Christmas Beauty Gift Guide 2016

Yes, I know it’s only October. Yes, I know Halloween and Bonfire Night haven’t even come around yet, but Christmas takes some planning and research for many which is why I am now posting my very first Christmas Beauty Gift Guide 2016! Below you will find a whole array of goodies – some you may have seen before, but others may be new to you! Let me know in the comments what Christmas beauty gift guides for 2016 you’ve come across and what items you’ve got your eye on this year, as I’d love to know what else is out there! I’ve recently posted my top picks of affordable beauty advent calendars 2016.L'Occitane Christmas Bauble

L’Occatine Christmas Baubles, £10*
It’s just not Christmas without the Beauty Baubles lying around. L’Occitane have brought out 3 baubles this year; Shea Butter, Verbena & Cherry Blossom. These are available every year, but the design is switched around each time to give you pretty decorations you can display year after year. These are available for £10 each OR all three for just £25 – the perfect stocking filler idea! Find here.

Melvita Christmas Bauble, £10*
Not available until November, but the Melvita Christmas Bauble is very similar in style to the L’Occitane ones featuring 4 different deluxe mini products; L’Or Bio Extraordinary Oil, L’Or Bio Shower Gel, L’Or Bio Body Milk & L’Or Bio Soap, all wrapped in beautiful tissue paper inside the bauble.

ps. when you open these baubles, they seriously smell devine!

Brushworks Complexion & Contouring Kit, £11.99*
Following the theme of contouring, Brushworks have brought out their brand new HD Complexion Sponge range. The various beauty blenders are ideal for contouring and highlighting your natural facial features with an effortlessly flawless finish. Buy here.

SensatioNAIL Gel Transforming Kit, £49.99*
This polish-to-gel transformer is an at-home kit which turns any nail polish into a long-lasting, shiny gel polish. That’s right, there’s no need to buy specific nail polishes just to be able to use this kit, instead you can stick to your all-time favourite nail polish and simply mix it with the provided gel polish for a superb finish. The kit includes everything you need to turn your regular polish into a smooth, smudge-free gel polish that lasts for up to 10 days. Removes easily in 5-10 minutes and will not damage nails. Buy here.

Fillerina Lip Volume Dosage 1, £40*
This is the ideal Dermo-cosmetic Filler Treatment for anyone you know that loves seeing results. Better yet, on a more personal level, perhaps you know some who is considering getting actual lip fillers in the new year. This is a simple treatment you can do in the comfort of your own home, but also on the go, at just the fraction of the cost of a professional treatment elsewhere. It’s a simple roll-on applicator which plumps up your lips over the duration you use it and is available in two different dosages to suit the result you want. Buy here.

Esthechoc Cambridge Beauty Chocolates, £42.50*
Chocolate in a Christmas Beauty Gift Guide…what’s this nonsense?! Give me the chance to explain – Esthechoc have essentially utilised dark chocolate to create these beauty chocolates to provide you with an anti-ageing beauty supplement system. Sounds crazy, but sounds fun right? Where else can you buy chocolate that does your skin and natural beauty some good? These are presented in a 21-day supply of individually wrapped daily portions. Oh, we are spoilt! Buy here.


I hope you enjoyed this Christmas Beauty Gift Guide 2016! More gift guides on their way this week!