Cello C16230FT2S2 16″ Full HD LED TV/DVD Freeview HD and Satellite Tuner Made In The UK : POOR AUDIO

The picture quality is excellent in such a small unit and the sound is as expected. The addition of a very inexpensive bluetooth speaker with a aux input makes all the difference. Don’t order the additional 12v adapter as amazon suggested – it is included (reported to amazon). Great small tv from a british manufacturer.

Made in britain – great, smart casing – great, clear picture – great but oh dear me – the sound is much like i am playing an old ipod on its own speaker in a tin can.

This could be a brilliant tv, the picture quality and viewing angle is brilliant but the sound is awful. Originally i thought that as a bedroom tv the sound might be ok, but in the end i upgraded the speakers using some small usb powered speakers, this has transformed the tv into what it could have been.

Very light, good picture and lots of connections. But connecting to a £20-30 bluetooth sound box makes it still very good value and a good set up. Shame about the sound quality but don’t let that put you off.

Got this as an upgrade for my motor home – and it is brilliant. Some reviewers have mentioned problems with viewing angles – i have absolutely no complaint. Sound may be a little light, but i connect through my bose bluetooth speakers and i love it. Would have loved the built in dvd player to be blu-ray (as most of my collection is in this format) but other than that i can thoroughly recommend.

Wanted a tv for the kitchen to replace an existing 15′ wall mounted one. This was the only one i found of a similar size. Nice it has a freeview hd tuner, & although the screen size is small the hd quality is noticeable compared to sd channels. The dvd player is a bonus, although we are using it more to play music cd’s. Having said that, this brings me to the sets one downfall. The speaker units have absolutely no ‘bass’ response at all. My father is hard of hearing & even with the sound at 100% finds some speech difficult to hear. Seriously consider adding a soundbar to this tv if it is to go in any kind of noisey environment.

Good definition picture but be aware the sound, as others have said is ‘tinny’. I now have it connected optically to my sound system and the audio is much, much better.

Relatively simple to set up.

  • Great TV for 12v buy it

  • Good value TV with built in DVD player and freeview

  • Excellent picture. Shame about the sound.

Cello C16230FT2S2 16″ Full HD LED TV/DVD Freeview HD and Satellite Tuner Made In The UK

Size Name:16 Inch  |  Style Name:LED TV
Product Description, A sleek and streamlined design belies the wealth of features available in this compact product, which include a built-in DVD player and Freeview T2 HD capabilities. As well as that the HDMI and USB inputs allow for the connection of a variety of external devices such as gaming consoles and hard drives. You can even connect a laptop or desktop computer and use the TV as a monitor. As well as being a versatile product it is rated energy efficiency class A, which places it in the top tier in terms of efficiency, resulting in lower energy consumption. Lastly, between its lightweight design and the optional 12-volt adapter it is ideal for use in caravans, boats, motor homes and HGV’s.

Box Contains, 1 x Television. Power cord. Remote Control. Quick Start Guide. 2 AAA Batteries. TV Stand

From the manufacturer


Good Things Come in Small Packages

A superb small screen TV packed with convenient features including built-in DVD player and Freeview T2 HD in one neat unit with one remote to operate everything. The built-in DVD player removes the need for external boxes and cables. The USB input enables the recording of digital TV channels or viewing of media downloaded via your computer. HDMI is perfect for connecting hi-definition external devices such as your Sky box or games console.The spectacular full HD quality ensures a sharp and clear picture.

Enjoy more with a Cello TV

full hd



Watch Your Favourites in Stunning Full HD

There’s HD then there’s Full HD. This TV has a 1080p image resolution delivering clearer and sharper images. Full HD surpasses the video quality and sharpness of the original HD TV, providing 1080 lines with progressive scanning often referred to as 1080p.

The Built-in DVD Player Means There’s No Need for Extra Boxes and Cables

This TV has a built-in DVD player which means you can enjoy DVDs without the need for an extra device and all the cabling that goes with it. Perfect when space is at a premium and you still want to watch films and box sets from your favourite DVD collection.

Proudly Made in Britain – the only LED TV Brand Manufacturing in the UK

All Cello LED TVs are manufactured in the UK. This means you can benefit from a TV system designed for the specific needs of UK customers. We will support UK content and delivery like no other TV brand currently available. In addition, our UK based after sales support is here to ensure you get the very best support as well as complete peace of mind.

Key Features




british made

Watch in Full HD for Stunning Picture Quality

This HD Ready TV has a 720p image resolution to ensure all your favourite TV is sharp and clear.

Watch Digital Channels in Hi-Defintion with DVB-T2

DVB-T2 is an abbreviation for Digital Video Broadcasting – Second Generation Terrestrial. Its higher bit rate makes it suitable for carrying HDTV over terrestrial channels.

Take Your Favourite Shows Wherever You Go with the Built-in Satellite Tuner

This TV has a built in satellite tuner which is perfect for travelling as it allows you to simply plug in a satellite dish and watch all your favourite shows.

British Made LED TVs at the Cutting Edge of Technology

All Cello TVs are manufactured at our state-of-the-art factory in County Durham. From design to final production you have the assurance that Cello LED TVs are made with you in mind.

Key Features





HDMI Connections

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is the best way to connect external devices such as your Sky box and games consoles.

Wall Mountable

These TVs are all wall mountable. The rear cabinets are compatible with all the main VESA bracket sizes allowing you to conveniently mount the TV on the wall.

Add External Storage with the USB Connection

Universal Serial Bus (USB) allows you to connect an external hard drive or memory stick to view downloaded content or make use of the live pause and record facility in this TV.

Band ‘A’ Energy Efficiency Rating

Energy efficiency rating – band ‘A’. This rating means your device should have low running costs and therefore will be better for the environment than others.

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Took a chance, as there are few tvs at this size. Works seamlessly with an amazon firestick plugged into the hdmi port. The firestick remote will also control the tv’s basic settings, volume, standby etc. I don’t use the aerial connection myself, as everything is streamed via apps such as netflix, prime video, iplayer, tvplayer etc. However, it does have a good set of connection options for freeview. The picture quality is outstanding and sharp. The sound is average, but you can’t expect too much from tvs of this size. Sound can be improved with a soundbar via the phono lead or optical out. I actually use a bluetooth speaker paired with the firestick.

Easy connection with our home wifi. 5 minutes and i start streaming from our shared hdd. What is super cool is mouse in remote controller. I just love our new kitchen teli. I give her month and if all will be ok i’ll buy 72″ version.

Bought for camping trips but set up and tried in the home and tried in the car with a 12v cello power cable (purchased separately). Easy to set up, sharp picture and the sound isn’t bad for such a small and reasonably priced television. It has a full size remote which the unit responds quickly to. The dvd player works well, good picture and runs quietly.

I was slightly concerned when buying this product due to some negative reviews, especially concerning sound quality. However, it has worked fine since installation and the lack of good-quality sound is not a problem for me personally, as it is used in a situation where the volume is almost turned off. Picture quality is excellent and it was very simple to set up.

My only complaint would be the sound quality of the tv’s speakers, surely cello could’ve done better. There are plenty state of the art british hifi company’s that make great transducers that cello could’ve consulted to design better one’s than the one’s they’ve used for this tv. Other than that, impressive picture quality, easy to use interface, and i’m glad they’ve included a digital optical output on the side of the tv so i can connect the tv to an amplifier with proper speakers.

Picture not bad, remote works only very short distance from set (even with new batteries), sound quality is tinney, can’t adjust it to make it any better with its limited settings. Not too happy with it, but tolerate it as its 5th set only for kitchen.

Great tv for the price android software so can install third party apps haven’t tried unknown source apps yet but will be soon. ☆ update unknown sources apps install and work as they do on a android phonei have it installed in a camper conversion i am doing so on a 12v supply i have a couple of lesuire batteries and 200w solar panel system the tv has not drawn more power in amps than is supplied via the panels so no issues there for me. I have the tv internet connection running from a mobile phone all working well. There have been some reviews saying they had issues with netflix and amazon video apps i have had no issues. Tip on navigation of the netfix & amazon app to move up of down the menus were the program tiles our turn on magic remote (clicking the magic button)click and hold ok button and wave the mouse down or up to move the menu up or down. I did update the tv before i installed any appsalso noticed that one of them i think it was netfix got stuck in pending downloads in play store i had to cancel the download and restart it because it was stuck nothing else would download no big issue. Sound qualitywell on that it’s a small tv and cant seriously expect heavy bass it’s not the best but its loud enough to hear it out side the van if having a bbq so i am happy with it. Picture qualitynow other reviews have mentioned viewing angle effects picture quality my tv is mounted high up so i look up to it so i have not noticed any issues myself. Remotethe remotes actually really good i was surprised as it’s a magic type cursor on the screen (you can turn this off) time will tell how the batteries last as i have noticed the remote searching for the tv when it is powered of at the mains. Only thing i would have liked to have seen in the box is a 12v cigarette plug in power supply leadi think that’s everythingow its vesa 200 x 200 not what amazon suggested 100×100 so i ended up with the wrong bracket.

Bought this for the bedroom as i wanted to put all my viewing options on one item and whats better than it all in one tv,,,you would think. Out the box it looks a nice compact piece of kit set it all up as should also updated it first as had read up to do,i have amazon,netflix,iplayer,itvhub, apps and all subscripted to so set remote up and had read the air mouse was useless by a few reviews had a go and i personally thought it was great and could see no problem with me getting used to it,however tried to sign in to my amazon with the remote and everytime it said error tried the others the same and was pulling my hair out thinking i had changed passwords and not remembered??. Anyway got a small keyboard put it in the tv which is great at plug and play tried signing in again and everything went in first time so something amiss with remote and signing in,,however that not a big problem and could live with it,,2nd tv search brought up 40 lesschannels on search than my old tv i scanned 3 times tells me tuner not great,could live with that,,3rd now and again when switching to smart tv from home used to come up as android stopped working press again and it cleared,,could live with that,,4th thing sound was not great but was not really bad just a slight better speaker fitted a few pence more???. But could live with that,,,,next the imfamous netflix pressed on the netflix app on tv,,, google play says incompatible no problem read that on review went on settings changed to allow outside apps to be downloaded went to netflix site downloaded the app from there everything went through fine and i signed in great,but it wasnt later went on netflix put a show on 20 seconds into it stops throws up error 0013 so goes to netflix tried everything they said on there list reloaded it 4 times cleared all cache set to use memory space etc etc they also try to blame your internet?.I am on virgin broadband 200 so speeds of up to 208mbps and i test mine regularly and constantly get 180-200mbps so it will run anything and all other players computers in the house running them fine ,,also amazon iplayer itvhub all playing fine this i could not live with im afraid ,,in the end after hours of wasted time just gave up,,the item was no more fit for the purpose i needed it, so sent it back dont know if mine was just a bad one or not or if that specific netflix app is no good as it was not downloaded from google play???. ,anyway ,gone back to my trusted amazon firestick that i have no trouble with,,such a shame though uk made brilliant idea just im afraid too many bugs in the system and some sub standard components that could have been better quality and would have cost a few pence extra. I really dont mind paying a bit extra for quality. Gutted as i really wanted to keep the item.

  • Great TV for 12v buy it

  • Good value TV with built in DVD player and freeview

  • Excellent picture. Shame about the sound.

Cello C16230FT2S2 16″ Full HD LED TV/DVD Freeview HD and Satellite Tuner Made In The UK

Picture quality and channels very good after i had sorted out a dodgy airiel connection. Remote takes some getting use to and sound is a bit tinny. Otherwise good value for a low cost smart tv with sd card recording and usb input.

Nothing to dislike used for main viewing room.

Bought for use in the motorhome, fitted neatly into the cupboard and bought the extra 12v lead so can use it anytime. Picture quality is good, sharp and good colour on free view. Dvd works ok as well but not tried any of the other features. Sound quality is ok but not the best, remote control is a little slow, push button and wait. But so far so good, worth the money.

Like the excellent value for money this tv represents when bought with the 12v adapter for use in a touring caravan. Likes:- picture quality is great – hesitated buying based on other reviews but unfounded. Viewable from all angles, use it both wall mounted in caravan bedroom and on cabinet in lounge. – sound is not an issue, no different to any other tv of this size. 5mm headphone socket should you wish to line out to another speaker or headphones. – lightweight and have managed to find a bag that it fits in with stand mounted. Fits on wall too with stand left attached. – using 12v power supply even when on electric hook up means you have another 240v socket free in the caravan. Dislikes- remote control is a bit busy- if you need to remove stand to switch between wall and cabinet use or for storage it involves unscrewing it. Overall strongly recommend the item, particularly if like me you are deliberating over this or the alternative favourite with caravan dealers which retails at more than twice the price.

Well pleased with this item works great in the tourer nice clear picture quality lovely and light in weight.

The unit i received had been opened and used before, however all the parts were well repackaged. The setup did not go into ‘first installation mode’ as it have obviously been set up before. The unit did operate in english so i tried to have it search automatically for channels but the systems offered were all european (hungary, luxembourg, germany etc. I tried several before finding that the netherlands setup gathered all the freeview channels and included hd channels which my larger tv does not access. Easy to mount on a wall bracket and i am so far pleased with it. Adding a low cost sound bar would solve the sound quality problem. I seem to have been given a slightly cheaper price by amazon who possibly knew it had been opened before.

The picture is very good and the fact that there is an excellent built in dvd player is excellent. However, without an improvement in the sound track, it is not worth buying because it becomes very irritating eventually. The background music, sound effects override the dialogue which is virtually unclear, no matter how and what you do to adjust the sound. I bought two to try and both were disappointing. I would certainly not purchase this item again, but would be interested to hear if you have another better model with better sound, with built in dvd.

I would have given this a four-star review were it not for the awful sound quality. The picture is excellent and just an extra £ spent on providing a better speaker would have made all the difference. As it is, this little tv is not a bad buy as long as you are happy to revisit your childhood days, when you and your pals communicated with one another using two cocoa tins connected with a length of string.

In principal it’s a great tv however the remote is very temperamental it can take up to 20 mins to get the cursor to point at the right place on the tv. The netflix app doesn’t work says it’s the wrong version even after updating. The other apps can sometimes close themselves down. However i bought a nowtv stick to go with it which works perfectly and solves all the issues.

I bought this on behalf of my brother as his tv/dvd combi ”died” so i checked out all the tv/dvd combi’s and got him this one. I must say what a surprise with regard to quality it is he just plays dvds but the picture and sound are really exceptional for such a small tv also easy to set up pity the lead is short so you have to have an extension lead but great other than that. The other good thing is that when you put it on dvd it stays on dvd even if you turn and unplug the whole tv.

Been using it for afew hours now and so far so good. . Has a wealth of app’s that can be downloaded onto it which add to what you can watch,,,,sky go,,,amazon prime video etc etc. . Picture is pretty much spot on,,,it isnt no 4k uhd type picture but im using mine with a sony dvd player and the picture is fine enough. . The standard sound settings are abit naff but once you change the,,,admitidly very very limited,,,equalizer to your own prefference then it does the job. All in all,,,,for the price,,,,it is not a bad purchase at all. . Plenty of connection options on the back so whatever you choose to hook up to it should work with no problems. Wifi was easy enough to set up,,,but,,,i probably wouldnt say the same if you dont have a google account. The brand name isn’t the most well known but register the tv when you get it and that should cover you for any problems that you might get down the line.

We read previous purchasers reviews before buying this tv, so we were aware of criticism regarding the sound quality. However, we decided to purchase it regardless as we have a very small space for the unit and struggled to find manufacturers who produce 16” screen tvs. But, i have to say, the sound quality really poor, dreadfully “ tinny”- so much so that we’ve had to link an external speaker to the tv. As the picture quality is very good, by using this speaker watching the tv now much more tolerable. It’s a shame that the manufacturers cello haven’t taken the criticisms of the sound quality on board and addressed it.

Frustrating when hdmi recognition randomly fails- haven’t been able to configure single remote bt control despite using listed id number. Disappointed with sound levels and configuration options but it does the job for the price. Would personally pay more next time for a higher quality smart tv. If you’re looking for a low cost smart tv to use in a bedroom and not expecting top quality then you won’t go far wrong with this model.

I can highly recommend this make tv because it has a great picture easy to set up with an easy remote to work it,andshopping around prior to purchase i found the cello was the best price quite a few pound cheaper than its competition.

Great tv for taking away in a caravan, although this model doesn’t come with the car/12v power supply (about £13 on amazon). Power consumption on 12v is around 1. 2a (eco) to 2a (max brightness) depending upon picture mode, so very good when using a battery supply. The picture quality is very good when the tv is above your eye level (especially on a hd channel), however the screen goes very dark when you are higher than the tv. Sound is very tinny as usual for modern slim tvs. The built in dvd player is basic but works well.

Despite being surprisingly light, this seems to do everything you’d want from a smart tv. Classy pointer/mouse for navigating on-screen. Does timeshift (with a memory stick, not provided) – which is more than samsung does for £40 more. Some glitch when we miracast a phone to the tv: it becames stuck on the phone and we couldn’t recover the tv stations. But we’ll get used to it, i guess. Overall, impressed (and it seems miles better than the equivalent 40′ samsung which we sent back).

I absolutely love this british made tv. The picture is crisp, colours vibrant and the dvd player is spot on. Plays dvd’s that wouldn’t play in my other machine due to scuffs but this all in one had no problems. Sound is slightly hi eq but you can adjust, i just have a speaker plugged in and that’s awesome.

Good tv and easy to set up and use but i find it works for apps etc when it wants and is slow, it often tells me im not connected to the internet when trying to use iplayer and itv hub etc, the apps also stop working a lot, this tv takes patience. I know now that once switched on i have to wait at least 10 minutes before i try to change channel or use apps etc. The picture on the apps sometimes is really poor too. I dont think i have had a day when i have been able to switch it on and do what i want with no issues. Suppose you get what you pay for.

Features and Spesification

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    by entering your model number.
  • 16” Full HD LED TV with Freeview T2 capabilities Contrast Ratio : 800:1
  • Built-in DVD player, with a single remote control provided to operate the DVD features as well as regular TV functions This allows you to maximise on entertainment while minimising on space (DVD located on the right side of product)
  • Built-in Freeview T2 HD channels, which allows you to watch and enjoy digital content including HD channels
  • The USB input allows you to connect devices such as personal hard drives, mobile phones and similar products to your TV
  • Utilising the USB with an external storage device attached will allow you to record and even pause live television for later viewing
  • UK Made TV with customer service and sales helpline based in the UK
  • The product comes with 2 AAA batteries and a quick start guide, to get you set up quickly and easily
  • The HDMI enables allows you to connect external devices such as gaming consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) and with the product’s 1080p resolution you’ll be gaming in style
  • The TV is also wall mountable (VESA: 75mm x 75mm, bracket not included)