cowin KY02 Bluetooth 5 : Good ear buds

This is a nice bit of kit, it’s l only pair of in ear phones that fit my ears and nicely fit under my ear defender’s. Excellent keep up the good work.

This is my second cowin product as i already own a pair of e7 headphones. I have had such bad experience of earphones in the past that i decided to stay away from them. Either they haven’t fitted correctly, the sound quality has been poor or with a pair of bluetooth ones the connection regularly dropped out along with poor fit and sound quality. So you can understand my reasons. When buying the e7 i was very impressed with comfort, sound quality and the amazing battery life. My only problem is that i run a lot and headphones are not usually suitable to running or sports in general. When i asked cowin they suggested their ky02. I must admit i was reluctant, but their customer service is brilliant so i knew if i had a problem with the buds they would sort me out so i ordered them. Firstly for fit i find these brilliant straight out of the box. There are other fittings provided but i havent even opened these as they fit me as supplied.

I bought these earphones as i have bought other cowin products in the past and have always been very pleased with comfort fit and performance. I have never owned a pair of fully wireless bluetooth earphones before, so i took the plunge and purchased a pair of the cowin ky02. These were delivered quickly direct from amazon. I unboxed the earphones and was presented with a travel case that will come in very handy for stowing the earphones and the charging box. The box that houses the earphones is really cool, with 3 blue lights on the front that indicate the amount of charge 1 light 25% through to 4 for 100%. The earphones plus available charge in the storage box provide well over 30 hours of usage time. These are easy to pair using bluetooth and very comfortable to wear with a non-intrusive design. These can be worn for extended periods with no problems. For such a small design they can deliver really good sound with no shortage of bass. A nice feature is that by tapping the earphones they can perform different functions such as change track or dial a phone call.

I recently purchased these for my holiday as i wanted a small pair of earbuds to wear on the beach and whilst working out in the gym, they are the second pair of headphones i have purchased from cowin and my other pair are the se7 noise cancelling model which are also amazing. After using them for a couple of days now i can honestly say they i am extremely impressed by the quality of sound, the noise cancelling, and the overhaul quality of these earbuds they fit snug in my ear and are very comfortable, and i’ve had no issues of them falling out whilst running on the treadmill. The charging case is small compact and very well made and the charge lasts for a very long time. The pairing of the earbuds to my iphone was so easy it took seconds. I would highly recommend these earbuds and for the price you can’t go wrong.

Great sound, long battery life, very good.

I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of wireless headphones that fit my small ears and don’t fall out with the slightly bit of movement. These work perfectly for me, they fit in my small ears and i’ve even been able to wear them to the gym (the bane of my life is wearing wired headphones to the gym as they’re constantly getting tangled and in the way) and i’m able to run around without them budging or even feeling like they’re going to fall out my earsi found it super easy for me to connect them to my phone, i’ve tried previous wireless headphones and found that they constantly disconnect from my phone and i’ve not had this problem with the cowin ones. My pack didn’t come with the instruction manual but i literally went to the bluetooth section on my phone and within a minute it had found the headphones and connected straight away. I found the sound quality fab and on par with higher end headphones without being clunky or heavy feeling (i sometimes find that heavy wireless headphones sometimes leave my smaller ears sore). I’ve haven’t charged them since they arrived and i’ve been wearing them non stop for listening to music and answering phone calls and they’ve not faulted. I was really impressed with how good the sound quality was when i was making phone calls via the headphones. The quality on either side of the call was really good, something i know that that is sometimes something wireless headphones struggle with. Overall i’m really impressed with them.

These wireless earphones are great. They fit neatly in my ears and it’s great not having wires to deal with. Great for travelling, walking and general activities. They are marked r for right ear and l for left ear. Pairing was easy, they connected immediately. They come in a great looking case. There is nothing cheap about this product. They are made well and look expensive. They beat wired earphones and the over the earphones. I wish i had bought them sooner. Using them daily and can’t rate them high enough.

I never write reviews, but i have been so impressed with the customer service from cowin that i felt obliged. I spoke with a guy called alan who’s customer service was amazing. His responses have been quick and supportive, delivering above and beyond customer service. He’s a real asset to the team and i will definitely be buying from cowin again. These headphones are fantastic. The sound quality is really impressive, as my music tends to have slightly more bass when i go running. These headphones definitely deliver. Great fit, fantastic battery life, really good sound quality. I would highly recommend them to anyone, and they’re definitely worth the price.

  • Excellent sound and build quality.
  • Amazing sound and quality build
  • Brilliant ear buds! Fantastic value for money.

cowin KY02 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones Sport Earphones Earbuds Built-in Mic Stereo Calls Extra Bass Touch Control 35H Playtime for Workout – Black


cowin KY02 ture wireless earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 technology transmits music from your phone to the headphones, so music plays reliably and consistently whether your phone is in your nearby gym bag, pocket or strapped to your arm, and provide clearly superior sound with powerful deep bass. Easy control – Tap, press or voice command, no need to get through the cell phone interface. Up to 6 hours of play time with single charge and an additional 30 hours with the included portable charging case. Equipped with different Silicone fits and IPX5 sweat-water resistance, these wireless earbuds are made to fill your workouts with your favorite music without getting in the way. No wires. No stopping you.


True Wireless Sports Headphones


Snug and Secure Fit

Lightweight mini Bluetooth headphones equipped 3 different pairs of eartips (in sizes S/M/L) for incredible comfortable and secure fitting, you can wear the most suitable size to fill your workouts with your favorite music without getting in the way.

  • Gentle Reminder: Please choose the most suitable eartips size for secure fitting and keep the ears comfortable.

cowin KY02 True Wireless In-ear Sports Free Earbuds

True Wireless. Bluetooth 5.0. 36H Playtime

Designed for sports and music lovers. Just your music with no wires to get in the way.

  • True wireless for workout,sports,busy office and anywhere in between.
  • Super sound and built-in microphone.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 ultra-fast connection.
  • IPX5 sweat-and-weather resistant.
  • 36hr playtime with include charging case.
  • Equip with different size silicone tips.
  • Easy touch control interface.
  • Come with a portable case for charging case.

Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds with Super Sound





No wires

Designed for sports and music lovers. Just put your mini headphones into ear and turn up the tunes, no wires entangled to disturb your workout with favorite music.

Bluetooth 5.0

With the advanced bluetooth 5.0 technology compatible with Apple or Android cell phones ensures ultra-fast pairing. Simplified setup through one touch to link cell phones and automatically connects the last-paired device when you next startup.

Super Sound

The larger speaker provides crisp superior sound free of pops, cracks and hisses. Powerful Extra bass sound gives you the drive to keep going by enchancing low frequencies for bigger beats.

Stereo Call

Hear and be heard. Built-in microphone for the stereo true wireless calls, offering incredible clarity of sound, made conversations as great as music.

Free Yourself with 36H Playtime





IPX5 Sweat-and-water Resistant

Yes to music, no to sweat. IPX5 Sweat-and-water resistant are made with precision-designed casing to protect splashproof when you’re at the gym or outside running.

36H Playtime

Up to 6 hours of playtime with single charge and an additional 30 hours with the included portable charging case, the magnetic headphone case will automatically put the earphone back in place and protecting.

Use Friendly

Easy to control with tap or press touch panel of sports wireless headphones. Allows hands-free calls, media playback, activate voice assistant and so on. Left and right earbuds will automatically connect when you open the headphone charging case.

Hard Travel Case

Come with a mini storage portable bag protect your charging case. Made of supreme quality, durable EVA crush resistant, anti-Shock, weather resistant material, maximize your earbuds from damage. Lightweight and good size for handhold and carry.


Earbuds Connection: Use the Dual Ear Mode

A1: Automatically Paired

Open the charging case, the earbuds are powered on automatically. The blue light flashes, and the left and right earbuds are automatically paired.

A2: Manual Connection

1. If the earbuds are currently or had already been connected to a Bluetooth device, click “forget” or remove “KY02” from your Bluetooth settings and turn off Bluetooth on your device.

2. Put the earbuds into the charging case, plug in the charging cable to charge the earbuds, then press and hold the touch panel for 5 seconds, the blue light flashes three times to clear the Bluetooth pairing record. Then put the earbuds into the charging case, reopen, as automatically paired.

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These earbuds fit my ears perfect. Also excellent music quality.

Great headphones for the price. Good at blocking out background noise and easy touch functionality. Only had them a couple of days but batter life is great. Only downsides are that unlike the over the head cowin headphones there is no bluetooth autoconnect to your phone (must be done manually). But maybe that’s normal for these types of headphones.

I’ve never owned or used a pair of wireless buds before, the shape of my ears meant that i could not wear airpods because they would just not stay in because the ends are so big, plus i could not justify the extortionate cost, i came across this little buds from cowin and on paper seemed to have great battery life so for £60 i thought i’d give them a go, so glad i did. I ordered them on saturday and they arrived sunday morning, i charged them up and paired them to my phone which was really quick and easy. Sound quality is really good, call quality is also clean and clear, i played various types of music at varying sound levels and both buds sound really good, the highs are crisp and clear, mids are good and the lows low enough to hear the punchy bass notes. When you open the lid these connects straight away about 2 seconds, don’t take them out before they have confirmed that they are connected. Build quality is superb they came with a variety of rubber ear covers so one of those are sure to fit every user, also included are 2 pairs of covers that cover most of the bud and they have an extended piece sticking out the side which grip inside your ear so they stay put, 2 different sizes see pics attached, when covers are on they still fit in the charger and charge. Battery life, i had them in for 4. 5 hours whilst i was cleaning the car and done the garden, they still have charge in them so i’m guessing the stated times are correct. The box they came in is also quality built and also comes with a travel pouch to protect the charging box. Overall i’m very pleased with my purchase and now i’m free of tangled wires and because of the attachments they stay in my ears, can’t go wrong with these i’d have no trouble recommending these buds. Go buy some and see for yourself.

Already own cowin e8 wireless headphones and was looking for something for wearing while out walking, the ky02 earbuds fit the bill perfectly with great sound and comfort. Would certainly purchase from cowin in the future.

Excellent battery life and very good sound.

I have cowin’s headphone and happy overall quality. This is the first product i bought as earpohone with noise cancellation. The aound quality and noise cancellation is well adjusted. The button sensitivy could be better. Considering price value performance is a good option.

This is my 3rd set of wireless in ear devices i have bought. The beats were good, but the ear clip meant they never were comfortable and the wire bugged me when running. I bought a pair of in ear buds from here, which the sound quality was terrible. They were only £30, but reviews seemed good. The quality was so bad i was going to return, but never got round to it, so had wasted £30. I have cowin e8 for work, which i use daily for 8 hours a day, for the last year. The quality was always good and on the back of that i bought se7 for home. I use the se7 for training, and the noise cancelling is as good as the e8, but my ears get warm running, but rather that than hear my feet on the treadmill. The noise cancelling on both and sound quality is excellent. The build has proven robust and even with heavy usage, have not lost any of their integrity.

Those ear buds are very comfortable, finally no wire at allevery day after work i always run to get out some steam, the problem is that the earphones i have, even though are confy, they have a wire between them that goes everywhere and periodically get stuck on my mustachesthis pairs of ear buds did the trick, so comfortable that i forget about them, the sound seems coming directly from my head, clear and natural, i love the qualityanother great feature is the portable charger, this saved my running session as sometimes i forget to charge my earphones and without them i cannot get in the moodbut the black plastic box that is visible in one of my picture is actually a portable charger that protect and charge the ear buds while i’m working. After work off to runfinal thought:they give a lot and ask a very small price for it, definitely a worthy pair of ear buds.

  • Excellent sound and build quality.
  • Amazing sound and quality build
  • Brilliant ear buds! Fantastic value for money.

cowin KY02 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones Sport Earphones Earbuds Built-in Mic Stereo Calls Extra Bass Touch Control 35H Playtime for Workout – Black

Great ear phone with a great price. I have given 5-stars in each of the 3 most important categories for earbuds & headphones. The fit is excellent for me. I use them for running and even on long, sweaty runs they don’t budge. Battery life- over the past few days i’ve been giving them a lot of use (approx 20 hours i’d say) and i haven’t needed to charge the carry case at all. I use them with my iphone and with siri, too.

I am a really big fan of these earbuds i’ve owned earbuds like these before however these are by far the best pair i’ve owned much better sound than my previous enacfire earbuds and a better charging case, they also sit in the ear very well and do not fall out very easily. Noise cancellation is also brilliant noise around you is completely drowned out. Overall a brilliant pair of headphones would recommend.

These bluetooth earphones are some of the best i have ever had. Are easy to set up on phone and charging is pretty quick as well. The fact that the earphones can last up to 6 hours is very handy when i’m at the gym, plus charging with the earphones case is handy as well (can take about a hour). Sound quality is better than i had expected and rivals some wired headphones i have had in past. I haven’t had any wireless signal issues with these either and being around multiple wireless signals thats needed. In terms of noise canceling, not really a feature on these earphones but do block out other noise pretty well anyway. For the price i would recommend these as are a good price and for what you pay along with the 18 months warranty is worth it.

I have a bought a previous e7 cowin and this is my second product from them. I use them at work where is a very noisy environment and also when i do my run daily. The ky02 are just perfect when you run. They fit perfectly and also the sound quality is very good. At work they do the job perfectly and the noise cancellation function is amazing. Battery holds for more than 12 hrs of active listening and only chbarged them once so far. I would not hesitate to buy more of their tech and highly recommend their products to anyone looking for nice design and excellent quality in one product.

The battery life is great used them all day and they have not died on me. Overall good buy for the money.

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • True Wireless: Bluetooth 5.0 true wireless earbuds compatible with Apple or Android cell phones ensures ultra-fast pairing, receive data and instructions accurately, reduces call and music dropouts; Bluetooth earbuds automatically connects the last-paired device on startup for total distraction-free workout experience.
  • Charge on the Go: Up to 6 hours of play time with single charge and an additional 30 hours with the included portable charging case. No worry about running out the battery. The magnetized charging case will hold wireless earphones in place automatically, protects and recharges wireless earbuds while they’re in your backpack or gym bag.
  • Super Sound Quality: Provide clearly superior sound with powerful deep bass, the sound quality of wireless headphones is as excellent as CD, and the music lovers will be totally immersed in the music world; Built-in microphone for the stereo true wireless calls, offering incredible clarity of sound, made conversations as great as music.
  • Made for Workout: Sweat-and-weather resistant earbuds (with an IPX5 rating) are made with precision-designed casing to protect splashproof when you’re at the gym or outside running. lightweight mini Bluetooth headphones equipped with 3 pairs of ear tips for Incredible comfortable and secure fitting when you workout.
  • Easy Touch Control: Easy to control with tap or press touch panel of sports wireless earphones, dual ear mode and single ear mode are available. Ear buds control function allows hands-free calls, media playback, activate voice assistant and so on. No need to get through the cell phone interface, only easy touch screen wireless controller. Perfect for running, walking, hiking, driving, meeting, etc. 18-month warranty and quick response & friendly customer service.