COSORI Air Fryer Oil Free – Easy to use and clean

. But so far it’s amazing.

Best ever thinking of buying another one great thank you.

Bigger than i thought but a great product.

I’m usually wary about unknown brands when it comes to appliances, but after i read the reviews of this cosori air fryer, i decided to take a chance, i’m glad i did, it’s a wonderful machine and so easy to understand and to use, i don’t think it’s that noisey and it’s simple to clean, i’m really happy with this machine, i’ve already done frozen roast potatoes and chips in this at 180 for 18 minutes, also frozen richmond thick sausages at 180 for 16 minutes and they are all absolutely delicious, i love the fact that the machine reminds to you shake your food halfway through the cooking time, i would definitely recommend this for anyone intending on getting themselves an air fryer.

I always had an acti fryand an halogen oven both have gone wrong together so decided to try the airair fry to replace both ,i’m impressed. Easy to keep clean nice fries and cooked the pies ok. The only downside is i can’t see them cooking.

I’ve had 3 different air fryer over the year and this is the best one by far.

We are a family of eight so need a large capacity air fryer. We still have to cook in batches but it fits 4 while chicken legs at a time and cooks them in 25-30 minutes. The flavour with absolutely no oil is fantastic, crisps up just like kfc but way less calories and fat. Fries are also amazing and take 25 minutes using the pre set fries function. We find half a potato per person plenty (jacket potato size). It’s super easy to clean, dishwasher proof basket. It’s big but smart looking in all black so looks ok sat on the worktop all the time. Couldn’t live without it now. We use it to cook homemade chicken nuggets, sausages, bacon, chicken kievs, fish fingers, roasted chickpeas.

This is such a brilliant machine, cooks everything really well, why did i wait so long to buy one 🥴.

Made chips all evenly brown. I found getting inner basket hard to get out but i think because i’ve only had it for 3 days. Theres a knack to it and i love the safety feature on the handle so the basket doesn’t fall out accidentally. Made boiled eggs in it today with no water. Eggs in 120 for 12-15 mins depending on soft or hard. Loads of room and being square makes it easier to get a fish slice in.

I only bought it to replace my deep fat fryer which had given up the ghost. With clear panel and presets it is very user friendly and, most importantly, so easy to clean (unlike previous fryers i have owned)-requires only a quick dip & wipe for tray & basket and a wipe of the interior. First attempt at (homemade) chips almost perfect (my fault). Handy short-cut guide & cookbook also very welcome as an intro to air frying. It makes my mini fan oven (almost) redundant.

I bought this after reading review after review of all comparable air fryers and finding this one (imo) to be best suited for my needs. Within 15 minutes of unpacking it i had some chips in it and i must say 25 minutes later i had near perfect food. It is extremely easy to use and very quiet. Time will tell if it holds up to my expectations but if everything comes out like the chips i will be very happy.

Brilliant value for money, now we can have low fat fried food.

Cooked chicken drumsticks they were delicious. . Can’t wait to try out lots more food. So easy to clean and so easy to use. Here are the specifications for the COSORI Air Fryer Oil Free:

  • Extra Large Capacity: Suitable for a whole family with 4-6 members. Square design offers more 15% cooking space compared to the round ones. COSORI 5.5L air fryer can fit 2.7kg whole chicken while small round basket can’t.
  • LED Digital Touch Screen: Just select 11 cooking presents, click independent temperature control and cooking timer, and the delicacy will be served immediately. LED touch screen lasts longer and saves more energy.
  • 11 Useful Presents: It is easier to cook different dishes without mess with presents such as Fried Chips, Steak, Chicken, Vegetable, etc. Big savings in cooking time, offer you maximum practicality compared to 6-8 functions on the market.
  • Preheat & Keep Warm: The exclusive Preheat function ensures that helps you save cooking time, cook foods faster to reduce water of food, maintain its original taste but with crunchy taste. Keep Warm Button allows you to set the desired time and temperature after automatic shutdown to ensure that you taste the hot foods at any time.
  • Easy to Clean: Removable non-stick basket is dishwasher safe, PFOA-free & BPA-free. Equipped with cool touch handle and pulsant protection design to prevent accidental detachment, greatly guarantee the safety of use.
  • 100 Original Recipes: Enjoy your favourite fried foods with 100 original, delicious and easy recipes da COSORI Chef for daily meals without repeat compared with those air fries with only 30-40 recipes.
  • Buy with Confidence: Support for life. Just contact COSORI customer service if any issues happened. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Mine’s been used more than any other appliance in my kitchen since it arrived. It makes no smoke, very little – if any – odour and no mess, and the cooking times are very reliable. You can make a meal in next to no time – take some chicken pieces and rub a wee bit of oil, pepper and salt into them for flavour and they’re done in 20 minutes while you steam the vegetables. Kebabs or satay sticks work really well once you’ve trimmed the sticks if they are too long. There are a few things i suggest you bear in mind:* this came in a large delivery box, so if you are collecting it from somewhere, plan accordingly. The machine’s box is about 18’x18’x18’* treat the basket with love as it’s delicate. Wash as soon and as gently as possible (i use a microfibre cloth). It’s important to dry it thoroughly. * invest in non-metallic tongs if you don’t already have them so you don’t scratch the basketthe digital display might seem oot but it works really well. I can’t speak for its reliability after only two weeks, but it has a two year warranty.

Treated myself to the cosori af 5. The first thing i tried was frozen french fries and frozen chunky chip’s. I have also tried chicken goujons and they are also lovely. This evening i’m cooking a whole chicken. Fingers crossed but i’m thinking this is going to be just as tasty as my previous cooks in the af.

See the photo i took – tells a lot. Makes the cooked food very tasty and look great. Easy to use and easy to clean. Yes it makes noise when on , but i like that for safety reasons because it doing its job and that reminds you it’s on.

I used to gave the philips airfryer and when it died i chose this one because i wanted something large enough roast a whole chicken in. I’m delighted with it and have already recommended it to several friends.

Sick to the back teeth with oven chips, we thought give the air fryers another go having tried them when they first came out and found that they was too big for the capacity it held and far too noisy, that is not the case with the cosori, well built and well designed and relatively quite in comparison. Have only cooked chips so far and gosh, they were yummy, every bit as good as from an oil filled chip pan, even the ones that never quite browned were delicious, incredibly easy to clean. The only negative is the compartment needs a good yank to come free, not a problem for me, but can imagine it being a problem for some, however you don’t know untill you try and if that is the case one can simply return and get a full refund, if your dying for a chip, and lets face it, who isn’t?. Then go for it, and believe me, you wont be paying almost 4 quid in tesco for a 2k bag of the mc’s brand of chips which quite frankly will never measure up to the chips this air fryer will produce.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Fantastic

  • Absolutely love!

  • Love love love this

Early days yet and only cooked fries, corn on the cob and seabass but excellent results. The device itself is sturdy and the operating menu touch screen is so simple to use. A handy recipe booke which has loads of stuff to make and look quite simple. Will try and remember to update this review in a few months.

I admit i have a gadget addiction. You name it i’ve probably had or still have it, so i think i can spot the really useful machines that truly help out vs the faddy, takes up too much room, why did i buy that sort of regretful machinesthis cosori air fryer is hands down the best machine i’ve ever bought. Easy to use & clean and it honestly works. I’ve had it a few days so naturally we’re having fun with the sorts of crispy foods i normally have little success with i. E chips but in time we’ll be enjoying loads of different foods. I’m delighted to report this machine cooks excellent crunchy, fluffy oven chips 25mins, melt in the mouth ribeye, rump and sirloin steak 6 mins, succulent roast chicken pieces 25 mins, apple pie and steak slices took 3 mins to heat up. Quick toddler friendly meals like chicken nuggets or pizza, to mention a few ideas are also quick and easy. Of course there’s scope for loads of meals – you’ll need a few accessories for some but they’re available to buy so kebabs, muffins, even toast are all well within this machine’s abilities with the right tools. The recipe book is unexpectedly good, very straightforward too. I haven’t had my oven on since this machine arrived because i can cook different meals for my family using one pan.

Have been using this now for a few weeks, what can i say it is superb, we have the larger airfryer it cooks beautifully and evenly, so easy to keep clean. It is certainly very stylish and would fit in with any kitchen decor.

Probably the best purchase i made. Everything cooks so fast, chips come out amazing never tasted anything like that. You pretty much make anything in this thing and always get good results if you don’t overfill it. If you have to use oil it’s a very little amount, most things don’t need it though. I made some sausage in that and the result is amazing and it’s so easy because you don’t have turn them like you would in a pan. Has a good size basket and looks very nice on the counter and it’s not too bulky.

Very easy to use, theres alot of space in the basket. Very quiet when heating up which i like.

This air fryer has a really good sized basket suitable for a family of six and very easy to use with the picture icons representing the food to be cooked. This uses much lower heat settings than i normally used and cooks everything beautifully. My other fryer needed 200’c for everything but this one cooks as low as 160’c so uses much less energy. The basket lifts out to empty the contents and it is easy to clean. A recipe booklet is included with some surprising dishes. My grandchildren love to use it and are really proud when their bacon and sausages turn out perfectly cooked.

Can’t fine one dislike on this it so good easy to use.

The machine arrived on saturday, and so far, i am loving it. So far i have cooked green beans, mushrooms, bacon, onion rings (frozen), sweet potato fries (frozen) and all have come out perfect. After second day, there was a very loud noise coming from the fan area (like something had gotten caught), however, it went away after about a minute, and all good since.

Cooks really welland doesn’t take as long as other brands. Has been a godsend as i’ve been struggling with dinners due to a shoulder injury. Food tastes lovely but may not take as long as you would think so you might need to be checking it often until you are used to it.

Nice selection of preset programs which are very easy to use and can easily be adjusted regarding time and temperature if needed. The main thing i like is the large square basket , it’s amazing what it holds. I have cooked chicken thighs and they were evenly cooked and lovely and moist , i have also made my own chips and i have done different times and temperature’s until i was happy with them. I have cooked pork chops and again they were cooked to perfection , overall i am delighted with my cosori airfryer and i would highly recommend it.

I had the smaller version which i given to my girlfriend after about 5 months of use, still works like new and she is very happy with it, i’ve got this one which is the bigger capacity one, same features as the smaller one, no difference between them apart from size, very happy with it, i’ve already recommended these to all my friends and family, the materials used are of a very good quality, all its east to clean, nothing to complain about really.

I absolutely love this air fryer,cooking options are limitless. You get the same oil fried texture without the excess oil. For crispy food apply oil spray to food. The results are fantastic, no more strong frying smells in the kitchen as the smell of cooking is well contained. It is important not to over-fill for best results. I threw out my old oil fried out and replaced with this. I wished i bought one sooner.

Had this a couple of months now and it’s changed the way we cook. This is a good size air fryer and it copes well with the demands of 4 adults. Favourite dish is wings, they cook beautifully in this. Can’t recommend it highly enough, love it.

Cooked chicken drumsticks with modified time due to my experience with a 8 year old philips air fryer. Nice to have a modern one which lets you know what is happeningi notice on your site you have one which has an app to control it. bit too far for me as i am in the kitchen anyway. Pleased with the look and everything,even my wife likes it.

Amazing addition to kitchen fab cooking and flavours using it daily.

This is a great air frier, cook anything in it with just a small amount of oil. Switch it on and let it cook, simple.

Far exceeded my expectations.

Contacted cosori and had a reply back really promptly and there are sending out a new one. Excellent service so changed rating. Bought this back in august and it was working fine but over the past month or so it has started to shut itself off during cooking. The light on the control panel flickers and then it shuts down. It will restart and then go off again, very annoying to say the least and it would happen now just before christmas as roast spuds are great when done in it. Other people seem to have had the same problem so perhaps a design fault.

I have used it to roast chicken thighs, salmon and fresh cut chips and they all came out nicely cooked. I like how it uses very little oil and cooks faster than my fan oven.

On the amazon site it shows it’s able to cook a whole chicken. The recipe book only shows chicken parts.

Great product, already had the smaller version and have been using it for months for cooking various things. Was excited to find the larger version as the small one can be a squeeze sometimes for a couple. They’re both great for meat, chips etc. Have now taken the smaller one to work to cook burgers, chips, small pizzas etc as i work shifts so makes a nice change. The new larger has now taken pride of place in the kitchen and very frequently gets used rather than the main oven. You do have to adjust the cooking times as it cooks quicker.

. I have no other words to describe it. Works brilliant, and my kids love it.

I liked everything about it, marvellous.

Only used it twice up to now and found it to be a good asset to my kitchen.

Already have the smaller model and love it. We use it more than anything else in the kitchen. Really wanted a bigger one and jumped on it when it was on special. Not too much bigger on the outside that the smaller model and cooks just as well. Cannot recommend this air fryer enough.

We love the airfryer we have not stopped using it since we got itwell worth the counter spacecould be easier to clean but sure what harm.

Brilliant no problems cooks well no issues at moment.

There is nothing to dislike about this fryer,it is nice and big and the square basket holds a lot more then the round ones,chips came out lovely and crisp home made and frozen today i made bread in it and the loaf came out lovely. This fryer can do all what your oven did but quicker and using less electricity. Everything fried came out lovely,and you couldn’t tell the difference from the deep fat fryer,this is also so easy to clean and hardly any mess,can not wait to see what else i can do with this beauty might try a cake,very happy with it and would absolutely recommend this air fryer.

Just received 2 days ago, so i tried the chicken honey soy sauce recipe in the book provided plus home grown veg roasted and it was very tasty and well cooked. So last night tried homemade chips from freezer which i normally cooked in a fryer, not good to much oil. Put in after tossing in a little oil and salt garlic and black pepper and they game out brown and crunchy, lovely. I used preset buttons on these meals and when more confident i shall do more manual recipes. I intend to do a cake to see how it comes out. As i never new much about airfryers and then a friend mentioned them, i investigated youtube and comments and picked the cosori. Why, well i liked the square basket, auto shutoff when checking food and restarting when basket replaced and ease of cleaning. So if you are new to airfryers then you certainly can’t go wrong with this one. . How many companies get in touch 3 days on with an email telling you that if you have a problem or a question to get in touch.

5 litre model and have just ordered the 5. I rarely use my main ovens in the week now, just for bigger meals at weekends.

I wasn’t to sure about this one as i’ve always had the other kind but i’m very glad i did. . It large basket means i can put enough chips in to feed all my family.

I hve only used it a few times. So far ive done a nice omlet in the fryer & some of the crispyest chips i hae ever tasted with just a small squert of frylite spay. The only slight disapointment is it is advertised as it can do fahrenheit & celsius but actually the uk model only does celsius it makes it a little awkward when most of the cook books ive bourt are in fahrenheit. Ive knocked it down a star because of that all in all im pleased with my purhase thou.

Fantastic but a little too loud.

I love this af it’s amazing i’ve used it every day since it came, i’ve cooked from fresh and frozen with no problems and there’s so much space in it very happy. It’s also so easy to clean.