Corsair Elgato Stream Deck Mini – Great little gadget

The little screens on this little device make it look rather cooooool. The software you download from the elgato website is easy to use too. The overall feel of the product is great, the stand is made of metal, and the prices used for the device itself and solid. The stand itself makes positioning the device support easy too. On the downside the cable is really short, doesn’t bother me but it’s something to look out for. Also if you know what you’re doing you can make something similar to this for around the £20 mark, there are loads of tutorials on youtube telling you how to do so but you don’t get the form factor you get with this. A little pricey, the cable is short but it’s great for streamers and hotkey addicts. It also looks super and is easy to use.

Fanstatic item but you need to know if you need it – primarily geared for streaming but found it wasn’t useful enough for everyday tasks. Easier using the the keyboard for shortcuts. Works brilliantly with the mac and the software comes preloaded with streaming buttons. The downside is the short usb cable provided.

This product is very useful if you stream alot its alot easier having all your hotkeys in one place and having images on them.

If you don’t have a second monitor then it’s a pretty handy piece of kit, but for the price of it you can. But for the price of it you can just get a 2nd monitor. Legit struggling to find an actually use for it outside of a very slight convenience on certain things. Tweeting without loading twitter?.That twitch chat function is just press a button and it sends a pre-set message, the twitch viewers is cool but again if you have a 2nd monitor you can have your viewers on your obs scene. Mute & change scene functions are handy but again easily done yourself if you have a 2nd monitor. Can’t fault the idea i just can’t seem to find a use for this as everything than can be done on here can be done by simply moving my mouse to left and clicking.

So i managed to pickup the stream deck in the amazon prime day sale, so value for money, i’d say soi have been after one of these for some time, though now i have it, i wouldn’t want to stream without it. It makes tasks while streaming so much easier/quicker, so you can just concentrate on giving a smooth seemless stream to your viewers. Highly recommend to anyone looking to get one of these, you shouldn’t regret it.

Quite easy to set-up and very it’s capabilities are under-sold. Very handy tool to have to launch multiple apps, browsers, games and even do rudimentary tasks like muting mic, etc. I’ve encouraged a couple of my friends to purchase and none of us regret it. Just wish there was a longer cable and more image files in the software.

I have started mucking about streaming my pc game play and watched some you tube vids that used this device. It is fully integrated with many of the streaming programs out at this time and elagato are also pushing updates on a regular basis. Obs, xsplit, tippeestream, streamlabs and latest update streamlabsobs. As well as many other features like soundboard which you can assign sound files that can be added to stream/recording on the fly there is also a sytem set that allows hotkeys etc to be made to help with general productivity like opening programs etc. The 15 lcd screens can all be customised however you feel and can create folders/sub menus on each one so you can have far more options than just 15 commands, i. E you could set one lcd as a music folder then have 15 songs on the screens or a game folder with in game chat commands etc.

If you’re streaming on a pc this is a great product, full of potential and options. Very easy to use and intuitive software, if you are planning to buy i would suggest looking up product demonstration videos and tutorials to see how it could best be used to improve your streaming.

Great for productivity apps, not just games and streaming. I bought this as a bit of a luxury item, but now it seems totally essential. I’m a software developer and the icon display on the buttons and nested folders of button configurations have been very useful for running macros, otherwise obscure commands and generally optimising workflows. I can’t recommend the elgato stream deck highly enough.

My son loves this unit, i’m unsure as to what it does because i’m an older guy from an older generation that fails to understand such things, but he says it works a treat. One can buy without hesitation, very well made.

I’ll start by saying this; read the headline again. The stream deck (15 key) is a fantastic bit of kit, albeit quite expensive and the software is intuitive and simple. Want to enable a particular source in obs while streaming?. Launch several programs with a single button press?.Shortcut keys for photoshop/vegas etc?. Monitor cpu usage?each button can also be configured as folders each containing it’s own 15 buttons. The software offers almost endless customisation along with personalising each button so you know exactly what you’re hitting and when, and profiles can be set to load a particular set of buttons when the specified program is running/focused. Photos are just some taken during my set-upi’ve been using it primarily as a launcher and control panel for my streaming, but i’ve barely scratched the surface of the device’s flexibility.

I was looking for an external keypad, i use a lot of macros, snippets and tools while working and eventually i’ve chosen the stream deck because of its ability to change the icon directly on the keys. It’s honeslty great, price tag is a higher than many other devices of the same type, but that 15 micro screens are awesome, i’ve already created many subfolders expanding the unit, and i can fire any snippet, or tool i need. I’m missing a better sdk for creating and showing more useful informations but i think is just a matter of time.

Not just for streamers/media types. I’m a gamer, and sitting behind my throttle while i play elite:dangerous is (almost) all i use mine fordead easy to set up various ‘screens/pages’ of commands that can be navigated using the buttons as menus. Simple to assign (complex) multiple characters to trigger in response to keypress (e. Press a single button to trigger left crtl + left alt + h)really easy to assign graphics (download, make up using the editor, draw yourself in paint) to the key (see my picture for some quick and dirty examples). Here are the specifications for the Corsair Elgato Stream Deck Mini:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 6 LCD keys: Tap to switch scenes, launch media, adjust audio and much more
  • Unlimited control: Turn keys into folders to access unlimited actions
  • Multi Actions: Launch multiple actions simultaneously or sequentially – with one tap
  • App-enabled: Adjust settings via your screen for accurate real-time feedback
  • Ultra-bright and adjustable: 2800 lumens and fully dimmable
  • Versatile colour temperature: 2900 – 7000 K produces cold through warm white

This thing is just great, and the software is incredible – i really wasn’t expecting it to be this good. I literally can’t think of one thing wrong with it.

If it wasn’t for the near-constant software updates that elgato thrust upon their customers they’d have got a solid five stars. As it is, it’s a brilliant bit of kit with a whole host of potential uses, other than what it was designed for. I use it as keyboard shortcuts for photoshop and lightroom and it speeds everything up a fair bit.

I held off on this purchase for a long time, and i wish i’d bought it a lot sooner. Being able to switch scenes, open games or programs, open websites, so much more at the press of a button makes streaming a much easier and more enjoyable experience. Before owning this,having to alt tab all the time was getting very tedious. Also it’s incredibly easy to set up.

This is perfect for making emote and scene transitions seamless. It saves on using key binds on my keyboard. It is ridiculously easy to set up and add new items to.

I bought two of these to use in two of my desk setups, one in my home study/studio and one at my work desk. I love them as they make using obs so much easier and also enable me to open apps, games etc. It’s an expensive item but you get what you pay for. It’s very well made and works brilliantly. See my photos for my setups.

Another fantastic product from elgato. Bought one for my partner also now. Really easy to use intuitive ui, really bright clear leds, and the elgato team constantly work with other companies to offer support across multiple software platforms. Highly recommended for anyone who does live streaming.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • The only serious option for serious streamers.
  • Love this. I don’t use this in any of
  • Bit pricey, but worth it.

Edit: i’m also now using the steam deck to control my home including philips hue lightslook on youtube for more information on thisi’m a graphic designer and i use the stream deck mostly for launching apps and entering repetitive text in reply to enquiries. I’ve also got a signature set up, so i just hit the button and it puts in ‘regards’ and my name etc at the bottom of all correspondence. I’m currently using three profiles (sets of buttons) on the single device. I’ve got my main apps on the main (as pictured), my text inputs on the next and my financial websites on the third. The buttons have a great feel. There are a concaved acrylic at a guess and feel nice to press. The screen(s) gives more than enough brightness. The res ins’t hd, but it doesn’t need to be. It would be overkill for this purpose. I was pleased to see that animated icons capabilities were introduced too, but i’m yet to explore that.

I have groups and folders set up so that my workflows are ready at the touch of a button. Does so much more than help with streaming. I have workflows programmed for writing, photography, video and just getting things done.

I bought this to work with logic pro x on the mac – assigning some functions (and icons) to it and it was easy to set up and you can create your own icons from png files or photos and its just amazing. Saves so much time having a single button press for keys you use a lot like play, record, cut, glue etc. I might buy another if it goes on sale on black friday.

Expect your productivity to sky – rocket with this device. Allocate websites, applications or combined scenes for almost unlimited levels of easy to reach shortcuts or keyboard combinations. Not perfect yet, but a great addition to any laptop or pc setup. Very small, so easily travels with you. Minus 1 star as it does not support full keyboard macros.

I would have preferred a higher quality usb cable or at least one that can be unplugged. As for the functionality of this device i can’t believe i waited so long to buy one. It’s far more useful than just a streamers tool. Each button can have multiple functions that change its icon. Yep it’s perfect for euro truck simulator and farming simulator. The advertised functions really undersell this product. Having real truck lit icons is amazing. Fog lights on press flight button. A little more thought going into the stand be great. But if your serious you can make your own.

I use it mainly for gaming, such as euro truck. Excellent replacement to the keyboard. The little individual screen are bright and clear. Software could be a bit easier to use but i believe there is a major overhaul coming soon.

There are people out there who will tell you the stand is rubbish, the buttons aren’t to their liking and a hundred and other complaints. I bout the stream-deck to help me speed up my audio and video editing and because i have always wanted a separate programmable keypad so i could open programs cut / copy / paste with the click of a single button. It covers this perfectly, even better still, it allows you to assign text or an image to the buttons – this means that you can be in adobe premiere for example and just glance down to see the actions you have available. In word it is perfect for complex commands like format copy / paint. Whatever you can do on your keyboard or with the mouse can be assigned to a single, identifiable button and it’s very simple to do. You can create profiles and have each one appear when a certain program is open so once it’s set up the whole thing works seamlessly. As far as using it for streaming goes – i don’t at the moment but i can see that it is the perfect partner for online streamers. Why people are picking on the stand is way beyond me, it works well and has numerous angles and heights. The lcd display is a single lcd panel – not individual screens as most people seem to think. The buttons just appear to have their own screen as the frame masks the lcd that way.

I was initially hesitant to purchase this due to the £140 price tag on it. It’s a lot of money to spend on such a small piece of hardware. But it’s branded, so you know it’s good /sthe stream deck is very easy to setup and assemble. After plugging in the usb cable, i visited the url in the manual to download the software. Once it was up and running, i began editing and customising the sd to my heart’s content. Today, i use it for every single one of my streams. It hooks in with obs – with more features to come, i’ve heard – as well as other platforms like twitter and twitch. Tvi’ve been able to make it trigger sfx and gif’s with my stream bot, as well as run hotkeys for system applications and games like pubg. Sure, you could go out and make a diy one. But this has finesse and it’s being supported and updated.

Now while im not using this device for its intended purpose, it very much helps with my everyday video editing, i like how i can customize each icon to something that is visually familiar resulting in a better workflow for my youtube videos. One thing i would like to see is a way of placing a live youtube subscriber counter or total channel views (week/month or year).

This was a gift for my son, great little device although it does seem a bit expensive but he loves it.

This is so convenienti stream a lot of vr games using a dual-pc setup and this makes my life so much easierno more dragging my mouse in the right direction to get synergy to attach my mouse to the other pc then craning my head toward the other monitor, ferociously alt+tabbing until i find the right window to change scenes or start/stop the stream or recording. Now i have all of my scenes for streamlabs obs mapped to buttons on the deck. On top of that i have my sources (such as my cameras and capture cards) mapped to buttons on the deck so that i can easily switch scenes and hide or show sources in secondsi haven’t even scratched the surface of the potential of this device yet but it is already saving me a lot of time and effort to complete a lot of common tasks.

Love the functionality of this thing, adds another layer of fun to the streaming process. Quite especially enjoy the folder function that lets you not only add scenes for streamlabs etc. The picture buttons are also a nice touch; meme soundboard leggo.

— 02/04/2019 updatereplacement arrived, so far so good, everything is working, no artefacts or lines. I am very happy with it and works great during software development. (great for pretty much anything else). Obviously device stopped working correctly. Today morning i was welcomed by a line through 4 buttons on a top row. I have tried different usb ports and the i’ve tried to connect it to my laptop. Unfortunately it looks like a bad quality control from elgato manufacturer :/probably the lcd cable wasn’t properly installed. I have ordered replacement from amazon, so please read the rest of the review. ————————–i’ve bought it first in 2017, however, i have returned it back then due to double click issue, that supposed to be solved in further firmware updated.

This product is very easy to use if you are willing to part with a bit of cash. I use it for a variety of uses including streaming, opening frequently opened websites, desktop apps and more. I would strongly recommend for those people looking to make their lives easier.

You can set up many shortcuts and they don’t have to be related to streaming etc. You can use it for application shortcuts or running regular commands. For streaming it’s great too, it works with youtube, twitch, stream elements, stream labs, and even mixer.

If you are in to streaming or need more keys for a fancy button box then this is amazing. Edit to you hearts delight , 15 programmable keys that can show any icon you wish. Would not be without this item on my desk now. Worst part is setting you all the options you need but once done it’s a joy to use.

It is useful because obs studio for mac sometimes ‘loses’ keyboard hotkeys functionality but this talks direct to obs studio via a plugin that the supplied software installs. It can do more than obs though so messages can be sent via irc to your bot as whispers which can control a lot more than just scenes and sources.

I don’t use this in any of the suggested ways – i’m not a streamer and don’t use any of the suggested software, but as long as you have files and pctures saved on your computer and attach them to the buttons you can call them up. I use it for quiz nights, playing sample music, or for a picture round, so that it’s easy to recall the files if a team needs a reminder. Update – i also use this now for play rehearsals in school. I attach the sound effects and they can pull them up at the touch of a button. I can also attach increase and decrease sound, to adjust volume at crucial moments. I don’t use it in the final performance as i have specialist programs, but it’s great for quick and easy rehearsals.

What a fantastic bit of kit. Programme a button with everything from text to action, from apps to images, one click, done. Exactly what i wanted and does what i need and a lot more that i don’t think i ever will. Quality build, amazing screens, works like a dream.

Little costly for what you get but none the less its a steam deck and with the forever growing support and functionally from elgato your sorted for life.

Product is good build quality and fully customisable. Very versatile and easy to use :).

I literally just got this through the post, i set it up, started customising my buttons etc, and then out of no where all buttons went white, after some research this is now classed as ‘defective’. However, the customer services has sent one straight back out so im very lucky. Ive been waiting 3 days so far and now due to this issue i now get to wait another 2 days to use it.

You might be thinking this product is quite expensive but the functionality and productivity that it creates is unreal. I’m a web developer and i use it to switch apps / spaces and screens on my mac pro. The time it has saved me since getting it only a few weeks ago it has already paid for itself in time savedbuy it now you will love the device.

I’ve been streaming for about a year and always tried to persuade myself i didn’t need something like this. But after finding myself with a bit of spare money, i decided to pick up the elgato stream deck. Firstly, anyone who’s done a bit of home work will know, some people will try to make you believe that buying a £20 external keypad is just as good. One thing you can be certain of, is these people have never used the stream deck. I have mine set up for rocket league, another page of buttons for other games and a nice personalised wallpaper. On each main page, i have keys set up for specific scenes such as the starting soon, in game and brb scenes,there’s also keys to turn on/off game sound, my mic and webcam as well as buttons to display animated gifs as well as an advert from one of my sponsors. In total it took me less than an hour (including designing the overlays for the themes) and i’ve barely had to touch it since. Sure i could have spent twice as long for half the functionality with other methods, but i know i could spend five minutes and completely set up another page of buttons for a wide range of features from all the major streaming apps and outlets such as youtube, twitch and mixer. Sure, £135 is expensive, but it more than makes up for it in the time and stress it saves. If your serious about streaming, then you seriously need to consider the stream deck.

Extremely helpful for streaming etc. Is a bit fiddley as it’s the smaller version but it works in the exact same way and you can make it do some incredible, time saving things. For anyone serious about streaming one of these is a must.

Perfect for any upcoming live-streamer or video creator, but also almost anything elsethe stream deck is so very versatile, and can be programmed (super easily) to do almost anything. I’m not particularly tech-savy myself, but this was and still is super intuitive to use. Would recommend this to anyone that wants to make their life a little easier with the press of a button.

Can not find programmes to use this with. A few on the website and you can allocate any file to the keys. Would be nice if makers had a website with more resources.

Right i got this in the black friday sale for £89 and wow what a great bit of kit she is to. Now i stream on youtube as a hobby. I’m not the best with tech stuff but this stream deck for me is so good. I’m still learning how to use it thanks to youtube video’s showing me how to do stuff on it. It says 15 buttons but i have learned that you can make a folder in a button and then put 15 things in that folder so you have so many more buttons than it says. So i made a obs folder for button 1. Now when i press that button i have mapped my scenes to diferent buttons in that folder i have my main stream view then a place holder saying stream about to start and a back in 5 minutes holder so all i do is press one button and it switches to it easy. I have a sound folder to play sound for different games i’m streaming :). A giff folder and a socical media one to and i have still to learn and do more but for me someone who finds this kind of thing hard to do its made it so much easyer and a lot more fun to.

This was glitchy to start with. But once set up this is the best thing since sliced breadi have multiple projects and software with soo many commands. I ended up with 3 keyboards with different labels to show my bindsthis little device solved all my problems.

Obviously this product is just a straight out copy of the more expensive/more button version of the stream deck aka the daddy. This has been aimed at the smaller streamer or a streamer who just has use for about 6 or less scenes or key bindings. For me this is fantastic as i didnt want to buy the bigger version as i only really wanted to use about 4 key bindings and not have to pay out £160 for the use of 4 keys. I can see why elgato have done this as it’s also a great starting place for smaller streamers who don’t have the cash to fork out for the bigger product. I can’t really say too much about this product, it was easy to setup and install and the software (which you have to go onto their website to download) is very easy to use. I thought it was hilarious as you can also upload your own pictures to the device (if you can see in the awful photo i’ve put up, i’m using my face) but overall i’m very happy with my purchase and will be using this for a long time.

Wish they done a bigger one but you can use more than one simultaneously.

Yes i got it for streaming cos i was tired of not having enough buttons on my keyboard to play the game and manage the stream and it is great for that, but you can also set it with shortcuts for other applications. For example, if i’m using a drawing app and i want to invert what i currently have selected, i could rack my brain over trying to remember the shortcut keys, oooorrrrr, i could have stream deck auto-magically switch to a setup for that application with each button preprogrammed with the shortcuts i want. Currently, i have shortcuts set for blender, paint. Net, paint tool sai, unity and firefox.

Just got this today and i’m delighted with the quality for the price. After a software / firmware update, it does now seem to support folders in folders which is great. I’ll be using it for gaming and amateur drama sound effects and it seems to fit in perfectly. Very happy and i’m buying another for my home pc as well as the one i use for drama productions.

Really impressed with the stream deck. Since buying this elgato have released an update to the software as well giving an even better integration with obs. Customisation options are fantastic if a little long winded to get set up how you want it.