CL720D DVB-T Projector Home Theater Native 720p support 1080p Led projector Digital TV – Good price with adequate quality.

After a lot of research i purchased this for a teaching project in primary schools that required a massive projection area of 2 to 3 m. Really pleased with the resulting image which is perfect for my purposes, and just about bright enough for the project. That said, if you are using this for your xbox or tv for playing games and watching movies with a smaller image i’m sure it would be even better. The only drawback i can see is the lack of parts available and i’m concerned that if the lamp goes it will be a case of just buying a new projector as there doesn’t seem to be any lamps available off-line. However, at £130 this would still be cheaper than buying a replacement lamp for some of the more high-end competitors.

The fan really does make quite a lot of background noise but the price and image are great, and once the volume of the movie is any way loud, you don’t notice it so much. The kids also use it with headphones, although you need a component audio to 3. 5mm cable and audio splitter for that.

I have purchased of these from another vendor they are one of the best budget 720p projectors out there. Yes they are of chinese manufacture but these days a lot of top branded goods come out of china. The projector does what it says and unlike some over hyped lower spec machines this will give you a great picture. The secret to getting the best from this product is getting to know it through trial and error as the manual is very basic. When plugging in any external speakers via the phono connectors remember to go into the sound settings and set the sound output to stereo. Then turn the projector volume down to almost zero via the volume controller ( not mute button), if you turn it to fully zero you will see the mute icon on the screen but a near zero setting will prevent that. If you use a bluray player for best results match its output to the projectors native resolution 720p. Know this that 1080i is an interlaced setting and is lower quality than 720p but 1080p is a higher quality. Don’t confuse 1080i with 1080p in your bluray settings 720p gives the best result. I watched the new star wars movie on this in panorama setting (letterbox) and the quality was superb.

I ordered this on saturday and got it early tuesday morningthe quality is great and easy to set up, watched a movie on it and then played my xbox one through it,you may need to adjust settings on your laptop and xbox to get the borders right but that’s easy,as you have read the fan is a little bit loud, but once the speakers are being used you don’t notice it at alldefiantly worth the money.

It’s okay not professional projector but for the money.

For the price it is good quality projector.

Fan a little noisy but can live with that. Has dtv tuner built in which is useful. Would recommend to anyone who wants a decent projector on a limited budget.

Very fast delivery , great projector.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Very pleased, nice projector for the price but be wary of sourcing replacement parts
  • Recommend!
  • the quality is great and easy to set up