CookJoy Stand Mixers – Great Product Great Price

Very pleased well worth the price.

I’ve been watching some of the reviews, there’s a customer who purchased this product and mentioned this product is made of cheap plastic. Well as i mean, the body is made of plastic, but some parts is made of metal. Also the quality of this product as i say is worth the price. When it is working, the noise isn’t that loud. Very suitable for home bakery. Morden and nice design, so recommend.

Excellent machine, well built, works perfectly, i use it mainly for bread dough kneading suction feet keep it very stable, 1000 watt motor.

I’m very happy with my purchase and have enjoyed the results. Very fast delivery and item well packaged.

Easy to use, saves a lot of hand work, a good addition to our kitchen appliances.

Prompt delivery and a welcome addition to the kitchen.

I am impressed with this mixer. I had a hand mixer previously & it feels like a massive step in quality. The mixer has a powerful planetary geared motor that is fast and smooth. An un-notched dial means you can select your desired speed easily. There are 3 mixing tools that are both study and easy to attach to the head. I have used the mixer for cakes, breads and batters and i am very pleased with the results. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for an entry level stand mixer.

I am a big fan of baking and was searching for a good quality electric mixer until my eyes were caught by this one. It looks elegant and is a great addition to any kitchen. It is powerful (1200w) and able to mix large volumes of ingredients, great for more ambitious cooking. It also gives you eight speed choices depending on your mixing task. The stirring accessories really improve the mixing results and the quality of my baking. The clever design of machine allows easy assembly, fast changing of accessories and quick cleaning. The suckers on the bottom helps to secure the machine on the bench and reduce vibration noise. The motor has self protection functions to avoid overheating. I am really satisfied with the mixer so far.

This is slightly above the low end price range and was a bargain in the sale. The only niggle for me is that the attachments cannot be put in a dishwasher. My wife didn’t realise this and one of the attachments has gone from shiny to the dull and has a weird coating of grey metallic powder. This can be washed off so doesn’t stop its functionality ultimately. Other than this its a very good machine and she’s extremely pleased.

Easy to use and does a good job. Like the plastic cover over metal bowl so i don’t splatter my kitchen surfaces anymore. The colour red is bright and cheerful.

It came with 3 different attachments and has good speeds on it and a splatter gaurd. The suction cups are strong so the mixer doesn’t move even when on a high speed.

Great addition to any kitchen. Works really well with each attachment , not too noisy , great suction cups to stop the mixer moving when on high speed. Also a lot lighter than i expected so easy to lift.

I have yet to use the mixer, that said it seems sturdy and well made the suckered feet really stick and the attachments are easy to affix. Here are the specifications for the CookJoy Stand Mixers:

  • ☋MULTIFUNCTION WITH 3 ACCESSORIES:☋The electric food mixer comes with 3 beater attachments- flexible mixer blade, balloon egg whisk and dough hook.
  • ☋LOW NOISE:☋The noiseless dough mixer installed noise suppression inside, which reduce the noise.
  • ☋8 SPEEDS& 1000W POWER:☋ With a powerful 1000W motor and an 8-speed digital panel, the food processor can process any ingredient quickly. Low noise, easier baking and washing
  • ☋360-DEGREE CARE IN ANY ANGLE:☋Scraper tool reaches all sides of the bowl to stir perfectly.

I bought this for my mother who suffers from arthritis in her hands. She has a passion for baking and making pizza. The mixer is so easy to use just add the ingredients and let the mixer do the work. The machine has eight +p speed for different ingredients. The hood is easy to lift and the mixing head is easy to change. The top guard prevents the ingredients from coming out whilst mixing. The sucker on the feet keeps the mixer moving.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • great mixer
  • Amazing appliance
  • Good mixer