Cooks Professional Electric Instant Hot Water Dispenser 2 – We like it.

Fantastic piece of equipment. Bought for somebody who is disabled. He can now have hot tea whenever he wants it instead of someone coming in to do it.

It looks great, so easy to use. I love the fact that it is so quiet in operation. Instant hot water, the perfect temperature for beverages. As soon as you have the required amount of water in the cup and switch off there is no residual water dripping out. I love the illumination which, even in a dim light, illuminates your cup. Bought one for myself and one for my parents. So pleased with this product.

This product was ideal for my student house. Many people use it for tea, coffee and instant noodles. The weak point of the product is the fact the first cup usually takes the longest as, i assume, the heating element need to warm. The pouring speed can be slow for some, however in this price range i would not have thought there could be a product to match it. Another issue we have run into is people not turning the switch off, this issue us more about the person using the device than the device as i can see no solution to the problem other than pay attention when pouring boiling water.

We have had this for many months now. We got it when our kettles kept breaking. We liked the fact that it saves energy as it only boils what you use. It’s very handy to be able to dispense boiled water instantly. For our hot drinks throughout the day it’s very good. . We work from home and it’s really quick and easy to get a drink. The cons are, the water is not 100°c. . It’s prob 90 at best (although i haven’t tested) once it’s in your cup. For tea it’s not quite perfect.

Great hot water kettle, great value. I have energy meter so know how much using this costs when being used – far cheaper than a normal kettle as it only boils what you use. I am disabled lady & cannot lift kettles full of water – no need here, large water tank easily filled in situ with jugs of water i can hold.

So far so good, no major problems encountered except just to warn others that if you are to switch on the top of the dispenser to turn the light green on please make sure that with your left hand supports the back top to prevent the machine from tipping forward especially if the water is near to the minimum level. The flow of the water is slow but would do if you are not rushing.

Bought one after we bought one for where i work but was different brand than this and this one is so much better. The one we have at work, when you switch the water off it continues to run in to your cup for a little longer so if you fill your cup too much it will spill over, with this one from cooks when you switch it off it stops completely so no spilling. The water is really hot and it takes seconds to make your drink. Design is nice also and not too bulky. Now looking forward to cheaper electric bills not having to boil kettle and it is a lot quieter than a kettle. Would highly recommend this.

I bought this for my elderly parents as they were having difficulty lifting a kettle of boiling water and this worried me. It’s neat and easy to use. Just fill the water reservoir, switch it on, press the button, wait for the cup to fill and switch off to stop the water. It’s much easier and only boils what they need when they need it. Would definitely recommend this product.

Bought this to replace a broken one bought from one of the two big cut-price supermarkets (can’t remember which). The previous one was used many times a day for at lest two years. Apart from the brand name it is identical but comes with a free two years warranty. I must have saved a small fortune in leccy bills by not over-filling a kettle – we all do it. Unlike some others, this one will dispense hot water continuously until the reservoir runs dry so is good for gravy and so on. And it’s an absolute doddle to use. The only downside is that if you start filling a cup and get distracted, you’ll get hot water over the worktop until you remember to switch it off or the reservoir runs dry. But that is more to do with the user than the machine. When this one eventually fails, i will buy another, no ifs and no buts. Tip – descale regularly as per the instructions (every 2 – 4 weeks) which is probably why my old one failed – i didn’t descale it sufficiently frequently.

A lot faster than having to boil a kettle and only boils what it needs. Instant hot water, drips and dribbles but does the job.

The water heater is great – produces hot water on demand and no issues – it’s simple to use. The only slight thing to learn is not to walk away when it’s dispensing water as if you get distracted can overflow quicker than you think. But to provide a cut-off would defeat the main benefit of being able to fill whatever cup/bowl you want to fill.

I purchased this for someone with parkinsons to help their life. It is a great item i only have one small issue – it boils everything unless you press the stop button. It would be nice to set the amount boiled even when the jug is full. Netherthe less a great product.

 only takes 25 seconds to fill a mug. The green ‘in operation’ light also illuminates the cup; it’d be better if it was white, but does help if it’s dark. 5 litres is enough for a whole days coffee for two, refilling the tank is easy whether you top it up with a jug or remove the tank. Drip tray comes off easily for cleaning. There isn’t any cord storage like you find under most kettles; the cord is 80cm (2’8′) long, and we’ve had to swap the toaster with this boiler to keep the excess cord out of the way. Here are the specifications for the Cooks Professional Electric Instant Hot Water Dispenser 2:

  • Instant hot water; The powerful 2600W heating element in this hot water dispenser boils water in just a couple of seconds and has a manual stop function for full control
  • Large capacity; 2.5 litre capacity, much larger than the average kettle, ensuring there is enough water for the whole family or office
  • Stylish design; Available in multiple colours, this hot water dispenser will look great in any kitchen
  • No mess; The hot water dispenser has a removable drip tray which will catch any spills and lifts off easily to be emptied
  • Warranty; The hot water dispenser has a 2-year warranty

Good quality hot drink dispenseronly drawback is it hasn’t got an automatic cut off & if ur distracted the cup will overflow. Apart from that it’s a good machine .

This was bought for my mother in law to replace one, she claims, my wife broke. She absolutely loves a gadget and has a whole history of such purchases behind her, most of which were a shocking waste of money. This does work ok but does less than a kettle so why bother?. It also looks pretty plasticy. So yes it works but get a nice kettle instead.

This model is branded under various names, & our previous version was fine, however there is no overflow protection, so the hot water will overflow if not observed, unlike other better models which have a limiter. The unit we received also leaked, so it had to be returned, which leads me not to trust this ‘cooks professional’ brand.

Looks good and does what we need it to. My 9 year old wants to make her own drinks and my heart stops everytime she looks at the kettle. This is a nice, safer alternative. It does take a little time to dispense, but it heats while dispensing, so i use the time to add milk and grab a spoon and set the coffee machine going, all hands free :-).

I like how you can control amount of water unlike similar devices that throw out one cup full. However the first cup is not hot enough therefore you use more energy taking two cups to get right temperature. Also it splutters a little x sorry thinking of going back to kettle.

Sadly after a month or so, the unit started to malfunction, cutting out half-way through a simple mug of hot water. I contacted the company, who, to their credit, offered me a replacement. But if one unit developed a fault, why would i want another the same?. I would have expected a refund, but was told that after 30 days, only a replacement would be offered. I’ve ordered a different make and model, from elsewhere, and will keep this as a stand-by. Not really very happy to be honest.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • No auto-off but
  • This has changed my life
  • Excellent product

This hot water dispenser is easy to use and is completely safe as you don’t have to lift and pour the boiling water (as with a kettle). The flow of water is rather slow and there is a temptation to take ones eyes off it while it is filling the tea pot. I solved this problem by buying a magnifico liquid level indicator, also from amazon. This gadget hooks onto the rim of any pot and beeps loudly when the water is near the top. It is intended for the blind, but is equally useful for anyone who tends to get distracted.

I bought this to try it out for my parkinson’s/arthritic mother. It’s easy to use, much safer, lighter than a kettle, you do need to watch the reservoir as it goes down quite quickly and make sure you stay watching it fill up, it’s quite quicksmart, not noisy, i love itit comes 2nd to my cordless hoover🤗🤗.

Bought this for use in our shop, to replace a nescafe & go machine that gobbled energy by keeping water hot all day, this is brilliant. Takes a couple of seconds to start dispensing hot water, but the wait is worth it. Water is at perfect temperature and there are no side effects of scaling that hot water urns have. Plus it is a lot safer to use. Looks classy, small footprint and very simple to refill. Beats using a kettle for drinks by miles.

Great product, only issue for me was there was not a function to stop automatically once mug full. Gave this to my daughter and bought a different brand machine which had the ability to give specific amounts of hot water.

Very happy with this hot water dispenser. It has a huge water tank – 2. 5 litres and you can dispense as much or as little boiling water as you want or need. Great when cooking and making things like stock, gravy or sauces etc. It seems sturdy and strong although the full water tank is a little heavy when it is full and i am replacing back on the machine. Only slight niggle is how slowly the water trickles out but on the whole, i can put up with that as everything else about the dispenser is really good. Good product at a reasonable price.

Obviously i can’t yet comment on the lifespan of this product but so far we are very happy. For the first couple of days it had the usual slightly plastic taste, but that wore off very quickly. The water is genuinely hot enough for tea, unlike products we have tried in the past. It is ideal for anyone who struggles to lift a kettle,or, like my husband in a wheelchair. The removable drip tray ensures that tall jugs, cafetieres and most suacepans will fit underneath. The water container is slightly fiddly to remove and replace so i fill it with a bottle or a large jug and will only remove it after descaling to rinse it out completely.

As i have arthritis, i can no longer lift a kettle. This makes it easier and safer for me to remain independent and care for myself. This must use less electricity than a traditional,kettle as you only heat what you need to use. A 5 litre tank would make this perfect as i would need to refil it less often.

This is easy to operate for my elderly arthritic parent. The one thing she does not like is the fact that there is no safety cut off so if you do not pay full attention it will overflow the mug. If there was a way of getting the water to stop when it reaches the top of the container i would have given this five stars.

I am used to another make water dispenser which stopped at every cup this cook water dispenser continuous whilst stopped as a result i have overflowed onto the kitchen bench several times when distracted i’m over 8 years old and cannot get used to this dispenser so i do not use it as much as the other one.

Dispatched within a day of order being made, arrived quickly before estimated delivery date. Product as described, easy to use with large capacity for water. Works well, water dispensed slower than another brand that i have used, but the plus is that you measure the amount of hot water you require, great for filling more than just a cup. Also a lot quieter than other machine.

I bought this for my parents, both in their eighties. Due to their weaknesses they were having difficulty filling kettles and then tipping boiling water into teapots, this has enabled them to make hot drinks with no need of a kettle and they can fill the water dispenser with a small jug. A much safer option all round. Happy parents, even happier daughter.

Small enough for a corner on the worktop. However there isn’t any way to calculate the amount of water needed to fill a cup. Need to watch and turn of manually cup canoverfill if not watched.

Couldn’t stand the limescale build up in my glass kettle which i was constantly cleaning. Don’t get that with this – have de scaled it according to the instructions and no floaty bits in my tea anymorealso has a bigger capacity than most kettles but only heats what you need so more efficient.

It’s by my bedside for coffee when i wake up and it’s very quiet. Doesn’t wake the household or next door neighbours like my nespresso machine would. I like really hot water so i’m happy.

I have had one of these before but a different make. There is only 1fault and that is, they scale up very quickly and become very slow. I love the idea of only heating the amount of water that you need instead of having to heat water that will sit in the kettle and get cold only to be reheated again. I looked a similar type in shops with big brand names but found that you could not take the water holder off/apart to clean it, which to my mind is not a good design. These come apart easily for cleaning and give a good cup of boiling water. For goodness sake don’t walk away and leave it, as it will empty completely. Stand and wait for it, as it only takes seconds to fill a mug or a cup.

Looks great , i like the fact you can fill a teapot without having to repeatedly having to press the button a annoying problem with previous one cup boilers i have had. However when you want to make just one cup of tea you have to stand over it or risk boiling coffee cascading down the electrics of your dishwasher (in my case) so i won’t be buying this again unless you can can toggle between dispensing water for one cup of coffee or filling a pot/saucepan.

Received the item very quickly in good condition. I am overall very pleased with the hot water dispenser and my only complaint is to do with me and my habits- i have to remember not to switch it on and walk off to start another job as i used to do with my traditional kettle and have to boil it again when i remembered i didn’t make that cup of tea. With this machine you shouldn’t walk too far away or you have an overflow. I will get used to it and retrain myself :)). Otherwise i am very pleased with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone.

Wanted to try a water dispenser instead of a kettle, so far so good. Arrived promptly and easy to set up, need to run the water through a couple of times so you don’t get a metal taste to your tea. If you need to fill a jug or teapot the cup mount at the front moves easily. Looks nice and easy to fill boils water really quickly.

Absolutely fabulous, haven’t stop using it since it arrived. As much or as little hot water as you need, it’s brilliant, especially good when you find it difficult to lift and hold heavy kettles, as i do, this has made life so much more easier for me.

It makes me tea in the morning, i bring a big cup, another cup with milk and tea bag with spoon. This allows me to make tea in the morning without feeling colder downstairs. I had to buy this after my other one leaked and got lime scale in. No issues with this one so far and the speed of water coming out is fine by me.

Got this as i’m due to have an operation that will limit my arm movement. I love love love it, water comes out boiling and tea taste as good as made with other kettles. Love that you can turn the switch off when your happy with the quantity of water you want. Yes you have to stay with the cup while it’s being filled but it only takes seconds. I use a jug to refill and i know it’s going to be a dream to be independent after my op no lifting kettles. I’m so happy with this make and model design.

My item came in good time and perfectly packaged. I ordered this particular make and model because it allows you to make your own quantity of hot water as required. I had heard so many people complain that other makes of instant kettles that had preset quantities of water dispensed either didnt brew enough or made too much. This particular instant kettle did the job perfectly. I can fill my thermos cup or a small tea cup in one go. The water is boiling hot so perfect for cups of tea. Over a period of just one week i have made big savings on my electricity usage. Every home should have one if these, it saves you a lot of hard earned cash in the long run. The style of the instant kettle is very nice and looks good in our kitchen. Refilling can be done by either taking out the tank using the bucket style handle or simply lift the lid and fill with a jug.

This is a superb product and simple to use. No water is wasted and it is much better having fresh water each time rather than boiled before water. I love it so much, i’ve bought another for at work.

I think i deserve a free gift lol. Since busing my item above, my family saw it and they all wanted one. And now my family in the states wants one and another for her daughter. . Because of mines, i was able to orderive 7 in total. Really think i should be rewarded.

Water comes out boiling but slowly. It also has a different taste to that from the kettle, strange as it’s the same supply. Could be imagination but the water doesn’t seem to be as hot as when first purchased strange.

I will admit the water comes out very slow, but it’s such a great way of being more energy efficient.I honestly will never buy a kettle again.

What a great piece of equipment does everything it says on the tin. Just boiling the exact amount of water required.

This hot water dispenser meets all of my needs. It starts to produce really hot water within a few seconds and the flow stops immediately when it’s switched off- no risk of spills. It’s quiet and unlike most machines there’s plenty of room (160mm, or 190mm with the drip tray removed).

I have previously owned a product similar to this but had problem with the switch getting stuck. I brought this on because i preferred how the switched worked. In fact i love the whole product. It so easy to make a drink with this. I love how easy it is to clean and fill up. I cannot fault the design at all.

I had bought this to replace my current one cup kettle. Unfortunately for me it doesn’t have a self shut off and you have to wait while it pours the hot water and shut it off. For me this isn;t what i wanted as i needed one which shut itself off once the cup was filled. It was also very slow in pouring the water. It’s a lovely machine and if you are fine about watching it pour and then switching it off, then this machine would probably be the one i would recommend but i returned it and got one with a self shut off. I had not realised this when i ordered it as assumed they would all shut themselves off automatically.

Does everything i want and the water does boil well enough to make a really good cup of tea, cup a soup, fill a hot water bottle, fill a pan for cooking veg. The large water reservoir means it doesn’t require constant filling, and when it does you can either fill it in situ with a jug or remove it and take it to the tap. It does not dispense pre set quantities, which makes it more versatile. This unit is a massive improvement on the rather tepid predecessors that were around for the last few years. I have had it for a week or so now and i can’t find a fault with it.

Came on time which was good. Initially thought it was a little big for our kitchen but after a couple of weeks use we found the size useful as we kept on using it for hot drinks. It’s clean and healthy too and no residual like in kettles. We often get great comments from visitors about getting one as well.

Yes very good machine the water does come out slow as many other reviews say, but if it come out to fast it could be a danger it is boiling water. Otherwise would reccomend this machine very easy operating the machine when useing but don’t leave when in use because it will overflow as i found out.

It’s so easy to use, and although steady on the worktop, it is quite lightweight to move, and the water tank comes off and goes back on without any problem. I particularly like the way the water stops immediately when the off switch is pressed – no drips to scald you – and the fact that there is a little green light underneath the top, which shines down upon the receptacles when the on switch is dispensing hot water. You could make a hot drink in the middle of the night and not have to switch kitchen lights on.It’s also pretty quiet, so you wouldn’t disturb the rest of the household by using a noisy old-style kettle. The water is hot too – no need to be putting your cup in the microwave if you like your drinks piping hot. After trawling through all the rather bewildering options for a hot water dispenser, i decided on this because there are no unnecessary bells and whistles which seem to take control away from you: this is a no-nonsense on/off, one switch hot water dispenser which does what it’s supposed to do – give you hot water as and when you want it. All this, and it looks very classy and neat, and matches my other kitchen equipment. I love it, love it, love it.