Cello C16230FT2 16” Full HD 12-Volt LED TV – Beware of Terrible Viewing Angles

I broke the screen on my original cello tv , while taking it to the caravan in the back of my car. Cello provided above and beyond the norm in terms of support to try and get it fixed, but it was uneconomical to repair. We loved the last cello tv, and given our experience with the support we had from them, it was a no brainer to buy this unit. Great value, great product, and great team behind.

This is our caravan tv and it is simply brilliant. The picture is superb, the controls easy to use and weighs next to nothing. But it scores highest on power usage. If we are in a campsite with an electric hook up, no problem. But if not, the tv works perfectly on the solar panel. We did consider spending £400 on the 24′ avtex, but glad we didn’t. The goodmans cello is perfect.

When we got this tv for our motorhome i was a little bit worried as some people had said that the sound was tinny and the viewing angle was poor, but at over half the price of the more expensive rival brand i was willing to risk it and i was glad i didthe picture is great and it has a decent viewing angle. The sound is not as good as our full size tv at home (obviously it has smaller internal speakers being a little tv), but for a small space like a motorhome or caravan it’s fine. I found adjusting the standard settings and changing the sound to film mode improved the sound quality too, so it’s worth trying different settings. It plays dvd discs and you can also watch files that are stored on your pen drive, which is great if you’re camping in an area with poor tv reception. I’m really pleased we went with the cello and the 22inch screen is the perfect size.

Descent size for the camper or bedroom. Easy digital tuning and recording on usb key.

Bought this as a display for a raspberry pi in the kitchen, for which it works absolutely perfectly. I’m unsure why many reviews describe the sound quality as ‘poor’. It’s certainly nothing to write home about, but i wasn’t expecting a huge amount from a tiny tv and as a small kitchen device it’s perfect (running kodi on the pi the sound quality is exactly what i was expecting: a bit tinny, no bass, but perfectly audible). I can’t speak to the quality of the tuner or dvd player as i’ve never used them, but the display, speakers, and remote have now withstood a couple of years of use whilst around whatever mess i’m making in the kitchen (usually not inconsiderable), and it’s still going strong. The display is clear and bright, and i’ve no concerns about viewing angle (i’m usually in front of it looking down, given it sits in the corner on the work-top). The speakers are clear (if a bit tinny) and adequately loud if you turn the volume up a bit. There’s a decent array of connectors for most things (hdmix2, composite, ypbpr, even vga, and a usb port although i’m not sure how good its firmware is for playing things). There’s also a vesa mount on the back to which i’ve attached the pi. If i had one criticism to make, it’d be that i’d rather have a model *without* quite so many things and pay a bit less. As a display for a raspberry pi, it’s perfect but i’ve no use for tuner, dvd player, etc.

We purchased this unit in february for our motor-home and gave it a quick test upon delivery to make sure it was working prior to picking up our motor-home. This past weekend as the weather forecast wasn’t too good so we decided to take it with us in the van for the first time since purchasing it and as you will see from the photographs unless you are viewing sitting up and near on straight at the t. The view angles are shocking to say the least. Upon return home we contacted cello customer support who we cannot fault as they were extremely prompt in their replies and after an exchange of emails and photographs we were told by their technical team that this was normal for this model number. They did offer us an exchange for the same model only but said it would only be the sameyou will see that we have given it 3 stars rather than 1 star as although the viewing angles are terrible the picture quality is actually good. However recommend that you test the viewing angles on delivery and not just plug it in like we did. As you may be in for a nasty shock when not sitting together/lying down.

Th tv we received is a manta. The picture is fine and the sound is as good as you would expect for a tv of this size/price, it is to be used in our vw camper to primarily watch recorded shows on usb stick in avi and mkv formats and the tv plays both formats ok. I plugged it into our house tv ariel and it found all the channels you would expect it to find. The dvd works well although i could not find anywhere on the remote or manual on how to eject the dvd in the end i found an eject button on the top of the tv. Tried it with a hdmi connected device and this may cause problems for some people if they are constantly removing the cable because all the connections for scart, hdmi etc are in a recess and it is a struggle to get the moulded plug into the connection, but it does go in, maybe get the cable in and leave it is the way to go. Only tested it at home so far i will post more when its had more use.

Picture quality great, sound quality not the best but audible, size just right 20′ for using in the truck, and being 12v/24v &240v (with adapter’s) you couldn’t ask for anything else. Fast shipping from the supplier over the christmas period, just hope i can get a good few year out of it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Beware of Terrible Viewing Angles
  • Glad we went with this. It is an excellent Caravan 12v, 24v & 240v Television
  • Great TV for the money!

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