this temp ever since?. – am unable to re-set this down to 5 degrees as previous. Have even tried putting ice in the cooler along with cold water to see if this sorts out the problem but currently it’s not. Any one else had this problem??. Any advice greatly appreciated. Here are the specifications for the CDA Products CDA FWC303 Freestanding Wine Fridge:

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  • Built-In Display
  • Interior Light

Bought to replace a 300mm unit in my kitchen which contained a wine rack. Dimensions were perfect and it was very easy to install. Looks quite smart and does the job. Ours is set to 10 degs which suits us for white wine. I had to swop the door round to hinge on the left but this is covered in the instructions and the necessary hinge bracket supplied. There is a small water container located at the top which needs topping up occasionally to maintain correct humidity. The light illuminates only the upper part of the cabinet although that doesn’t bother me. It is quiet and unobtrusive in operation. My only real issue is that it is advertised as having 20 bottle capacity. Realistically, it’s full at 16 bottles. I’m okay with that insofar as my old wine rack only took 15 bottles but it still shouldn’t be advertised at 20. Of course, if a cda rep would like to call round and show me how it’s done. Received an email apologising that i was having difficulty in fitting 20 bottles in the unit and stating that it takes 20 75cl bottles (which is what i’m using) and that they should be fitted ‘top to tail’ which is how i’m already doing it. There are 5 shelves, 3 to a shelf except the top which takes 2 because of the water container. At a push you can squeeze a third in at the top balanced between the two bottles. The very bottom of the unit takes no more than 2 bottles.

Quite pleased with this wine chiller, but it says it holds 20 bottles we cannot get any more than 17 in. Other than that all good, and quieter than i thought it may be.

Very satisfied with my purchase. The variable temperature control is handy, and i’ve set mine to the minimum of 5 degrees. As other people have said it seems to run more, and slightly louder than the fridge. Noise levels are very subjective, and i can only say this is not a problem. Of course if you set the temp low, then it will run more frequently to maintain that. I really like the design and it blends perfectly with the oven and microwave. I use it for fizzy drinks and cans of beer/cider and they fit perfectly. I’ve seen questions about 2-litre bottles and there is room on the top shelf for two if you remove the water humidity container. No need for humidity for my sealed bottles and cans. Shelves can be removed easily to fit more two litre bottles if needed.

Bought as replacement, better than original with slide out shelves and space for champagne shape bottles.

Generally fine so far, only had it for 3-4 weeks. Other reviews say its noisy, but mine is quiet as anything. The only thing so far that has been any negative is the temperature control. I have it set at 14 deg c and occasionally it seems to drop to 11 deg c, however this only seems to be for a short time and seems to reset itself to 14 deg c relatively quickly and to be honest i haven’t noticed this problem in last 2 weeks. So very happy, looks great and does the job and after looking around at others a good price.

Keeps wine nice and cold and fits under worktop really well.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • This cooler does the job!
  • very happy
  • Follow installation guidelines

Works well, had it nearly a year. Looks good and keeps beer cool.

Will hold 12/15 prosecco or champagne bottles, depending on how you stack them.

Looks great, takes 18 bottles comfortably, not 20 as advertised.

I bought this unit as an overflow for my bottle storage in the fridge freezer. Of course it is more sophisticated than that and it is serving well storing my better quality wines. I’ve got it free-standing in my dining room and it looks good and is easily accessible. The quality of the unit is outstanding and i am very pleased with it.

Very pleased with the purchase. Not noisy at all and looks good in my kitchen. Delivery was quick and efficient.

I haven’t used it but it’s looks good.

Just gives my kitchen a classic look and it’s brilliant not needing to use up space in my fridge.

Perfect product just what we wanted delivery very quick.

Delivery smooth and efficient-looks smart-still working out how to get 20 bottles in.

Bought this to replace an identical model which worked perfectly for 2 years before it died. Looked at other brands, but this one was the only model which fits under our worktop. Installed now and working fine, but this time with the required 6mm clearance between unit and worktop for ventilation. Hopefully this one will last longer. I hope so because it looks good and works well.

Excellent very stylish and keeps wine nice and chilled.

Nice looking fridge, well finished, some have reported elevated noise levels, but i’ve found that at 9 degrees it is hardly noticable.

Bought to replace an obsolete model that had failed. Perfect to go under a worktop a bare 823 mm clearance in height. Plugged it in, pushed it in to place. Loaded it and as others said less than 20 bottles. In fact we got 17 in including a champagne bottle at the bottom. I think without the champagne we could go to 18. The model is set up for silent running though you can set it for dynamic running where the fan will cycle on and off. In silent mode and our setup it is completely silent. Factory default is set to 12 degrees, if that is what you want then it is literally plug and play. To change the temperature press the + and – buttons for a few seconds, then you can adjust the temperature.

Good use of interior space to allow the maximum amount of bottles and cans inside. Wooden shelves slide out for easy access.

100% quality wine cooler highly recommend fast delivery 100%.

Arrived on time, in original packaging. Easy instructions for assembling the door and switching it on. After 3 weeks, the wine cooler is working absolutely as expected, and is much quieter than a previous model.