CookSpace ® CookSpace Espresso Machine : Great coffee maker for two!

It’s ok -for the price – don’t get me wrong – it does the job acceptablysteam wand is a pain to clean as it is in two parts and hot milk welds itself onto the interior pipe, is too hot to clean immediatley after use and is then very difficult to clean once cooled – poor design of that part – froths milk very well, though, makes coffee well. Small water reservoir makes it a pain to use regularly or frequently in my opinion/usage/.

Arrived so fast 🙂 my mum will be happy, with that kind of christmas present.

Now i can stop spending all my money in starbucls and have a great latte in the comfort of my own home. Easy to use, even the steamer/frother. You would think it takes years of training to get it like the profesaionls do but not so, follow the instructions and voila.

Takes a bit of messing but a good machine for a fair price, only had a month but works well, this same machine is sold on amazon from other sellers with label on front for between £5and£10 more by several company’s, they all make the same coffee.

Very good little coffee maker also makes good tea easy to use.

I’ve had this for a couple of months, i use it a few times w week. It’s absolutely brilliant. My partner is a coffee shop addict and this gives him an exact like for like. It’s definitely worth getting a small jug and thermometer for the milk frothing. You have to wait for the coffee to dispense before frothing the milk but the whole process doesn’t take long at all.

Bought this for my husband’s birthday he loves it well worth the money.

We use it every chance we get.

  • A brill little machine for the price!
  • Coffee perfection
  • The machine overall is not to bad, steam for the milk it’s great

CookSpace Espresso Machine (Black)

Introduction: With this stylish Professional Espresso Machine you can now indulge in exceptional coffee, espresso, cappuccino or latte brewed to a high standard at home. There’s no need to pay the large prices at coffee houses and cafes any longer. Why not invite your friends round to enjoy home brewed coffee for free at the comfort of your own home? It is designed to brew superior tasting coffee by forcing high pressure water through ground coffee to infuse and produce an exceptional full bodied coffee flavour. Capable of making four cups (240ml) of coffee in as little as five minutes, the modern stainless steel design will add a sophisticated touch to any kitchen and with just one glance, including the 0.02 inch stainless filter provides you strong taste coffee. It will whet your appetite for a delicious hot espresso. Its single control with indicator light is easy to use and there is a cool touch handle carafe with water level gauge for easy measuring and a cup warmer on the top of the machine. Features an exclusive Coffee/Steam selector that makes it easy to control both brewing and steaming, allowing the user to adjust coffee strength to their personal taste. Its 3.5 bar working pressure is ideal for rich tasting coffee and there’s a frothing nozzle which allows you to froth milk in no time to enjoy a cappuccino, a latte or other beverages with hot frothy milk. The drip tray can be removed for easy cleaning. Make coffee shop style espressos, lattes, cappuccinos and hot chocolate in the comfort of your own kitchen Specification: Dimensions: 12.56 inches(L)*7.87 inches(W)*13.07 inches(H) Weight: 7.06 pounds Power: 800W Power supply: 230V/50Hz Standard UK 3 pin plug 3.5 bar pump pressure produces a flavourful, full bodied coffee with a tasty, foamy crema. Brews directly into the decanter provided Strong stainless steel mesh filter – no paper filters required.

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For the price this is an excellent coffee machine. You use ground coffee and although it says 4 cups for me that is one decent size cup but when you use a decent coffee it tastes great. Easy to use and clean and also doesn’t take long to make the actual coffee. Good communication with seller as well.

Was a present for my daughter she was really happy with the product.

This is an outstanding coffee machine for the price. Quick and easy to use, nice looking machine. I would use it in the morning to make coffees for the drive to work. The steamer on the side takes a little practice, but all in all it’s saving me a fortune on shop bought coffees. One minor downside is the steamer (foamer?) is a little difficult to clean around the rubber part.

Fantastic product, bought as a present for my fiancé and he loves it.

For this reasonable price, you’re getting a handy coffee machine, which makes lovely coffee. (we’re using harrogate, lazy sunday ground coffee. ) i will say having previously been a waitress in a coffee shop i knew how to operate this, however it took family members a while longer to grasp. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, so not to worry. It obviously isn’t of an ultra-professional standard but does the job well in my opinion.

Really good, compact little machine, everything is a breeze. Delivery was shocking as i received this item at 9:45pm. Prime on that day at least was not worth the money.

This has been bought as a gift was well pleased with the prompt service and i`m sure the recipient will love it when santa drops it off lol.

Good for the money – 10 days of use.

  • A brill little machine for the price!
  • Coffee perfection
  • The machine overall is not to bad, steam for the milk it’s great

CookSpace Espresso Machine (Black)

Nice coffee machine and well worth the money.

Arrived quickly and does the job.

Makes great coffee although a bit messy to operate.

Plastic components broke after several weeks. For the price it’s a good buy.

Probably the best value for money eapresso maker around. Very good quality and no issues.

Bit fiddly to stop steam without switching back on coffee flow. Sent back morphy richards machine in favour of this one.

This works well and gets used daily.

Great product to make latte and capuccino at home. It takes more time than a professional machine of course but it is perfect for home.

The machine overall is not to bad, steam for the milk it’s great, down side of it by the time the coffee jar it’s finish to fill to the mark the coffee it’s cold.

Brilliant buy, would recommend it works like a dream.

A bit stiff during first couple of uses.

Excellent little machine, have been thinking of getting one for a while. Love my coffee and this does make a perfect cup. Bit fiddly if any grumbles, but worth it for the end product.

Delivery very quick not used yet as gift.

Nice product for making a frothy cappuccino. However, beware when frothing the milk as it gets boiling hot and splashes everywhere. You’ll need safety glasses, gloves, safety boots and full body ppe. Also a mop and bucket to clean up afterward.That said we’ve had some delicious frothy drinks from this and so well worth the effort.

Really good coffee maker for the money.

Had it for a couple of weeks and used it at least once every day. Seems to be working well and i am really happy with it. I can’t get a crema on the espresso but it may be the coffee i’m using rather than the machine itself- hasn’t affected my enjoyment though.

Pressure is not very high so you don’t get a creamy thick. Espresso but rather french press type but it still tastes nice.

Features and Spesification

  • 800 Watt espresso and cappuccino machine with 4-cup carafe capacity (240ml) 3.5 bar working pressure for rich taste coffee. With frothing function for making cappuccino
  • Safety boiler cap with built-in valve, release pressure automatically system, aluminum alloy filter holder with protective thumb guard for safe use Single knob for function transform-coffee/steam selector and on/off, easy control with indicator light Stainless steel decoration, removable & washable drip tray for easy cleaning, carefe with water level gauge, 0.02 inch stainless steel filter
  • 800W – 320mm (w) x 200mm (l) x 332mm (h) single illuminated dial makes it easy to operate
  • GS/CE/EMC/RoHS certified, BS Plug, Contemporary red and black design will add a stylish splash of colour to your kitchen.Compatible with ground coffee. Features milk frothing arm, removable drip tray
  • With 4 cups stainless steel filter, Aluminumum Alloy filter holder, removable & washable drip tray for easy cleaning