Cello P32ANSMT 32-Inch Platinum Android Smart Freeview T2 HD LED TV and Built in Soundbar – Manufactured in the UK : Try to discovered how to use without loose my patience

Really not a very “smart” tv.

This is the second cello tv i have bought from amazon. The first being a 24in smart tv for my caravan. The tv looks really good and the sound bar is excellent with the smart tv having wifi on board its a doddle installing all the apps you need using the same operating system as my first tv.

Bit tricky to set up internet, but that may be me.

Had to return as air mouse was useless and dusk drive noisy. Beware i used hermes to return as they had delivered it, but they “lost” it. Hermes do not cover loss for tvs or monitors so would not compensate. Amazon were great with this issue.

Probably the best tv ive ever owned, had a bit of trouble with delivery and eventually had to re order it but in the end it was worth the wait. Fantastic sound and video quality and im really happy with the purchase. Bought it to play video games and its ideal. The soundbar did look a bit bulky at first but i got used to it.

Brilliant picture and soundfantastic.

I finally decided to join the 21st century and upgrade to a led tv post my faithful crt dying on me. There were a few initial problems as the feet don’t fit well at all, something has been left rattling around inside it, possibly a screw, and it has a few marks on it, not expected for a brand new item. However it’s a nice looking tv, the perfect size for my living room, i love the chrome finish, the sound and picture are good, and it has a lot of options and features. I haven’t fully set up the smart side of it yet as due to my lifestyle i’m not home enough to enjoy those features, i will eventually. My main disappointment is that i’ve lost quite a few channels that i watched a lot, all the +1s etc, movies4men, sony movie channel, 4music, 5spike, 5star, and more. Retuning doesn’t help, so the signal and / or reception are very poor with this tv. Whereas my other old faithful portable and digi box used in the bedroom plays all channels. But the seller experience was very good, they were responsive and supportive. So if you can put up with the niggles this is a good entry level led tv compared to other manufacturers and models, it all comes down to personal taste.

Good package and very good communication regarding delivery time.

  • Would buy again

  • Entry Level Cello 32″ Platinum Android Smart Freeview T2 HD LED TV and Built in Soundbar

  • 32in Smart TV

Cello P32ANSMT 32-Inch Platinum Android Smart Freeview T2 HD LED TV and Built in Soundbar – Manufactured in the UK

Product Description, The new Platinum range provides consumers with an innovative first. On this 32″ Freeview T2 HD Smart TV there are four built-in speakers that provide outstanding sound quality. Easily superior to all the major brands in sound comparison tests this 32″ Platinum also comes with an air mouse remote control. This means the Android Smart functionality is so much easier to manage and control. This Platinum Android Smart TV can also download all of your favourite Android apps directly to the TV. Enjoy BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Kodi, 4 On Demand, Netflix, Sky Go, games and social media to name but a few. Simply connect to your router using the built in Wi-Fi and experience a new world of TV entertainment. Two HDMI inputs means minimum cable swapping when using external devices such as games consoles or Sky boxes. A Micro SD card slot (card not supplied) means you can store substantial data for quick call up and smooth operation of all your preferred Android apps, TV, Films and Games XBMC.

Box Contains, Television, Power cord, Remote Control, Quick Start Guide, 2 AAA Batteries, TV Stand

From the manufacturer

Platinum intro

Sounds as good as it looks

The Platinum Series provides consumers with an innovative first. A truly immersive cinematic experience is made possible with a powerful multi speaker system that directs its sound towards the viewer. Easily superior to all the major brands in sound comparison tests, the Platinum Series also comes with an air mouse remote control.

“But the real star is the sound – which is deep and throaty thanks to the integrated sound bar and means you don’t have to invest in a costly alternative from the likes of Sonos or Sony.” The Mirror

“As a plug-in-and-go solution, the Platinum range has much to recommend it, with bright, clear displays. The sound is particularly impressive and I can imagine a niche of users that will be overjoyed to be able to hear audio from their television that doesn’t sound like the strained output from a phone speaker. The inclusion of the Android OS opens users up to a range of applications and games far beyond those found on other smart TV’s.” Digital Lifestyle

Enjoy more with Cello Platinum


smart apps

uk made

Experience cinematic sound with the multi-speaker system

LED TVs are not known for great sound. This is because the slim cabinet doesn’t allow for powerful enough speakers. Cello have addressed this with the Platinum range by integrating a multi-speaker system beneath the TV screen. This means there is no need for additional soundbar devices.

Download 1000s of apps with Android Smart

The Platinum Series includes our renowned Android Smart functionality. With a user interface exclusively designed for Cello, each TV can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi. This gives you the choice of 1000s of Android apps to enhance your viewing and entertainment experience.

Proudly Made in Britain – the only LED TV Brand Manufacturing in the UK

4K Ultra HD delivers super sharp imagery with four times as many pixels as a normal HD TV. Bringing together the powerful 6 speaker system with ultra hi-definition imagery is what makes Platinum special. Get ready to enjoy the ultimate audio visual experience in your living room.

Key Features

Smart tv

hd ready

air remote


Android Smart TV platform

The Cello Platinum comes with Android Smart technology built-in. Using the Wi-Fi facility you can connect to the broadband network and download online entertainment in the form of games, movies and catch up TV.

Experience Hi-Definition TV

4K UHD TVs offer four times the picture resolution of 1080p HDTVs. With a greater range of 4K streaming content available from Netflix and Amazon as well as 4K gaming and Ultra HD Blu-rays, this Platinum range is perfect for the next generation of TV viewing.

Move quickly around the keyboard with the mouse remote control

With the air mouse remote control included on all Platinum models you can control the on screen cursor by simply waving the air mouse through the air. This eliminates the slow and often cumbersome use of the up/down and left/right arrows when operating on-screen qwerty keyboards.

Watch Digital Channels in Hi-Definition with DVDB-T2

DVB-T2 is an abbreviation for Digital Video Broadcasting – Second Generation Terrestrial. Its higher bit rate makes it suitable for carrying HDTV over terrestrial channels.

Key Features




uk made

Multiple HDMI Connections

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is the best way to connect external devices such as your Sky box and games consoles.

Add External Storage with the USB Connection

Universal Serial Bus (USB) allows you to connect an external hard drive or memory stick to view downloaded content or make use of the live pause and record facility in this TV.

Wall mountable

These TVs are all wall mountable. The rear cabinets are compatible with all the main VESA bracket sizes allowing you to conveniently mount the TV on the wall.

British Made LED TVs at the Cutting Edge of Technology

All Cello TVs are manufactured at our state-of-the-art factory in County Durham. From design to final production you have the assurance that Cello LED TVs are made with you in mind.

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Arrived in italy perfect, easy to use, robust, excellent sound and good on-screen colors. Good european tv made in uk.

Bought this for my husband for his birthday and he’s totally over the moon with it. The sound and picture are really good, we are very happy with it.

Really good product for the price. Purchased for my kitchen as my other tv was really echoey. The added sound bar is brilliant. The only criticism i have is i found the initial set up a bit clunky and it took ages to work out how to get the keyboard on screen. I’m still not quite sure how i managed it other than pressing loads of buttons on the remote and the instructions both in the box and online weren’t clear on how to access the keyboard.

Finally all my tvs are smart.

Some apps crash but good value for money.

  • Would buy again

  • Entry Level Cello 32″ Platinum Android Smart Freeview T2 HD LED TV and Built in Soundbar

  • 32in Smart TV

Cello P32ANSMT 32-Inch Platinum Android Smart Freeview T2 HD LED TV and Built in Soundbar – Manufactured in the UK

Features and Spesification

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  • 32″ Platinum HD Ready widescreen LED TV
  • Android Smart TV with built-in Wi-Fi (Download all of your favourite Android apps to the TV)
  • 4 x Speakers (2 x 8ohm 8W sub-woofers, 2 x 8ohm 8W treble) max output 16W
  • Air mouse remote control
  • HDMI x 2 inputs for external devices & consoles