CHINYA Milk Frother – Great for Matcha Green Tea Lattes!

Excellent milk frother, good value for money. Works very quickly and creates lots of frotha must buy.

Ordered today on same day delivery. Used it once and totally hooked on it. Very simple to understand and use. Frothing is timed and stops when readywhile its frothing you make the coffee or chocolate. I love you can froth to hot or cold result. This is definitely an essential piece of kitchen equipment.

Really pleased with this product. After reading all the reviews i have no regrets about ordering this. I can now enjoy lovely capucinnos and lattes again. Had a nespresso latissima but milk frother stopped working.

Works very well and creates a good froth. I would recommend cleaning straight after use with a sponge. This will help prolong the life of the nonstop interior.

I’ve been using a manual one which eventually became a pain. Works well, no problem with non-dairy milk subs and easy to clean.

 it’s never been easier to make a perfect cup of coffee at home, but you need the right equipment to do it. This electric milk frother uses a motorized whisk on the bottom of the jug to foam the milk and the heating induction warm the milk as it froths. Easy to clean with a soft cloth and a brush (which comes with the frother) to clean.

I used it for the first time today and it’s easy to clean and produces very hot frothy and foamy milk. Exactly what i was after and very pleased. If you think the stirrer for hot milk is missing, you’ll find it clipped in under the lid.

I have always owned manual milk frothers and while they do a good job, they are quite labour intensive and usually fall apart before too long. I bought this chinya frother after a recommendation from a friend and am absolutely thrilled with it. My husband and i use it every morning. It’s fast, efficient, very easy to clean, we’ve had no problems with overflowing, and it’s not obstrusive at all in our kitchen. I use it with non-barista oat milk and it creates a lovely foamy milk with a good froth on top. My husband uses cows milk and gets an incredible whipped froth. I highly recommend it, perfect milk with no hard work and no mess.

The latte whisk gives me just enough foam for the perfect cup. The cappuccino whisk makes the most incredible fluffy foam but it’s a bit much for my liking.

Bought purely to make hot chocolate. Does a great job of getting it velvety smooth. Ready to drink as soon as it has heated up. (although i recommend giving unit a warm rinse before sitting down to enjoy). Much better than using a microwave or watching over a pan.

Lovely product, efficient and easy to store. Well priced and looks smart.

I bought this milk frother a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately the hot button stopped working but it was replaced immediately. Makes a great froth, so easy to use and clean too. I just hope the second one lasts a bit longer.

Great product, i love frothy coffees and this is now so easy to make. The frother looks very smart and is really easy to clean with its non stick interior coating.

I use 1% milk and have had no issues at all. I love that you can make either warm milk or froth. Great addition if you have an espresso or nespresso machine. It makes things so much easier. You just pour the milk in and press a button. You have milk for your latte or froth for your cappuccino. I recommend cleaning it immediately after each ue, as milk will stick a bit to the bottom.

I tried both coconut and almond milk with wonderful results. It is a bit more expensive than the battery operated hand held frothed but there is no fuss. Just fill with milk and set on the base and push the button and within seconds you have a glorious froth. It is so quiet and the nonstick inside surface is so easy to clean.

I just opened the box, which was nicely packaged, and the instructions are really simple. I used it for the first time today to froth some milk for my matcha tea. It was very quiet and the milk froth came out perfect. Very easy to use and it’s so quiet that you’ll wonder if it’s even running. I will update on how long it last.

Very easy to use and with the 2 blending bits makes it very versatile, cleaning is quick and easy.

The efficiency and ease of making an amazing latte at home has saved us a ton of money. This little gadget puts a smile on my face every morning as i whip up my latte. A really great and inexpensive way to brighten your day.

My family and i absolutely love this. I’m pretty impressed with this milk frother ,this frother meets me all needs and it turns out to be better than i’ve expected. It doesn’t have plastic smell at all and it’s made of stainless steel and it is so easy to use. It’s perfect for making milk foams and it does it quickly.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Perfect froth machine and highly recommend.

  • Easy to use

  • Great for Matcha Green Tea Lattes!

This frother is just what i was looking for. I’ve tried unsweetened vanilla almond milk and the foam is just as sturdy. Easy to use – read the directions first because there are heating choices and you need to know which button to use and for how long to get just the froth you want. Easy to clean – just make sure you clean it right after using so the milk residue doesn’t get resistant to cleaning. All in all, for me, well worth the money.

Easy to use and easy to clean, makes a great cappuccino, why pay coffee shop prices when you can have it at home all the time.

It’s my first automatic milk frother. I’ve read a few reviews that said it’s hard to clean but i don’t think so. No dishwasher is fine for me. Most of househould applicance is no dishwasher. What needs to mention is to clean it immediately with the brush comes with the frother. It seems to have a good coating inside.

Amazingly fast and looks good.

Very good easy to uses well pleased would recommend this.

My milk frother arrived the next day and i was pleasantly surprised at how fast and quiet the machine was. There is plenty of quality froth produced and it is very easy to clean afterwards. The reason i purchased this machine was for the larger quantity of froth / hot milk produced – 150/300ml as opposed to 115/240ml from many of the others. I bought from chinya (fulfilled by amazon), and if you look in the box there is a small leaflet that if you send your details to them they will send you a free gift. I received two spare pairs of whisks for heating/frothing, which arrived within two working days.

But for some reason it sometimes overflows even though i use the correct measurements. This is annoying because of the mess it makes and its already not the easiest thing to clean.

Appears to be well made, sturdy and functions as described. Pleasantly surprised at ease of use with heater/whisk chamber detatchable from powered base like a kettle. Cleaning is a bit fiddly removing whisk each time as cleaning brush is a bit on the small side. Do read instruction booklet regarding min. Filling as overfilled first couple of times and made a bit of a mess.

First class product very happy with my purchase.

It is quiet, great froth, easy to care for. Small footprint so it is easily stored on the counter or in a cabinet. I have used half and half, regular milk, almond milk, and oat milk. The non-stick makes it easy to clean.

Definitely have saved so much money not going to starbucks. This frother took no time at all to set up and use. I used almond milk, added a teaspoon of matcha green tea powder, and added 2 drops of liquid stevia and it came out great.Not even the caked on powder stayed on the non stick surface. It mixed the matcha powder in the almond milk perfectly too. Yay now i will have matcha green tea lattes every morning.

It is so easy to use, just pour in milk, put the lid on and hit the button. Yes, it’s that easy to have warm frothy goodness to add to your coffee just like you’re at a coffee shopthere is a brush free provided so it is very easy to clean. Don’t overfill it because it will overflow.

It’s a great milk frother and it really stepped up my morning coffee game. The froth is very stiff, which i really like. It works best with whole milk, however, i have managed to achieve good results with coconut milk and almond milk as well. Overall, i would recommend this product and am very satisfied.

Light, fluffy, and hot or cold as you wish. It is very quiet and the light flickers when the milk is ready to use. This works awesome for making light fluffy foam.

This is a great machine, just what i wanted for hot frothy milk and delicious hot chocolate.

I absolutely recommend this stainless steel frother. I have to say it is well designed, easy to use and clean. I used almond milk and it gives thick and creamy froth for my coffee. It really saved me lots of time.

 have used this milk frother several times and works very well and quiet. Simple two buttons but achieve three functions, can froth hot & cold foams as well as warm milk. I just pour in the 3% whole milk,press the button,then the thick, silky milk foam can be used to top on my coffee or hot chocolate. Thanks to this milk frother, i can enjoy a cup of foam coffee every morning instead of buying at coffee bar. Probably the biggest plus is that i stopped spending money on the coffee in coffee shops. It will auto shut off when finishes works, which is fantastic. Not need to worry about milk burning and spillage. Good non-stick coating for easy cleaning. Recommended to clean jug immediately with brush or sponge after use.

What i dislike is i cannot see the level markers inside the jug for the milk. Not a massive hassle as just using a small jug. Only had it 2 days but it is so good. Much better than i imagined.