Cello C22277TS-S2 22” Rechargeable Battery Full HD LED TV – speakers arnt good sound awful

Bought this for my camper van , excellent little tv has a few power saving features that dim the screen somewhatbut totally useful in my opinion, other than it being a battery powered tv it also will act as a usb chargerand comes with supplied led lightsas others have said the speaker in the tv sounds terrible,but i have mine connected to a speaker. The great thing about thistv is that i can connect both my fire stick and mobile wifi to the tv power and it all comes on with the tvalthough not commercially available in the uk, cello also make a solar panel for the tvi had to go to their headquarters to pick it up, but so far it actually works to direct charge thetv, i am super stoked by this, i can leave the solar panel in the crew cab and it will keep the tv topped up. So can sill watch netflix off grid, pretty cool.

Sound quality not that great but we just connected a small sound box speaker to it that works fine. It’s very light in weight so easy to move about in van. The aerial is not the best, didn’t pick up any channels, so we bought our own aerial and it picked up lots of channels. If it had facility to connect to wireless internet i would have given 5 stars.

I bought this tv for watching outside in the garden and to take with us during camping trips. So far it hasn’t disappointed. Picture quality is good when you consider what you’re getting here. It’s not going to rival a high end tv which costs 4 times as much, but it’s definately bright and detailed enough for your needs. If you tune the settings a little, you’ll get a very clear picture. When outside in sunlight and on battery mode, the 4-6 hour brightness works in most scenarios, and the 6-10 hour mode is perfect at night time. The tv comes with a high gain aerial which is capable of picking up freeview hd channels (something i was surprised at). Finding somewhere to hand the aerial is a bit tricky, but comes with a long enough cable to position is far enough away. It also comes with a set of led lights for some reason. The usb ports on the back are enough to power a fire tv stick which means you could go completely wirefree with this model.

Great tv v happy with the service.

Great picture and great idea having battery has my van was always having flat batteryonly 4 stars thoi had 4year old 16inch cello tv with great speakersam afraid speakers on this new tv are shockingam going buy some separate speakers and see how i go.

The idea of a rechargeable tv is great. This comes with all the connections you’ll need. Let down on the picture and sound. To be honest i wish i hadn’t bothered.

Good product although needs a better areal. Arrived promptly and well packaged.

Been using this cello tv for a few months now in a motorhome, everything about it is very, very good, the picture is great on standard antenna input, though using it on satellite dish input (only) it has limited sound on the main hd channels. I understand that this is due to the lack of a dolby sound decoder. The sound is either ‘nar’ or nothing, the nar sound channel is the narration sound track which is a little annoying when you don#t want it. The sound is ok on terrestrial tv hd channels. The tv does not have a toslink connection for audio – but who would have one of those in their campervan or tent?charging and 12v operation is great although you do need to swap power connections over at the tv. The tv always switches to low power (dim) mode when first turned on, which is a little hassle when running the tv using the mains adaptor. Originally the tv was designed for use in africa, hence the lack of satellite hd audio support i guess and the option to use a solar panel for charging. The phone charging from usb sockets works well, the record to usb is ok, the two led lights are useful if you really get stuck in the dark and adds another option for you. With the hd sound niggle, the tv is still staying with us as the alternatives are a lot more expensive and not watching satellite hd is not such a downer for us.

Picture quality is very good. I have had cello tvs previously and they have all been reliable and if there is a problem their phone help is very good. The only downside to this battery model is every time you turn it on you have to tell it what battery life you want from it, it does not remember, also on previous models if you wanted to record what you were watching you could close the screen and continue with the recording but this model does not do that, the screen remains on or it stops recording. Overall though it’s a good buy.

I spent a lot of time trying to find a solution regards powering my tv in my campervan. Didn’t want to drain my leisure battery. Didn’t a separate battery just for the tv and wasn’t always on electric hookup. This is the perfect solution and can charge on the go via my cigarette lighter socket. It feels like a good quality product. The picture quality is good with 3 power options. The sound is poor by i connect it to my portable audio so no issue. Don’t understand the light bulbs. Seems like a waste of resources but maybe a wild camper finds them useful.

Good product screen contrast ratio a little low.

Great picture excellent rechargeable 12 v battery which i use in my motorhome.

Great value tv with a lot of features. Returned due to the wall mounting screws supplied were incorrect as pushed off the internal nuts within the tv body rendering it unmountable. Problem was the mounting screws supplied were of the incorrect size causing damage to mounting points. Instructions followed to the letter and double checked prior to using the supplied screws. Shame as otherwise an good product. Here are the specifications for the Cello C22277TS-S2 22” Rechargeable Battery Full HD LED TV:

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  • 22” rechargeable battery Full HD LED TV with built-in Freeview T2 HD capabilities and a satellite tuner.
  • Integrated rechargeable battery which can be fully charged in 2 hours lasting for between 8-10 hours.
  • This model comes with a satellite tuner, which allows you to pick up terrestrial and Satellite signals, meaning that when local signals let you down, you just connect a dish and away you go.
  • Built-in Freeview T2 HD channels, which allows you to watch and enjoy digital content including HD channels.
  • You can connect devices such as personal hard drives, mobile phones and similar products to your TV using the USB input.
  • Utilising the USB with an external storage device connected, you can record and even pause live television for later viewing.
  • This product has 2 HDMI inputs meaning you can have up to 2 separate external devices plugged in at the same time and just switch between them.
  • The TV is also wall mountable (VESA: 100mm x 100mm, bracket not included)
  • The product comes with 2 AAA batteries and a quick start guide and a 12-volt adapter, two high efficiency LED Lamps and a smart aerial to get you set up quickly and easily.
  • UK Made TV with customer service and sales helpline based in the UK.

Brilliant, used in the caravan off grid all the time.

Great tv for using in the truck, sound not great in a house but perfect for what i need, don’t use the mounting screws they provide as they are the wrong size, i use this in my truck and run a android stick from the usb port for around 5 hours per charge on the eco mode, but i can use my xbox for around 6-7 hours, fantastic tv all round for in a car/truck.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Does the job perfectly, very happy with the product.

  • Great for our camper van!

  • Good but small niggles.