cowin E7 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones : Broke too easily

Excellent noise cancelling on plane and a lot more user friendly than aircraft supplied headsets. Very good sound reproduction from both bluetooth and wired connections. Watched recorded video from ipad on return flight for 6 hours without problem. Bought separate right angle headphone cord for plane use to avoid sticking out cord in plane seat connector.

Really lovely sound comes out of these. And with the noise cancellation you can take these into your own world.

For non-musical experts this is a great products. The sound quality is good and the noise-cancelling, although not perfect works pretty well.

Great headphones, great sound and battery life much better than i expected.

These are superb headphones the sound is terrific and really comfortable to wear for long spells. I can recommend this seller.

Overall i am happy with these headphones. I have been using them for around a year now and they are still going fine. I use them almost every day. They fit well and are not very heavy. The noise cancelling aspect is fine, not as complete as i would like but at the price i bought them i am pretty happy with it. Connecting them over bluetooth is pretty easy. The charge lasts a decent amount of time.

Majestic product, reminds me of my skullcandy ones, its awesome.

For the price you have to try, if you are considering going high-endh wireless, i think most people would be more than satisfied, unless you have your heart set on spending £350 upward for a name, then give them a go, worst case send them back.

  • Bought These For Long Flights (In Addition To Using My Bose Noise Cancellation)
  • Very pleased !
  • sound quality is good but the headphones have a slightly cheap plasticky feel overall

cowin E7 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone Hi-Fi Deep Bass Wireless Headphones Over Ear, Comfortable Protein Earpads, 30 Hours Playtime for Travel Work TV Computer (white)

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I really liked these headphones. The materials feel great and to me and the sound quality was awesome to me. The only issue that i had is that the built in microphone was pretty poor, people really struggled to hear me whenever i tried to make voice calls with these headphones. Other than that, definitely an amazing product for sound quality.

It is what you pay for the quality of sound could be better but it’s excellent for what you pay for.

Dad’s birthday present and he’s really impressed.

Very happy with these headphones. A bit bulky but they work very well. Great sound quality and noise cancelling is very good, can’t wait to try these on a plane.

I haunt done a review yet as the headphones are a present and not been given yet.

I find the headphones perfect.

Some annoying features such as the loud and incessant battery warning (which also doesn’t stop after plugging cable in). Noise cancelling ok, but not great. Snapped off the spindle earlier this week as other reviewers noted, which isn’t great after less than 18 months. Upgrading to 3* though as i was able to get a refund on the product.

Comfy for long flightsnot expensive (in case they get damaged/lost)sound cancelling to block noisy kids and engine roargood enough sound to be usable daily.

  • Bought These For Long Flights (In Addition To Using My Bose Noise Cancellation)
  • Very pleased !
  • sound quality is good but the headphones have a slightly cheap plasticky feel overall

cowin E7 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone Hi-Fi Deep Bass Wireless Headphones Over Ear, Comfortable Protein Earpads, 30 Hours Playtime for Travel Work TV Computer (white)

Lovely designs, good sound and are comfortable to wear.

My son loves these headpohones. But just over a year after buying, one of the connectors to the left speaker broke. I immediately got back intouch with conwin. They were straight onto it and supplied us with a brand new set.

I use these headphones for listening to music and audiobooks, and they will work for phone calls, but apparently, because the mike is not on a boom can be a bit echo-ey. They are well built, and a charge lasts for a good time. The bt stopped working on my first pair, but customer service happily and readily replaced them after a good period. The btwill only pair to a single device – which i think is a feature of this generation of bt chip. That could be a plus, or a minus. Customer service wins for me.

These are good headphones really good sound quality not bad battery life but i think they could have been made a bit better. The right ear squeaks a bit after a while of using them. Quite comfortable but the microphone is a load of crap. Apparently i sound miles away when i answer my phone with them on.

I can’t fault this product, great sound and does everything you want from wired or wireless headphones.

Bought for partner to help with crowded places. They are very good and would defo recommend for the money.

These head phones were bought for my husband and he is extremely happy with them. They are good quality and sound great.

They came very smartly packaged the materials and construction quality look really good to my eye the bluetooth connection to my laptop is straight forward and the sound quality to my ears is excellent far better than the wired ones i have used on and off for a couple of years now from a very well known manufacturer and for the price i am very pleased i am no expert and not into hifi and such so i am not comparing to any other similar equipment but for a novice like me they seem as good as i could wish for.

Amazing product for all who don’t like charge headphones to often seriously battery its endless holds for minimum two weeks (not joking) good product quality also, stay steady on head. Drop them accidentally few times while training but no scratch on them. Easy to use no problem with bluetooth connecting to everything. From me 5* out of 5 i hope my opinion help to next buyer.

Bought me first noisecancellation headphones and i was not disappointed. They also give you a 18 month guarantee. There new 2018 model will be definatly on me christmas list.

The battery lasts for days of heavy use. The only thing i don’t like about the headphones is that they must be switched on even in wired mode. However, considering the battery life this has never been a problem. Customer service is excellent. One earpiece was damaged and i received a replacement set the next day.

Noice cancellation is good for office environment.

For the price i am very pleased with this purchase. Noise cancelling most noticeable on an aircraft.

I bought these headphones great value for money they fit very well over your ears the sound is very clear excellent product.

These are incredible headphones for the price. I originally bought them to use as a back up to my bose noise cancellation headphones (as the bose ones don’t last for very long). Now i use these headphones as my primary set. Whilst the quality might/isn’t up to bose perhaps they are still ultra comfortable and the battery lasts for ages. In short they’re much easier to use than faffing around with the bose set. Cannot believe the quality for the price. Would definitely buy a second set in the future.

Struggled at first to decide which headphones to buy. Chose these and am so glad i did. Sound quality is fab, easy to contact and the battery life makes the choice a no brainer.

Best impulse purchase i have ever made: great value for money, cowin’s are soft and comfortable on the ear, provide very good noise cancelling (while making it safe to move around), and have excellent battery life. I use mine to commute across london and while watching netflix at home – i often go a whole week without having to recharge them and after a year i’ve seen no reduction in buttery life and it only takes a couple of hours to recharge to full. Nice and easy to set up – even for the tech averse. These were so good that i’ve bought 2 more pairs for family and have recommended to several friends. Also, cowin customer service is excellent in case you have any questions or issues.

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