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This product is the best thing i have brought , it does exactly what it’s ment to do ,i love it.

Love that the chip tumbler actually works. Without opening n spitting out chips on every turn like my old one. Cooks good n hot, does puff pastry really well. Chips will take full normal cooking time, dont expect quicker. Difficult to understand procedure for settings at first. As others have said, instructions are rubbish. First meal in it was finally ready almost in time for following mealtime thru trying to understand how to turn it on. Dont first use when you’re hungry. You will be hangry long before your fed. πŸ™‚ now got the hang of it its fabulous and easy. Replaced use of grill n oven completely. Definite bonus for disability and much safer.

I am a great fan of the halogen oven but also have a tefal airfryer. This product brings the best of both in one machine.

This is a brilliant addition to the kitchen. As i live by myself with 2 dogs i find it onerous, on a daily basis, to use the large electric oven as it takes an age to heat up to the required cooking temperature. This unit heats up within seconds, literally, and cooks the food to perfection. You can cook several items at once and the attachments are good for the size of the unit. The rotisserie is very small but it is excellent for cooking small items of food. The only drawback is not with the unit itself but with the instruction manual which is basic and does not give the complete operating instructions. For example when the unit is ‘up’ to temperature the internal light goes out. This is not explained in the manual. Obvious if you think about it but confirmation had to be gleaned from the manufacturer. The manufacturer was extremely helpful in this regard.

Fab air fryer it cooks chips perfect not had chance to try much else yet.

I have had s couple of these over the years, easy to clean and cheaper than turning on a big oven, but they need to sort out the teflon on inner dish as it just peels off and goes rusty. I line mine with heavy duty oven liner which i then wash. If this problem was sorted it would be perfect.

Great product does what it say. Word of warning make sure you secure the lid open when you open it otherwise it will slam shut. You need to make sure it is fully open when turning the food and release the brake to shut it again. Other than that great product and very easy to clean.

Very happy with this product.

  • but I have only used it twice since I bought my AIR FRYER its great. Wonderful roasties
  • Brilliant item
  • Great machine, well worth the cost.

Cooks Professional Air Fryer Halogen Oven Rotisserie with Digital LCD Display, Healthy Oil Free Low Fat Cooking, 10L 1300W (with 6 Accessories)

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I have used it, but the recipes included does not state what menu to use.

Only used the rotisserie for chips and that was great. Cleaning is a bit of a potch though, not dishwasher safe, and not easy to get to areas where the grease tends to stick fast.

A lot more versatile than others on the market with a better control system.

This product is exactly as described and works very well. Cuts cooking time right down and cooks food in a way i don’t think your average oven could cook it. Would reccomend this and the delivery was very fast.

Not enough instructions with products.

Love cooking medium to small chickens in this, an hour & a half on the rotisserie gives a perfect chicken.

Still on stand bye but friends who have similar say price wise it’s a bargain.

I had just bought a new cooker, but i have only used it twice since i bought my air fryer its great. Wonderful roasties,yorkshire pudding and dumplings.

  • but I have only used it twice since I bought my AIR FRYER its great. Wonderful roasties
  • Brilliant item
  • Great machine, well worth the cost.

Cooks Professional Air Fryer Halogen Oven Rotisserie with Digital LCD Display, Healthy Oil Free Low Fat Cooking, 10L 1300W (with 6 Accessories)

Easy to use,cooks food perfectly. Low on electricity and cooks in half the time. Quite ,easy to clean ,brilliant.

Excellent this is my second cooker digital compared to my older one would recommend.

Cooks rotisserie chicken beautifully. Chip basket is pretty good too for a healthier chip option. Not dishwasher safe which does s make it sightly less appealing sling.

Unfortunately, my original air fryer developed a fault, but i was delighted with the way clifford james handled the matter. They sent me a returns label & the item was replaced with a new one all within 10 days. Well done clifford james & sincere thanks. Really missed it, delighted to have my replacement.

Not used yet but seems fairly easy inside smaller than expected.

This is the best halogen that i have bought. There are 6 different ways of cooking food and the rotisserie works perfectly with a small chicken. Food cooks so much faster than an ordinary oven or grill so i make a note of how long food cooks so i can adjust the settings next time. The different cooking options have programmed times and temperatures but you can increase or reduce both. The inner pan can be removed for cleaning. The lid stays open once you hear the β€œclick” so is much safer than models where you have to remove the lid separately for checking on your food.

Good all round cooking item. Exelent for cooking a small chicken.

Cooks chicken really well too. Would be better with a recipe book.

Great product but it could do with being given a small book of recipes that cover all of the function eg steaming, how do you steam in it?. Can you cook a casserole directly in it ?. Please produce a cookbook espevially designed for this product.

Took some getting to know as book is confusing when it tells you two ways to cook chips found my way and its fine i only bought this for chips so cant comment on other things.

Easy to use and acceptable result.

Product is very good cooks food more quickly than a conventional oven so saving money. Easy to clean and the product is very good value for money.

Use every day but not used rotisserie yet. It is excellent and food may be observed clearly without opening, saving heat.

Best thing i have ever bought. Only negative thing i have to say is i wish i bought one sooner πŸ‘ŒπŸ».

Love this machine, so far have used it to cook whole chicken, roast potatoes ,pork shoulder joint (with great crackling) and chips. I used the rotisserie which gave golden even cooking. The only negative i have is the instruction booklet, could be better explained and a few more recipes would have been nice. I would highly recommend this machine.

Very pleased with my purchase.

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