CREATIVE HITZ MA2400 on-ear Headphones : Decent Enough

Nice set of headphones which are affordable. They are comfortable to wear and provide excellent sound quality. In-line control allows easy access to vital controls. Although they are a little plasticy and not as slick, luxurious, or refined as more expensive sets, the sound is good. If you’re looking for a decent set, these don’t cost the earth and provide all the sound quality and enjoyment you desire.

These are cheap and cheerful headphones, but be warned you get what you pay for. The sonic’s of the headphones are adequate, however they do feel cheap, but you get that nowadays with most headphones. They look good, but i guess if they put more effort into making a slightly sturdier build then maybe i would think twice about using them more often. Currently, with constant use they feel as though the plastic will fall off. The bass is muffed and the clarity is sufficient in this range bracket. I would probably pay a bit more and get something better and robust if you are a music enthusiast. I am a bit disappointed as i feel that creative could have produced a decent set of headphones if a bit of extra thought on robustness on build and clarity. Albeit, they look nice but lack in other departments. I guess for the price this is what you would expect, but i for one expected something better.

I liked the fact the headphones folded up a little, which means they’re useful for travelling. However, the build quality is a little bit plasticky. What i liked most about these was how comfortable they were. You can barely feel they are there, and this is good for someone who wears glasses (my current headphones squash against my ears so tightly they quickly become comfortable. ) with these, i can listen for considerable amount of time and not feel any discomfort. The sound is not the clearest i’ve heard, but the bass is pretty strong – sometimes a little too strong for my liking. The cable is also the flat type, so it shouldn’t tangle easy. The inline control offers volume and pause/play controls. Edit: after a week or so of use, the ‘plastic triangle’ over one of the earphones became loose and started to just ‘pop’ out.

I am no audipile but do appreciate good quality sound. I have never owned a pair of creative headphones, but always read favourable reviews. These sound quality from these headphones is amazing and can easily give some of the more costly ones a run for their money. Bass was punchy, treble balanced and the doubt does go quite high without any distortion. I normally listen to movie and game soundtracks, all of which sounded beautiful. The only flaws i can find are that the headphones are not very cushioned which may be an issue for long wearing periods, as well as some noise leakage. Fortunately, i don’t play my music very loud, so thus is not much of an issue for me, personally. All in all, an excellent pair of headphones for the budget conscious consumer.

This is a pair of headphones at the top end of the ‘budget’ price bracket. The sound is average, sounding little better than the audio from a decent flatscreen tv. The build quality is acceptable, but has a slightly creaky, lightweight feel. The fit is okay but personally feels a little tight (or too loose if a open them up). I never found a really good balance. The mic and controls work well enough, but are nothing you won’t see on similarly priced sets. This is a case of get what you pay for; an averagely-good pair of headphones at a reasonable price.

The quality is superior in this price range as always from creative ;-).

Ok, so these aren’t top end speakers to use with your hifi. These are for more casual listening. They are quite light and a little plasticy, but comfortable enough to wear. Sound quality is decent without being remarkable. Perhaps just a little tinny. The kind of headphones you might take to the office.

These headphones are pleasantly comfortable to wear and have an acceptable tone off my htc one, though perhaps not quite as crisp and clear as i had hoped. They have a more pronounced bass and sharper treble when on my pc which has an expensive sound card, so maybe it’s more to do with the source. The multi-language manual is little help – i still haven’t worked out how to use the little button next to the in-line volume slider. They are a discreet black and silver – not as cool and assertive as my daughter’s more expensive red beats but they suit me fine.

  • old boy
  • Comfortable
  • Cheap and cheerful, if that is what you want

Creative HITZ MA2400 on-ear Headphones with 34 mm Drivers, Flat Folding Ear Cups, in-line Remote and Mic – Green

Product Description,
Creative Hitz MA2400 Headset, Enhanced Audio Headset for Music and Calls, Enjoy great comfort while listening to equally great audio quality. Click here to view a larger version. The Hitz series features this superb on-ear mobile headset with in-line remote and flat, tangle-free cable that comes in a choice of colours. We’ve designed these products so you’ll enjoy great comfort while listening to equally great audio quality. And because we know how important it is to stay connected, each headset comes with a microphone for clear calls.
The integrated one-touch button allows call and music playback control. Click here to view a larger version. Available in a choice of vivid colours. Click here to view a larger version. The Creative Hitz MA2400 headset’s bass-tuned Neodymium drivers deliver audio with deep bass for an impactful music listening experience. This ergonomically designed headset, which comes in a variety of hues, is the ideal choice for mobile entertainment and voice calls. The Creative Hitz MA2400 is also ideal for long listening sessions. Each headset features extra comfortable earpads and headband for extended music listening and voice calls.

Superb Audio Performance, Powerful bass-tuned 34 mm Neodymium drivers offer an impressive audio delivery of your latest tracks while preserving clear voice calls. You’re ensured of getting a solid performance for any usage scenario.

Ergonomic Design, The plush earcup and headband padding provides maximum comfort even with prolonged usage. Its on-ear design delivers optimal sound isolation for an immersive listening experience. Plus, the earcups of the headset fold flat for convenient and compact storage.
The gold-plated plug offers a high-grade connection. Click here to view a larger version.

Clear Conversations with Optimised Controls, Ideal for today’s urban commuter, the Creative Hitz MA2400 comes with convenient controls that let you access volume and playback functions without you actually having to reach for your smartphone. The in-line microphone delivers crisp conversations during calls, and the integrated one-touch button allows call and music playback control that is optimised for a wide range of smartphones and tablets.

Convenient, Tangle-free, Clear Music Listening, Enjoy superior and fuss-free music listening with the flat, tangle-free cables that reduce unwanted contact noises and the gold-plated plug that offers a high-grade connection. The MA2400 also comes with flat-fold ear-cups for easy stowage — great for when when you want to carry your headset in your rucksack or bag.

Lively, Vivid Colours, These headsets take on a new refreshing look, with a range of vivid colours for you to choose from.

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  • 1 pair of Creative Hitz MA2400 headset
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    I got these headphones as i had been using in the ear ones which i found really uncomfortable. It’s really comfortable around the ears where you can barely feel you have them on but the headband shape doesn’t suit so it keeps slipping backwards and is therefore not comfortable in that way. The ear pieces swivel so you can have the headband on and remove one ear piece easily to listen to someone without taking off the headband. I am happy with the quality of the sound through it. The cable is anadequate length, it has an in-line volume control which works well and a pause/play button which doesn’t work with the media player i use but works with my phone without any set-up needed. All in all i’m content but wish the headband felt comfier.

    • old boy
    • Comfortable
    • Cheap and cheerful, if that is what you want

    Creative HITZ MA2400 on-ear Headphones with 34 mm Drivers, Flat Folding Ear Cups, in-line Remote and Mic – Green

    Features and Spesification

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    • Ideal for music and calls
    • Good audio performance
    • Clear conversations with optimised controls
    • Tangle-free, clear music listening
    • Lively, vivid colours