Clatronic AE 3465 Automatic Juicer – good value first juicer.

The product was as described, clear simple instructions. Just as good as any of the more expensive juicers. I most definitely will recommend this to friends and family.

It makes a lot of noise and it a bit of a faff to clean but what can you expect. It does get all the juice from vege and fruit quickly. It came from germany and arrived in 2 days which i was shocked about. Would definitely recommend, i don’t see what more expensive juicers could do, this did the job brilliantly.

This is the first juicer i have purchased, and after a little online reading, and the decent reviews for this, i went ahead. Took a while to come from germany, although within amazon’s estimated date. I bought it to juice apples (for cider) as we have a tree in the garden and there is usually a glut, but not enough to warrant a proper apple mill and press, and this will juice other things too. So, first impressions, it essentially does what you’d expect, quieter than i had been led to believe, but still drowns out the kitchen radio. The pulp is moist, for the apples i got extra juice for cider by transferring the pulp to a fine mesh nylon bag and pressing more juice out (you probably wont need to do this if just juicing for a drink). This seems to be the case for all centrifugal juicers from what i have read, but it’s cheaper and more convenient than the masticating type juicers. For one large bag of apples i have got two gallons of juice, and you can use all the small/unripe/blemished fruit. I have also juiced carrots, and ginger root, both of which juiced well. I feel the pulp is a bit of a waste, maybe you could put it (e. G the carrots) in soup, certainly the rest can go on the compost.

Very pleased with the my new juicer. Excellent delivery time , it came before the delivery date. bit noisy , it’s a bit hard to make a juice in the morning while people are still sleeping .

Described as 1000w which was an important factor in purchasing this item but it arrived after some considerable time delay and the box says 700w on it. Apart from that it does exactly what it is supposed to do.

The item took longer to arrive than expected but i was delighted when it arrive. Very easy to assemble and easy to remove for cleaning after use. You will not be disappointed.

The perfect juicer – pulp is dry, giving maximum juice. Speedy delivery – even though dispatched from germany and uk adaptor also included.

Does exactly the same job as th more expensive models.

My friend uses this daily and is delighted with it. Her partner complains its a little hard to clean but my friend says it comes to pieces easily and assembles easily, and it’s not hard to clean at all. Without further info, i can’t possibly tell. Anyway, it’s a great juicer for the price.

Well, i’ve only used this and a food mixer, but this was miles better. It works well for pressing apples, gets rid of the pulp effectively and cleans easily.

The product seems good quality. We have hundreds of apples which we are planning to use and its easy to use and clean.

Having decided at long last to lose weight and get healthy i decided that juicing was the way forward after a friend was doing it too. This juicer is much cheaper than its rivals and i have been using it now several times a day for 2 weeks with no problems whatsoever. The only small issue i have found is that if the bin at the back becomes full without you realising, then the juicer gets flooded with juice in the parts of it that shouldn’t contain it but being aware of this problem means you don’t let it happen again. Can’t say anything negative about the juicer – its great. Don’t hesitate, buy it with confidence. Here are the specifications for the Clatronic AE 3465 Automatic Juicer:

  • Professional automatic juicer in high-quality stainless steel housing
  • Fruit and vegetable juices prepared quickly and freshly
  • Rich in essential minerals for well-being,fitness and health
  • 30 % more juice and vitamins
  • Extra large filler spout (75 mm)

It’s a really nice, smoothworking juicer, easy to clean, can’t deal with pieces that are too big though. Put rather a quater of an apple instead of half in it. Important: it’s not clatronic juicer, it’s some company called scheffler royal kitchen entsafer amr516, with n website address.

This is a superb juicer and shoes what it says on the tin. I am pleased that i chose this model.

Having never juiced before i was very dubious about getting one. Once learnt how to use it was so easy and the juice was perfect.

Comes apart in to only a few parts and really easy to clean and assemble. Great value for money and easy to use.

Be careful using this i put plums in without taking the stone out, the stone is like a bullet broke the inside plastic cover, apart from that the juicer is great my fault it brokejust a warning for others take the stones out if large before juicing.

Leaving dry pulp, super easy to clean. . As shipped from germany has euro plug. And the adaptor they supplied free, didnt work, v annoying.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Difficult to review
  • it’s a really nice, smoothworking juicer
  • Great

I ordered this juicer as it stated that it had a 1000w motor but according to the box it only has a 700w one. The juicer was being sent from a company in germany so i knew it would take longer than usual to arrive, however i didn’t expect it to take a week longer than the expected delivery dates stated (4 weeks). Apart from the incorrect product specification and the ridiculously long delivery time, i have to say the product is good. It is easy to use and easy to clean, which to me us important. Yes, but not from this amazon seller.

Reasonably priced, prompt delivery. It’s well made, sturdy construction. Has juiced all the fruit & vegetables i’ve fed into it so far and been easy to clean afterwards. The pulp tends to stick to the outlet cover rather than dropping into the bin but this won’t stop it working. I’ve always prefered fruit to vegetables but am now enjoying both equally.

This is the first juicer i have owned. It is powerful and seems to remove all the juice from fruits and veg, leaving the pulp extremely dry. I would recommend this as a first juicer to anyone.

Not a particularly expensive purchase but it does what it says on the box and is efficient.

As far as centrifugal juicers go, this is a good buy for the price. There are obviously better ones out there but then you will pay more and they basically work on the same principle anyway. I use this one for making bulk juices for cooking etc and i use my green star for juicing to drink because of experience. I used to only use a centrifugal before and it did the job and cured me of many ailments and it is better than not juicing at all. If you have ill health and cannot afford the greenstar nor norwalk juicer then this will do the job for you. Juicing causes crazy things to happen to your body depending on how many toxins you have accumulated and you will suffer stomach upsets, bladder pain, skin sores/bumps, watery eyes, crusty eyes, runny nose and much more. Just persevere and it takes about 1-2 years to finally feel absolutely great provided that you have adjusted your diet to organic and avoid all toxins all together such as hair dyes, shampoo and soaps etc. Containing parabens and other chemicals. If you won’t put it in your mouth, don’t put it on your skin. Cleaning any juicer is a pain.

It is easy to assemble & take apart and easy to clean. You have to remember to ensure that the shute where the juice comes out of is in the correct position otherwise you get a juice leak.

What a great product, very fast delivery from germany, easy to clean and maximum juice as pulp very dry, easy enough to clean and great looking in the kitchen would definatly recommend.

I have a more powerful one and got this for a holiday home and was surprised how good it actually was.

Easy to use and easy to clean. I have made some really lovely juices and lost 4lb in one week.

Speedy delivery, good price, easy to use and clean, doesn’t take up much space in the kitchen.

I would recommend this item to a friend in the future.

An excellent value juicer of sturdy construction which gets a lot of juice out of the fruit and vegetables you stick in it. Most veggies/fruits will need to be cut into pieces – quartering apples for example. The left-over pulp is collected in the large bin at the back, i empty mine after each use but you could juice about 4 pints before filling it i would think. Cleaning the machine is a bit of a chore but it all comes apart easily and the design means there are no awkward areas where pulp collects. The rubber suction feet really secure the machine to your worktop. Overall i’m extremely happy with this juicer; my girlfriend, who is sceptical about juicing, would happily bin it. Mine came from a seller in germany – dhl got it from them to me in 4 days which is quicker than amazon uk sometimes.

Good results pulps quite dry im happy best one ive had this is the 3rd, well priced happy with purchase.

I’m having great fun with this thing. It’s well made, it does a good job quickly and it’s easy to clean too.

Excellent product, very powerful and juices fruit and vegetables very rapidly. Gets mor juice out and is much easier to clean than my previous juicer.

Really great juicer and excellent value for money. Still a bit of a pain to clean, but much easier than my last juicer. Pulp is dry and plenty of juice is extracted. The spout flips up to stop drips after juicing, which is very useful.

I love it as it is doing exactly what it should. You can put a whole apple in it and have a delicious juice. The product arrived on time as stated by the seller. I didn’t expect much because of the price but it is a very practical and doesn’t take much place in the kitchen. Count 5min (10 max if you are lazy) to clean it.

Item has excellent value for money. Received it couple of days ago and i am very satisfied with its juicing capabilities. Extracts a very good amount of juice from fruits. The only negative is that pulp gets stuck around the shredding blade making it difficult to clean.

After purchasing this juicer, there was a slight delay in it arriving, and once it had arrived i found that a standard plug suitable for use in the uk was not fitted on the appliance, and as the small booklet had no english i was therefore concerned that it was not suitable for our 240v, i did eventually find where 240v was clearly written along with 700 watts motor, although it was advertised as 1000 watts. So once the plug was sorted, i rinsed all the parts and started juicing, and it works very well, each and every time, this is an excellent machine and well worth the money, and i would not advise anyone to be spending anymore on more expensive models, this one does the job and is all that is needed for any fruits or vegetables. I wanted to do a 10 days juice only diet, and after watching the film, ‘fat, sick and nearly dead,’ i started, then after only three days of using the juicer i realise how easy and sensible this diet is, so after completing the 10 days i’ve extended it, and intend to live on juice only for the foreseeable futurethis machine is really excellent.

Bought this for my parents and they are very pleased with it. They are putting whole apples through it.

Found previous reviews very helpful in that it comes with an adapter, its easy to take apart and wash and put back together, it did take longer to arrive that i thought it would but overall very good value for money, would recommend to others.

I was very pleased with this purchase. It is my first attempt at juicing and i was pleased to find the pulp is very dry so no juice waste. The machine itself is easy to take apart and a doddle to wash. It’s a pity my enthusiasm for juicing hasn’t lasted as well as the juicer.

Powerful, got a lot of juice from carrots, been using it every weekend after i got it.

Great have used it loads fantastic value and quick delivery.

I have never done any juicing and was surprised how well this juicer worked with apples. Such a reasonable price delivery man said they must be popular as it was the second one he had delivered that day. Easy to take apart and clean, very impressed so far.

The juicer itself is a very good product. Dealt with all my whole apples awaiting transformation into cider. Worried that it was going to cope with them all though – wondered it the motor would withstand several sessions. I feel this is a good juicer for normal ‘juicing’ but it soon clogged with the pulp so i had to clean it out periodically. Think a proper apple press is the way to go for next year’s apple harvest. It is easily assembled and can be put in the dishwasher. However, what really let the whole experience down was that i waited 5 weeks for the juicer and when it was delivered it was in its normal manufacturer’s box with the postage labels on it – advertising to all and sundry what it was. No too good these days surely.

Super impressed with this juicer. Had it for nearly 3 weeks (it came much earlier than predicted). Am on a juice fast just now so it is being used 4 times a day. Really great juicer and pulp is really dry proving that juice is being extracted efficiently.Easy to clean and to put back together. Really great value for money.

Excellent-easy to clean, juices very quickly :0).

After nearly 3 weeks of using it daily the funnel cracked whilst trying to juice a chopped carrot. Since then i have e-mailed the suppliers of the machine & amazon. I have sent a photo of the broken part & the only response i have had from amazon is that i have apparently e-mailed to an address that does not receive incoming e-mailsplease please advise how i can get a new replacement part & who do i go through.