Cello 20″ C20230FT2S2 12 Volt Freeview HD TV : Brilliant little tv

Bought this tv for our teardrop micro-caravan. Received a ‘magna’ badged set but as far as i can make out identical to the ‘cello’ 16″ tv. Settings are easy to adjust as long as you have a smidgen of knowhow. Sound is ok and let’s face it all flatscreen tv’s have tinny sound but i’m using mine with a set of usb speakers anyway so it’s a non issue for me. The picture quality is fine but and it’s a big but, as mentioned elsewhere the tv is best viewed from straight on. It’s not even too bad from the side but if viewed from slightly underneath the screen becomes almost unwatchable, i got around this by mounting the tv with homemade spacers to angle the screen downwards but depending on your situation this is either a minor issue or a deal breaker. Anyway, it’s a small, 12 volt, flatscreen tv with a built in dvd player for not a lot of money, if you want ‘perfect’ you’ll have to spend a lot more.

Good picture and ideal size for my kitchen. Sound is poor but with a minirig speaker plugged in problem solved. It’s very good for the price.

Small problem when first purchased but dealt with most satisfactorily and efficiently and very quickly. Very nice to talk to a human voice instead of the usual pre-recorded messages and options.

This small, compact tv is just what i wanted to keep up with what’s going on while working in the kitchenit fitted perfectly in the corner and the picture was great with well-defined images and good colours/brightness. The sound is a bit tinny at higher volume but can be made better by adjustments. All in all a great purchase.

The courier service organised by seller is superb you are informed of time & day will arrive & can change this so yr in.

Good clear picture, maybe not quite as crisp as units costing twice as much, but fine in our motorhome. Picture starts to go off when viewed at an angle but ok at smallish angles. Sound is tinny due to small speakers but when connected to onboard speakers via microphone socket sound is excellent. Stand is weak and flimsy, snapped first time we stored it away, must have been pushed slightly backwards. Superglued bits back together. Overall very good value for money.

Great tv and dvd player but the remote control is still annoying me as some controls just don’t work in the same way as mainstream ones. So if you use several tv’s it’s really annoying. And the dvd does do a lot of chugging, which slows it’s use down.

I bought it for my hgv and working ok with 12v and 24v,good picture and sound i would recommend it for all lorrys.

  • Duel voltage TV.
  • Easy to set up and so light!
  • Sound not great but TV good for the price

Cello 20″ C20230FT2S2 12 Volt Freeview HD TV with DVD for Caravans, Motorhomes & Boats (Dual Voltage TV)

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Works perfectly in our camper. We have been away 3 days and the tv has been on for the whole 6 hours journey there and back. Plus 2 full dvds and has still not drained the battery.

I wanted this tv to watch when on nights out out in my lorry. It has a reasonable picture quality but the sound is quite ‘tinny’. However, because we have joined the ‘digital’ revolution, i have had to buy an aerial that cost more than the tv in order to have any chance of getting a signal. (i never had this trouble with my old analogue tv). As a result, i have all but given up on the tv part but use it as a dvd player instead. Summing up, it’s not a bad tv for the money, but the sound quality lets it down.

Got this for my camper van it is very light weight so i can put it on a side panel. Picture is fan as long as u put it at the right height as it is one of these if its to high or to low you cannot see the picture.

Very happy with purchase, as described, great flexibility of use. Wellm packaged, delivered faster than expected. Will use some pc usb spaeakers, with good bass, as sound is a bit thin. . But you can’t have everything.

Used for camping and is an absolute asset. Dvd part is very easy to use, which is what we do with it, and has so far been faultless. Possibly some small issues with viewing the screen, it has to be at the right angle and it would be nice if this were not the case. Especially on sunny mornings. But, overall, a really good dvd tv and i am very pleased with it.

My narrowboat has only 12v power, supplied by its own engine and solar panels. I need therefore to be careful about power use. This piece of kit provides tv, dvd and media at a very low level of consumption indeed and i am very pleased with it. It’s a cello, was delivered very quickly, and was sensibly and securely packaged. Like most other reviewers i find the picture quality in all modes excellent. Setup was very easy, taking only a few minutes. The only problem i encountered at this stage was with the subtitles and how to get rid of them. This is possibly the only non-obvious bit of the job. Eventually, by the time-honoured method of randomly clicking on stuff, i found the word, ‘subtitles’, lurking about 3 words from the left on the information strap line at the bottom of the screen. I navigated to it using the arrow keys and was able to knock it out.

Good little tv,easy to set up channel search and store. Picture is better than expected although is does not say whether i’m watching hd chanels or not in the listings. Sound is ok ,you don’t want something with a booming bass when late at night on a quiet caravan site. Fits great on a small shelf or wall bracket.

I bought this tv for our narrowboat with a duronics swiveling arm. I am delighted with both purchases. The picture on tv and dvd player is excellent. The remote works quite slowly but this is a trivial point. The sound is clear but very tinny, which is what i expected. I have ordered a £20 set of 12v pc speakers. For the price, i think this is a great buy.

  • Duel voltage TV.
  • Easy to set up and so light!
  • Sound not great but TV good for the price

Cello 20″ C20230FT2S2 12 Volt Freeview HD TV with DVD for Caravans, Motorhomes & Boats (Dual Voltage TV)

Cant believe how easy this was to plug and play. Instant channell search great picture. Sound needs a boost but happy with purchase its a good value set.

As the saying goes you get what you pay for,the picture and sound quality is not that good, there was no operating manual only a very basic user sheet with the print so small you can’t read it, i think next time i will spend a bit more and get something of better quality.

The cello tv is a great addition to our motorhome. Easy to use and dvd player a great bonus. Don’t need a separate device to watch our favourite dvds.

Only used it a few times in the mh , the picture is spot on. Sound is not too bad and you can watch stuff off memory stick too.

Compact and bijou, just perfect for the job. Picture isn’t too bad although the viewing angle is probably more restricted than a more expensive model. Sound is a bit naff although this could be improved with an attached speaker or even earphones. In spite of my criticisms, i really like this nice addition to my campervan.

Tv arrived two days after ordering. Put the stand on, plugged it in, set it up all in 10 minutes. For a small tv the picture quality is very good and the sound quite reasonable and not tinny as some comments. We plugged it into our old tv ariels which has been on the roof for over 30 years. Didn’t think we would get a picture but it is really good.

I did the usual research before choosing this tv and the reviews were very accurate. You’re not going to find a top of the range tv at this price (or at this size apparently as there are very few small tvs to choose from it seems) but this has everything we could want from a tv for the kitchen. We have had a chance to use all of the features now and it ‘does what it says on the tin’. There had been some comments about the quality of the sound but we haven’t found that to be an issue at all.

Fabulous tv/dvd, it is very smart & attractive, the ‘picture & sound quality’ is brilliant, and the features are great i would recommend this product, it’s not only wonderful, the price is great & also very speedy delivery .

This is a great little tv it would have got 5 stars but the sound lets it down with the internal speaker being very tiny sounding, apart from the sound i cannot fault the tv, picture is good, it’s easy to use and runs on 12volts.

Perfect little tv for our motorhome. It arrived missing a cigar socket but after calling them they promptly sent another.

Was just the right size for our canal boat and works fine.

Fast delivery and excellent communication from the company.

. Only thing we found strange is when the leisure battery amp dropped. Sound went on tv but still got the picture.

I am absolutely delighted with this tv and i am amazed at what a lot of facilities you get for such a reasonable price. I have been searching for days for a tv which has an analogue tuning facility and i found this unit by accident. With all the facilities it offers it is a remarkable device and works beautifully. It arrived 5 minutes early and in excellent order. Well done supplier, how you produce this for such a small amount of money seems impossible to me. I intend to use it in my camper van where space is limited and it will be perfect.

Not the best picture in the world but works great on 12v with low power consumption. The tuner although quite acceptable would have benefited with more gain as in low signal camp sites it struggles. Plenty of features, in the world of 12v tvs this is quite good for the money.

This must be one of the easiest to set up tv’s i have ever used, and ideal for our motorhome. There’s a quickstart button which runs through a couple of menu options, then goes away and finds all the freeview channels it can. And that’s it – all channels sorted too. The tv works as well on 6v as on mains, it’s the screen is bright and clear and i found the sound to be good enough to hear easily. And it’s light, under 3kg so i will have no qualms about fitting it on the plywood wall.

Great picture and easy to set up. Does what it says on the tin. Only niggle i have got with the tv is the volume is abit tinny.

Easy to set up and use, picture quality and sound really good. Perfect for what i purchased it for.

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