Chefs Choice Commercial 2000 Diamond Hone Knife Knives Sharpener – double bevel edge giving blades up to 3x the life! – Good gear

This is not compact but it does one heck of a job of sharpening knives. There is not a lot more to be said or even needs to be said.

I am an ex-butcher, so i know about sharp knives. This equipment is very easy to use and will provide a very sharp edge quickly on most knives that have simply lost their edge and are not worn heavily – especially quality steel knives like global. I would also recommend that it is used alongside a medium grade diamond steel, which is a quicker way of removing burring, and gives a razor edge. Don’t use it for heavily worn knives with a shoulder, as it will take forever, not to mention wear out the sharpener quickly. Don’t press heavily when drawing the blade through the device, which should be a even hand presure combined with a slow steady draw for best results.

After a month of domestic use i can confirm the chef’s choice commercial 2000 does the job. My kitchen knives had become dull despite frequent sharpening using a ceramic ‘stone’. Each knife took about five minutes to transform back into an ‘as new’ state using the first set of sharpening wheels on the chef’s choice. Now they need only the occasional and brief attention from the buffing wheels to keep them in that happy state. The equipment is clean and straightforward to use and comes with good instructions. It is sturdy and gives all the impressions of something that will give years of service. I just hope that the spares when needed are as easy to buy as the original equipment. So – its four stars from me, for now. The five star rating will depend upon longer use and spares availability.

It copes with everything you throw at it – japanese knives, global etc.

This item is the businessno more hours spent sharpening and honing with a whetstone. Sharpens your precious knives beautifully – and even rough old cheap cooks knives in minutes. Compact, very well designed, clear instructions, easy to use, easy to clean, fast delivery. Suitable for the professional or home cook. It’s wonderful to have all my favourite knives restored to their former glory. Buy wisely, buy once, get this.

I’ve been using this machine for years now and my knives are always super sharp. It’s really easy to use and works on most commonly used knives. It’s a little noisy but then it’s not on for very long. It isn’t cheap but given how long it’s lasted and how good a job it does i’m glad i bought it.

Knife sharpening is quick and easy. I had another cheaper model of this brand but it wasn’t as good as this. My knives are apleasure to use now. I was surprised that the colour was battleship grey as in the photo it looks white. Expensive but a worthwhile investment as parts are replaceable.

I have sharpened my set of 14 knives which were in a bit of a poor state, and the result is very satisfying, it took in the region of 8/10 passes to get them sharp, but as long as i now do them regularly i expect 2 passes to do the job.

Does what it say,s on the tin.

Took some getting used to at first but now a piece of cake.

Fantastic and sharpens knives really well and so easily. Easy to use and would definitely recommend for any commercial catering establishment.

I have never been able to get the edige i want on a knife using steels or flat stones. I did all my knives with this, which includes a good selection of global knives, and the edge is now razor sharp and seems to be holding well as well. Sharp knives are a pleasure to use and this sharpener does the trick. Very easy to use; you just have to be careful not to push down with any force as it cuts into the plastic underneath the blade. Those that can use other tools well may say this takes too much off the blade but i would rather have extremely sharp knives that don’t last quite as long, as dull knives that last forever.

I bought this sharpener after trying several different products over recent years, however none have performed as well as chef’s choice 2000. Operation is simple and the results excellent. Here are the specifications for the Chefs Choice Commercial 2000 Diamond Hone Knife Knives Sharpener – double bevel edge giving blades up to 3x the life!:

  • Knife Accessories
  • Sharpeners
  • Manufacturer #: 200004

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A wise investment for the serious cook.
  • Great buy
  • Excellent!!!!