cowin E7 PRO [Upgraded] Active Noise Cancelling Headphone Bluetooth Headphones : Disappointing

Fantastic quality headphones, great sound and active noise cancelling is very effective.

First of all, i must state that i received these headphones for free to review after previously buying a set that was faulty and returned for a refund. First the positives: they look really good, well packaged and feel very comfortable to wear. The sound quality is decent and they connect via bluetooth to both my laptop (win10) and iphone very easily. There is a supplied usb charge cable and a phono cable to connect to non-bluetooth devices. However there are some negatives: the noise cancellation is awful, with it switched on every time you move, the headphones make a noise which is audible over the music. It seems that the headphones must be charged even when you want to use them via the phone plus, this means that if you’re out and about and run out of battery, then headphones are useless (other suppliers can do this). If the heaphone battery is low, you get a beeping warning, this continues even if you start charging the headphone whilst still using them. In conclusion, the heaphones are ok, but to be honest i would expect a more polished product for the price, after getting an initial refund, i bought a set of steel series artics 3 bluetooth headphones which are a bit more expensive but for me are better. Would i have kept these had they not been free?.I’m not sure, my son likes them so he will use them – he uses them playing online gaming and connected to his android phone so he’s happy.

Sound cracks a bit when running even during workout too. Noise calling work very well.

Delivers as expected, good sound, comfortable design, would definitely recommend.

Durable, love the color compared to the black version, very good a cancelling out noise whether they are turned off or on.

Very good product and happy with the purchase, would defiately recommend.

Bought for noise canceling but it doesn’t work well i have asperger’s and have music on until safe limits still hear noise in background. Shame they don’t work better at noise canceling they do look good and i like they come with case.

I was satisfied with this itm. I dn’t know about the battery life as i have not had the headphones on for a huge length of time.

  • Fairly Decent Headphonse
  • Great headphones
  • Great piece of kit.

cowin E7 PRO [Upgraded] Active Noise Cancelling Headphone Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone Hi-Fi Deep Bass Wireless Headphones Over Ear 30H Playtime for Travel Work TV Computer Phone-Red

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Absolutely brilliant for the price.

I’m sick of false advertising these are the real deal.

I was travelling back from asia when i broke my previous headphones, the guy sitting next to me showed me his cowin headphones and they were incredibly comfortable. I then bought the headphones and they are great. The sound quality is 10/10 and the noise cancelling works really well, they are still incredibly comfortable. I haven’t yet charged the headphones so the battery life seems amazing. 5* would definitely recommend getting a pair.

I find the sound far superior without the noise cancelling function, but still good with it on. My teenage son was impressed when he tried them, he is a musician and has a far better ear than me.

Excellent quality for reasonable price.

This is my second pair of cowin bluetooth headphones and i am impressed with the improvementsmade to the e7 upgrade over the e7 – active noise cancelling wireless bluetooth headphones i bought last year. Ordered this upgrade only yesterday and it arrived todaymy feedback is based on about an hour of testing the cowin e7 pro [2018 upgraded active noise cancelling headphone bluetooth headphones with microphone hi-fi deep bass wireless headphones over ear 30h playtime for travel work tv computer phone (black). Lookthis looks a lot better than the chrome look of the e7 – active noise cancelling wireless bluetooth headphones. Sleekconveniencevery comfortable and snug.Doesn’t slip and fits perfectly. Noise cancellingdid a test by turning up my sonos soundbar to the maximum and i couldn’t hear a thing from the tv. Noise caancelling works really well and very effective. You have got the option to turn it off if you want too but i find the sound quality a lot better as it gives the sound a better base. You just get immersed in the sound like you have surround speakers. Way better than the previous version. Like i said earlier, you get immersed in itcontrolsthe only downside i have noticed so far is it is easier to pause the music than get it to play again. Only works about 20% of the time i tried. Also found out that by pressing the play/pause/answer call/led button twice quickly, you can call the last number on your call list. The volumes and next/previous buttons is easy to use after a few tries. ]

Bought as a birthday present for someone who wants to listen to their music without the rest of the bus hearing. Sadly, these do not do that. Don’t get me wrong, the sound quality is very good, but in no way does the noise cancellation match expectations. Look good, are really comfortable to wear, but only buy if you don’t mind everyone knowing what your taste in music is.

Good but one ear cup broke after a few months no immediate reason i hope it was just a one off.

  • Fairly Decent Headphonse
  • Great headphones
  • Great piece of kit.

cowin E7 PRO [Upgraded] Active Noise Cancelling Headphone Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone Hi-Fi Deep Bass Wireless Headphones Over Ear 30H Playtime for Travel Work TV Computer Phone-Red

Would definitely recommend to a friend really comfortable and great sound.

Having been a customer of the e7’s, i was curious how i would like the pros. I really like the comfort these bring. The e7s are comfortable, but the pros have a noticeably softer ear cup making it more comfortable for working or maintenance around the house. I also noticed that the ear cups swivel forward and backward to allow them to lay flat on your desk or chest more easily than the e7s. I like having the volume controls on the sides of the new pros. If my phone is in my pocket, i can just reach up and adjust quickly. Noise cancelling seems a bit better. Starting music in bluetooth mode then switching to noise cancelling you can hear a major difference which is nice. 5mm plug i can use noise cancelling with it.

I love this does, yes its expensive but does the job. Stay away from chinese technology they cheap and break after few weeks or months.

These are great quality very well made headphones and i would recommend them to anyone but they were not for me due to not being able to get them to connect with my bluetooth tv or satellite box . But they are a good quality product .

I’ve only just purchased the cowin e7 pro headphones, but i’m really happy with themi was worried that they wouldn’t be comfortable because i have a big head and i thought they might be tight. They are really comfortable and they sound great.

Bought for a holiday flight had a play with them and the noise cancelled no works really well. Can’t wait for the actual flight now to try them out properly.

I own bose qc35s but they are a few hundred pounds to buythey’re lightweight, fit perfectly, and have good sound and noise cancelling. So i’m going to compare these corwin’s e7 pros to them. The e7 pros are less than one hundred pounds and are brilliant value for moneynoice cancelling isn’t as good as bose and they’re not as comfortable but they do a good job of blocking out low pitched noises like traffic and sound. Not as good as the bose qc 35s at filtering out higher pitched noises but really good at the lower ones. They’re really good considering their price. I feel like you get a lot for the cost of them. I’ve used bose qc 35s and corwins e7s (the previous version) everyday for at least 6 months, and dropped them tones of times – so they’re both durable too. For the e7 pros i leant them to two other friends for a few weeks each and both loved the sound and battery life.

This product offer me what i was expecting. The customer service is nice and efficient, and it’s important when you have a problem. I will be back for other product from cowin.

Very comfortable and good noise cancelling.

Really good headphones – love the noise cancellingexcellent value for money.

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