Christmas With a Twist at John Lewis

Shopping for presents is difficult, right? I’m often left panicking over what to buy my twin sister or my Mum for various occasions, until it comes to a week or so before and I simply settle for something that I think, ‘that’ll do’. But, what if I said you were to shop for a gift for someone you’d never met before, never heard of before, and therefore know nothing about? Yes, your mind would go blank too. That’s exactly what I did for Emma over at The Emasphere (cool blog name btw).

The lovely team over at John Lewis got in touch with a new campaign they’re running for Christmas, and asked how I felt about being paired with a blogger who I’d then have to buy a gift for. I was a little sceptical at first – didn’t exactly understand how’d it work or what was the point – but you know what, it was good fun! They passed me her blog URL and simply told me to find out all about her, by simply analysing her blog and social pages to be able to get an idea of what she would like as the perfect gift from the John Lewis Gift Guide.

First things first, if you head over to her blog (here) you’ll instantly know she’s a fashion junkie – and damn well good at it too! As I flicked through endless posts of her favourite fashion picks, styling posts and even her luxurious food retreats, I figured jewellery or some type of fashion accessory would be a good call. Despite seeing sooo many nice clothes which would make an awesome gift from the John Lewis Gift Guide, buying a jumper or a dress for someone you don’t know (and who’s dress size you don’t know) is a little, well, weird. Isn’t it? I’ve never been one to buy clothes for friends or family, so I would never think buying some for a stranger is the best time to try!

Nevertheless, her Instagram is what persuaded me to go for jewellery in the end. She has a lot of street-style fashion shots, with the occasional yummy dessert thrown in their too, but her close-ups of bags and jewellery are what I like most. So, off I went to browse through the John Lewis Gift Guide and oh my, there is so much stuff in their that I want for myself (more on that later). In the end, I opted for the following bracelet and necklace. They’re simple, elegant and down right beautiful! I kinda want for myself now.

John Lewis NecklaceCachet Bly Swarovski Crystal Pendant Necklace

A stunning necklace with a beautiful pendant, priced at £32.
Find here.


John Lewis Bracelet

Missoma 18ct Gold Vermeil Cosmic Star Bracelet, Gold

A gorgeous and simple bracelet, priced at £59.
Find here.



Now, the fun doesn’t stop there. All whilst I was picking and choosing a gift or two for Emma, she was also doing the exact same for me! Fun times. Once the realisation hit that she’d also be traipsing through my blog and social channels, I started to wonder how exactly I’d come across to her. Is it obvious what I’d like as a gift? Most the time I’m not even sure what I’d like for birthdays or Christmas, so kudos to you Emma for trying! Want to know what she picked out for me? Keep scrolling.

The moment the parcel arrived and I began to open the box, the first thing I could see, was the name ‘Bobbi Brown’. Anyone who loves a bit of new makeup, will know just how exciting that can be! Inside the box sat two Bobbi Brown gift sets, each of which are packed with beautiful makeup products, just for me!Bobbi Brown John Lewis Bobbi Brown John Lewis

I’ve only ever tried one Bobbi Brown product before, which is a simple lip liner, so I don’t feel like I’ve ever got to try things that the brand is most renowned for: i.e. the Shimmer Brick. Inside the Instant Glam Set sits a beautiful Shimmer Brick, an ink liner (which is unbelievably pigmented), a mini mascara and a mini lipstick. Then, the Mini Lipgloss Set has four lipglosses inside, all a beautiful mauve nude shade.

I literally can’t fault Emma’s choice for me – I may not be big on makeup on the daily, with a lot of my days being focused on just my brows and a brush of mascara, but I do still love trying new makeup and getting it as a gift! So, thank you Emma!