Cooks Professional Meat Slicer Machine – An excellent product for meats and vegetables etc

Cuts through joints of meat with ease so saves you a fortune on buying ready cut meats from supermarkets etc.

Got this for my parents, who really enjoy their meats wafer thin and also like to slice their own breads. It is a little fiddly to clean but is easier then others i’ve used in the past. The blades are very easy to change and keep clean. It stays still on the work surface whilst you work with it. The only downside i have noticed is i would like for there to be a switch so it stops if you let go (auto shut of) on this it turn on/ off as you just press.

At last i don’t have to struggle to slice my meat, so easy to use and clean.

Finer cuts on roast meat not that great , but gives a good enough result for my piece everyday.

Parents delighted with this slicer – they use it to slice meat and have said it is easy to use and clean. They would definitely recommend it.

More bulky than i anticipated.

Difficult to slice, the guard bends as meat is pushed through.

Excellent product very pleased with this purchase.

Looks great but is a christmas present,so can not comment any further at this time.

Still early days but really good product at the moment. Excellent delivery, delivered in a couple of days with standard delivery.

Slices very well with different thicknesses.

Excellent bit of kitchen kit. Big enough to tackle any home carvings but at the same time small enough to fit under a worktop.

Great product /does everything as advertised. Here are the specifications for the Cooks Professional Meat Slicer Machine:

  • Versatile; Use this food slicer for slicing cold meats, cheeses, breads, vegetables and much more
  • Durable; 19-centimetre stainless steel blade which is perfect to slice through a variety of foods
  • Variable; Simply choose your desired thickness from 1 – 15 millimetres and place the food on the feeding table
  • Safe; Strong steel body with non-slip feet and handguard to ensure full safety whilst in use
  • Guarantee; This food slicer has a 24-month guarantee

Have only used this for slicing meat so far, but it does a great job, very easy to use and to clean, definitely recomend.

Delivered 3 days earlier than expected and an excellent product.

I bought the koolle food slicer for my 2 daughters to use in thier sandwich shop,they find it really easy to use and clean,they give in 10 out of 10 stars.

The product is fine for light work but the back plate bends if pushed. This is not a design fault, i should have purchased a more heavy duty for my business. However, it is fine for a normal kitchen.

I used it last night and sliced a piece of beef sliced it great thanks.

This machine looks the part it seems to be made well though we haven’t used it yet. It arrived not to well packed with the 2 blades in flimsy cardboard boxes. There are no safe containers to store the blades in. Exposed in a draw they will be blunted and are obviously a safety hazard. Sharp blades must be housed safely, sadly not in this case.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good slicer for the price.

  • Tip top value slicer for the money

  • A very good machine

The product is a bit noisy but very cute and useful.

Easy to use, easy to clean, highly recommended.

This machine is excellent does exactly what is needed i would recommend this slicer to anyone and everyone brilliant company could not do enough to resolve issues.

After a bit of practice, this slicer cuts the stuff its supposed to cut but i find the rubber suckers that hold it to the worktop do not hold it very well. Maybe because the surface is slightly grained. Never mind, in the end it cuts thinner and more uniform slices than a knife, electric or not. Juts a pain to have to hold it down at the same time.

Works well and easy to clean.

I like everything about it perfect addition to my kitchen grea.

The slicer is simple to use and easy to clean but it makes some strange noises when slicing with serrated blades it worries me it will seize up so i only use general blade that’s not serrated.

An excellent product for meats and vegetables etc. However crusty bread can be a problem. I would have liked to give a 4. 5 but did not have that option.

Really easy to clean and to use but for parma ham doesn’t be the best slicer. Anyway for all the rest is ok.

Owning a takeaway cafe we needed a slicer and this does the job perfectly.

Really good, i’m left handed and can use it really well, really easy to clean and to change blades.

Small enough to keep in the kitchen and use it every day.

Good precise cut, easy to use, easy to clean, delivery was very good item well packaged and seller very reliable over all a well worth item to have in your kitchen.

Not easy to clean, but then again none are.

Great novelty in the kitchen, however it is nowhere near as versitile, quick, or easy as a good knife.

Most pleased with easy use and very good value.

I am over the moon with my purchase ,ticks all the box’s. Easy to operate and does not take up much room ,carving now made very easy ,.

Feels flimsy in person but does what it says it would do.

We wanted a food slicer to cut our home made bread. Tha koolle slicer works very well and i would recommend it to anyone. We have not used it on anything else yet but intend to use it to slice a ham over chritmas. We are sure it won’t disappoint.

Not sure how to review this slicer, i bought this to slice home made bread, for this it is not good. The bread is soft so itgoes out of shape so it slices badly. For firm foods like tinned meats or cheese it is excellent.

A tray to catch the sliced product would be useful.

Very easy to use and you can slice your meat to your desired thickness.

Seems to be a nice quality product delivered very quickly. Used once so far and it performed well.

Three different blades makes this cutter ideal for a verity of uses.

The food slicer was fitted with straight blade and 2 blades the same [ wave blades so will not rate the slicer until serrated is receivewave blade received excellent service and would recommend this food slicer. ]

What superb value for an excellent slicer. Very heavy duty and easy to clean.