COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones : Nice item

Bought me first noisecancellation headphones and i was not disappointed. They also give you a 18 month guarantee. There new 2018 model will be definatly on me christmas list.

This is a good product but it doesnt last long, i’ve bought this twice and both times the right ear broke.

For the price i am very pleased with this purchase. Noise cancelling most noticeable on an aircraft.

Hello, i’d just like to say that the headphones look impressive. I use them every night to watch tv so that it doesn’t disturb anyone sleeping. The instructions are easy to follow, the sound quality is good so how long will they last ?, only time will tell.

The battery lasts for days of heavy use. The only thing i don’t like about the headphones is that they must be switched on even in wired mode. However, considering the battery life this has never been a problem. Customer service is excellent. One earpiece was damaged and i received a replacement set the next day.

Bought for partner to help with crowded places. They are very good and would defo recommend for the money.

Excellent noise cancelling on plane and a lot more user friendly than aircraft supplied headsets. Very good sound reproduction from both bluetooth and wired connections. Watched recorded video from ipad on return flight for 6 hours without problem. Bought separate right angle headphone cord for plane use to avoid sticking out cord in plane seat connector.

Good item good sound lasted a long time still going strong.

  • Great headset
  • I wouldn’t buy any other headphones
  • Surprisingly good for this price point

COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone Hi-Fi Deep Bass Wireless Headphones Over Ear, Comfortable Protein Earpads, 30 Hours Playtime for Travel Work TV Computer (Black)

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I really liked these headphones. The materials feel great and to me and the sound quality was awesome to me. The only issue that i had is that the built in microphone was pretty poor, people really struggled to hear me whenever i tried to make voice calls with these headphones. Other than that, definitely an amazing product for sound quality.

Well i have lived with these earphones for 2 months now, this includes a trip to america. They were purchased for the active noise cancelling ability and comfort. On arrival they were exceptionally well boxed,complete with storage bag which is a snug fit but perfect for keeping them in great shape. The sound was well above what i expected, a little bass rich for me but easily accepted. Clarity is well defined and comfort has been well thought out. The pads sit well over my ears and do not produce over heating like some. They are well balanced and not heavy. Build quality is sturdy but precise. The sound cancelling is for me a little odd. I can only explain it as a slight positive pressure on your inner ear.

I purchased these headphones 14 months ago so i have a view that comes with experience. I loved them at the start and 14 months later i still love them. By far the best headphone i have purchased. They are comfortable, sound good (i mainly listen to audio books but music sounds great also) and i know i can trust them to work. I used to pay 20 odd quid on other pairs but sooner rather than later something would render them useless. If my current pair become unusable i will be buying same again.

For non-musical experts this is a great products. The sound quality is good and the noise-cancelling, although not perfect works pretty well.

Excellent headphones,very comfortable and good sound quality. I use them on flights and the noise cancelling is fantastic.

A good price for a very good article. Having had many sets of headphones (trying to reduce aircraft noise when flying) i can honestly say that these have come out as no 1 so far for me. Good sound quality, good damping of external sound & comfortable.

These cans are great for me. I work long hours in a noisy environment. Since i’ve had these headphones i can listen to my podcasts on low volume. It cancels out the annoying high frequency ambient sound. But i can still hear what i need to hear in the real world because the volume is lowerthat said, i’m comparing with non noise cancelling headphones as i used before. In that comparison my work is far less tiring with this product, but i never used any other noise cancelling kit so as to the comparative efficacy of that feature i can’t comment other than to say that in my ignorance i am delighted. The other delight is the battery life. I have done a 12 hour day, been too tired to remember to recharge them before bed, and they’ve still lasted all the next day without so much as a low battery warning. If you spend a lot of time around loud white noise, this is a great buy.

I ordered these when on special, as i would never pay such an amount for headphones, i am not into music, and to be honest would run music through my sound bar or via my pc speakers. I do not sit on trains with headphones and if i were to listen outside the house would use normal ear buds on my phone. So what do you use them for i hear you ask. I watch films on my laptop or ipad, i also use youtube when studying so when studying in bed as an example. So please read this review bearing this in mind i am not a hi-fi fanatic. Items arrived next day (amazon prime), they came in a black box with silver lettering and a headphone picture, underneath the box was the serial number etc. Inside the box, a thank you card for buying, a black plastic pouch for storing the headset, unicef card to leave a review and they will donate $1, another thank you card please leave a review-competition, finally the headset and leads and instruction manuel. Instruction manuel is 14 pages of which 4 sides are in english. The headphones and leads are protected by a foam insert, more than adequate for shipping though would not last long if you were going to store them in the box.

  • Great headset
  • I wouldn’t buy any other headphones
  • Surprisingly good for this price point

COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone Hi-Fi Deep Bass Wireless Headphones Over Ear, Comfortable Protein Earpads, 30 Hours Playtime for Travel Work TV Computer (Black)

**** update 29th december ****so the customer service chap i’ve been speaking to (lawrence) actually delivered and resolved my issue with the headphones. I think its fair to say you can buy these headphones with complete piece of mind that if you have any issues they will be resolved quickly by the seller. I’ve never come across such proactive customer service and i’m amazed by how quick and efficient the service has been. 5 star customer service**** update *****a rather surprising conversation has begun with what seems to be incredible customer service.The chap behind the brand has started a conversation towards putting me right with the headphones i’ve had issues with. Thus far i’ve never experienced this kind of proactive customer service and clearly the chap really believes in his product. I’ll update again when this reaches a conclusion but i thought this noteworthy to include in the review. I’ll revert back when this reaches a conclusion. Thank you for lawrence for being so proactive**************************************i’ve bought two pairs of these headphones now. Both pairs have now broken in the same way.

Overall i am happy with these headphones. I have been using them for around a year now and they are still going fine. I use them almost every day. They fit well and are not very heavy. The noise cancelling aspect is fine, not as complete as i would like but at the price i bought them i am pretty happy with it. Connecting them over bluetooth is pretty easy. The charge lasts a decent amount of time.

The sound quality and noise cancelling are both execellent. I now wonder how i managed flights without the noise cancelling from these headphones. The battery life is also easily long enough for long haul flights or a few days of use. These headphones perform well above others i have used in a similar price range. The warranty and customer service are also very good. After a year of use, one the headphones broke off the overhead arch. As i was within the 18 month warranty, they sent me new ones. I emailed the cowin support email address and the process was very straightforward.

I got these to replace my stealth 800d, on paper seems comparable in reality not so. Is one there at all?- there are two sittings on the pc for bluetooth connectivity make sure you chose the right one, hands-free and stereo according to your needs, i use stereo for most occasions is acceptable. 2) if using with a pc, make sure you have bluetooth, this does not come with one. 3) support is fantastic, i have an overall quality of mic issue and i’m outside the support time window (i’m in africa now so just no chance of making the window) even so the supplier is giving full support, support is everything so the supplier got bumped to 4 stars.

These are without a doubt the best headphones i have ever owned. My family now has three pairs of these, all from the same seller on amazon. I have had no issues with any of them, sound quality is fantastic and noise cancelling is effective. They are very comfortable and the pads completely cover the ears. One pair are now around two years old and there is no sign of wear on the pads. Other makes i have had, including sony, have all had a problem with the ear pads ‘peeling off’ after some use, but not these. They are very easy to charge and hold the charge for absolutely ages. I wouldn’t buy any other headphones.

Let me preface my review by explaining what i was looking for in a pair of headphones. I work in the music industry so i listen to a lot of music everyday. It’s important for me to have not just good sound but also sound that isn’t tiring and a comfortable pair of headphones to wear for long periods of time. For listening to music i was looking for headphones with sound that doesn’t artificially boost the bass or any other frequencies too much but at the same time are not flat response headphones which are boring as hell. I’ve got some old expensive flat response headphones which i can use for proper monitoring but also wanted a reasonably priced pair of headphones which i’m not too worried about losing or damaging, can throw in a bag and can provide an everyday listening experience with a little more excitement and to give an idea of what most people will listen to music on. I tried the headphones against 5 other headphones. These were:sumvision® psyc® wave zx wireless wired bluetooth stereo headphones headset built in microphone bluetooth 4. 0 noise isolation for iphone ipad mini a 26. 99ausdom h8 bluetooth headphones wireless headset foldable gaming headset v4. 1 with mic and share me function for smartphone computer tv 44.

These headphones are very sturdy, sit tight when worn and they’re very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Really great clear sound, deep rich bass. Battery life is good i charge them once a week and i use them for around 3/4 hours a day commuting to and from work. Overall a great set of headphones, happy i purchased these.

These are superb headphones the sound is terrific and really comfortable to wear for long spells. I can recommend this seller.

I can’t fault this product, great sound and does everything you want from wired or wireless headphones.

I find the headphones perfect.

Noice cancellation is good for office environment.

I have a set of sony headphones that were re conditioned, i love them, but as they are surround sound and wireless, they cost 6 times more, and have to have base unit. However these headphones i also love. I do a lot of music mixing in my spare time, thay do the job at a lot less money. Packaging and instructions were second to none as well.

Best impulse purchase i have ever made: great value for money, cowin’s are soft and comfortable on the ear, provide very good noise cancelling (while making it safe to move around), and have excellent battery life. I use mine to commute across london and while watching netflix at home – i often go a whole week without having to recharge them and after a year i’ve seen no reduction in buttery life and it only takes a couple of hours to recharge to full. Nice and easy to set up – even for the tech averse. These were so good that i’ve bought 2 more pairs for family and have recommended to several friends. Also, cowin customer service is excellent in case you have any questions or issues.

Bought these to use on long haul flights. So my needs were:comfy for long flightsnot expensive (in case they get damaged/lost)sound cancelling to block noisy kids and engine roargood enough sound to be usable dailyso how did they fair on my first trip to the us?surprisingly well actually. In daily use at home, the sound cancelling robs the depth of bass so i wouldnt use it there, but they’re excellent without it on. The sound cancelling was so good, that i kept them on even when i wasn’t watching a film or listening to music simply because they obliterated so much of the background noise. The sound was excellent and clear, good all round sound. I’m sure £300 headphones sound better, but probably not 5 x better ;0)what about build quality?not bad, especially at this price. A little plasticky, but solid enough, i don’t ever feel like they’ll break. The phone’s fold flat, but that’s it. They do come with a travel bag, but its only just big enough, so if travel packing size is your no 1 priority, look elsewhere, but as they do fold flat, they slip easily in the centre pouch of my laptop bag with no effort. Claimed is 30 hours without nc on, about 20 with.

I use these headphones for listening to music and audiobooks, and they will work for phone calls, but apparently, because the mike is not on a boom can be a bit echo-ey. They are well built, and a charge lasts for a good time. The bt stopped working on my first pair, but customer service happily and readily replaced them after a good period. The btwill only pair to a single device – which i think is a feature of this generation of bt chip. That could be a plus, or a minus. Customer service wins for me.

Struggled at first to decide which headphones to buy. Chose these and am so glad i did. Sound quality is fab, easy to contact and the battery life makes the choice a no brainer.

It is what you pay for the quality of sound could be better but it’s excellent for what you pay for.

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