CREATIVE WP-350 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones : Good Headphones but uncomfy

Good comfortable headphones. I like it and the battery life is good. The mic unfortunately is not good at all. It feels like talking under water. Buy it if you need a decent headphone, not for the mic.

This headphones do exactly what you’d expect. They are incredibly easy to use, fairly comfy, and have decent sound quality. The reduced sound, caused by bluetooth compression, is easily made up for by the convenience of not having any wires trailing around.

I was positively surprised by the wireless feature which works great, and you get used to working pretty fast. The bass is quite good, though i have experienced some scratching sounds, where the only solution is to turn the headphones off. What really disappointed me was the size of the closure size around the ear. They are quite small and they don’t surround the entire ear which is pretty annoying. Also the placement of the buttons and the fact that you can’t choose locking the buttons, have resulted in various mistake pocket calls to family and friends. And making it difficult to sleep with them on without mistakenly pushing a button. You get very tactical learning how to turn the headphones when you switch sleeping position ;)but i must emphasise that i am overall happy with them. The design is sleek, modern and discrete plus they have great sound, avoiding to disturb the people around you. I will never again want a none-wireless pair.

Plus points:- the control buttons on the side of one headphone: a great and convenient way to change content etc. Difficult at first because until you get used to it, you’re constantly taking off the headset so that you can see which button you’re pressing, but once learnt, it’s very easy. – no wires- nice sleek black design- comfortable- easy to set up on the computerminus points:- the design of the ear cover. It’s too small; i know they’re supposed to sit ‘on top’ of the ear rather than around it, but they just feel and look too small to me. – sound quality for music isn’t great. Those who are used to high-end sound will be disappointed.

I had often thought that a set of wireless headphones would be just what i needed, as i often found myself getting twisted in the cord of my old pair or suddenly being yanked backwards when the wire proved too short to walk away. However, the quality of wireless headphones was always said to be far inferior to a standard set which is why i never bought any. Bluetooth has now been used to improve the wireless quality of headphones and i’m pleased to report that this set proved to be very capable. They were incredibly easy to pair up with my other bluetooth equipment and the range of the wireless facility was excellent – i managed to walk around 40 metres away from my music player without the signal even starting to break up. It was significantly less when i had solid walls in the way, but still impressive at around 15 metres before the signal broke but at least i could simply walk back within range again to resume operations. The headphones charge up via a usb connection and this took just over an hour. That charge lasted far longer than i’d expected so i have been impressed with their staying power. They are also fairly comfortable to wear, and on first use wore them almost constantly for five hours though by the end of that time i was glad to take them off. Adjustments to volume can easily be done whilst wearing them, along with skipping tracks etc – they are very easy to use and the controls are quite intuitive. The sound proved to be clear for me but it did lack good bass.

Once you have got it paired with your pc (or whatever) it works very well. I bought it to hear movies when i was in hospital. The stereo effect is very wide. I was able to hear sounds that were off picture.

These are vastly underrated. It might be that many reviewers online paired them to devices that don’t support aptx codec (older apple products maybe?), but these sound seriously good. I use them with android phones and a laptop. The wp-350s have a well-rounded sound signature with plenty of bass response, but they don’t ‘add in’ any low frequencies that aren’t present in the mix. I’m sure you can get a little better ‘articulation’ of sound from high-end wired offerings, but as a trade-off, these ‘phones rarely seem overly harsh or ‘bright’. Just a rich, clean sound with everything represented well. As for the soundstage, i sometimes watch gamers play on twitch and am surprised at their difficulty in pinpointing enemy locations by sound. The sense of sonic positioning on the wp-350s is superb. The earcups both extend, and swivel through about 120 degrees. Resultantly, they are very comfortable for on-ear headphones, with the well-judged clamping pressure distributed evenly across the ear.

These headphones are decent quality for the money. They feel and look okay, they pair every time and the sound quality is good as long as you’re not expecting wired quality sound.

  • Was Pleasantly Surprised.
  • Great sound quality, Good comfort, mic only ok.
  • Good but

Creative WP-350 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Built-in Microphone

Product Description, Whether it’s chatting on your mobile phone or tuning to music from your Bluetooth-enabled devices, the Creative WP-350 Bluetooth wireless headphones with “invisible mic” handles both with equal aplomb. It incorporates aptX technology that ensures audio content transmitted over Bluetooth is instant and crystal-clear.

Box Contains,

  • 1 pair of WP-350 headphones with invisible mic
  • 1 travel pouch
  • 1 USB charging cable (1m / 3.3ft)
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    I brought this headset for my iphone and works perfectly, the sound is really good for bluetooth headphones lots of clarity and bass. My only gripe was after a hour or my ear became hot and i got head pain now i’m not sure if that’s just me or down to bluetooth technology but i found them to uncomfortable and had doubts on the safety of bluetooth technology. I have since returned them for wired headphones and are fine no head pain at all. My only advice is try them see how you get on.

    I am listening to music on these as i write, and the sound of these is amazing. Rich bass, faithful high end and middle; very clear sound. They feel great on and it’s lovely being able to move around without the feeling of wires hanging down. It paired really easily with my smartphone, i just pressed the phone button on them, turned on bluetooth, and selected search for devices on my phone and was playing music wirelessly within 5 seconds. What a brilliant idea these are. I suspect i am going to use these a lot. I appreciate good music and these headphones are up there with my professional sound system as capable of delivering the high quality reproduction of music that i demand with the freedom of no wires headphones.

    I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of bluetooth headphones for a very long time and just writing this review five minutes after opening, pairing and listing to the first few songs. These are probably the best bluetooth headphones i’ve had. I initally bought the much more expensive sennheiser mm400: these obviously are very well built and had clear sound, but lacking in bass on some tracks that don’t try too hard i. As i generally liked the sennheiser i returned and bought the bigger px 360 bt, but they were terrible with higher frequencies just too shrill and bass sounded like it was a sub woofer thumping in the distance – like at the neighbours. The plus side to the px 360 bt was that sound was like separates where you could tell the difference between the mids. Highs and lows very clearly but overall the sounds was distored and just not loud enough. Then i shelled out lot more money and bought the b&w p5’s for £255 from apple and these sound out of the world but again these were wired so i was left hunting again. Then i came across these bad boys and reluctantly purchased – just to try – and straight out of the box the sound was just perferct over bluetooth, highs are clear (listening to newton faulkner), bass is rich with really soft thud that does not become overwhelming (unlike the monsters, that you have to play really loud to get the right punch). Then i tried some pop / rock and eventually some kings of leon and boy they sounded as good as they did on the really expensive b&w’s. . Gotta hand to creative to get the sound right over bluetooth. Obviously this review is after the first 5-10 mins of using but because i had nearly given up my search for the perfect sound over bluetooth. I’m so pleased and that too at less than half the cost of sennheisers.

    I bought these on behalf of someone who isn’t savvy with technology and they’re really impressed by them. He just uses them for listening to his music, so i can’t give a review of the built in microphone.

    Not very bassy but very clear. Seemed slightly weak at first after wearing a bassy headset but after using them they give good clear sound. However i had to return mine as the adjustment arm became faulty and went for an alternative. Also found them uncomfortable after about an hour as they sit on the ear and they gave me an ache after about an hour.

    I love this product and want a pair for my son but currently unavailable i got a pair for my wife and me and one day i saw a mate wearing them and ask where he got them and from that point i bought a pair good for when iam riding my bike even when i went from london to brighton recommended.

    Creative’s apt-x enabled bluetooth headphones are the best sounding of all the bluetooth headphones that i’ve tried, apart from sennheiser’s range which are available least 3 to 4 times the price. Their new wp350 model, however, which now includes a microphone for making and answering calls, falls somewhat short of the mark, as the microphone whilst being discreetly hidden for presumably aesthetic purposes makes it nigh-on impossible to have a conversation without the need to shout. Furthermore, whilst the bluetooth signal in their older model-wp300 was fantastic, these seem to periodically cut out whilst out and about which becomes somewhat infuriating to say the least. Hence, if you want excellent sound quality, good build quality and superb comfort, forgot these and go for the older and cheaper wp300 model.

    I’ve had a number of high quality head and earphones over the past few years and these headphones punch well above their weight.

    • Was Pleasantly Surprised.
    • Great sound quality, Good comfort, mic only ok.
    • Good but

    Creative WP-350 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Built-in Microphone

    I know bluetooth is meant to detract from the audiophile quality but in this case it really did not, it sounds really good. I like them, they look good and they were easy to connect to my iphone and the interactivity with the phone is good. The only downside is that callers can say they hear everything from the microphone as well as my voice . All in all though a good product at a great price and no wires .

    I’ve never used bluetooth headphones before – i’m quite picky about sound quality, and i tend to use decent wired headphones with my portable audio devices to get the best sound. I was curious to see if my doubts about bluetooth audio were based in reality, so i gave these creative headphones a try. First impressions are pretty good (other than it taking me 5 minutes to work out how to get them out of the box) they feel light but sturdy, and pairing them with both my iphone 4 and my ipad was painless. Both devices sent audio to the creatives by default when paired, and the controls on the right hand side of the headphones worked for play, pause and track skip. The headphones fit quite tightly, but not uncomfortably so, and they do a reasonable job of blocking a lot of the outside noise. Contrary to appearances, they sit on the ears rather than around them, but the ear pads are comfortable and the overall weight of the headset is less than some full-size headphones without bluetooth. Certainly i was able to wear them for an hour or more without feeling any discomfort. It’s a game of two halves, really. The headphones and amplifier sound pretty good – the bass is deep and well-defined, and the treble is clear without being shrill or tiring.

    Didn’t realize i had them for so long.

    Good sound quality, comfortable to wear, connected no problem to my tablet and time between charges is excellent. No complaints and to date a choice investment.

    As usual, creative never fail to live up to their legacy in sound quality. The headset is one of the best i have used, really clear sound, good bluetooth technology. The battery life is outstanding and they took under one hour to rechargeonly drawback is perhaps the mic – not everyone was able to hear me clearly when i was speaking over the headphones.

    Love these headphones – so easy and uncomplicated to use and have used them almost every day since buying them in 2011 and they are still as good as new now in 2016 and no discernible decrease in battery life after 5 years of constant use. They have a nice small profile so don’t feel silly wearing them in public. Am looking at them again to buy another pair for someone else.

    Bought these headphones after reading many of the reviews on amazon. Have to say i am very impressed. My primary use is listening to audiobooks, and these phones do a great job. Battery life is good and they are comfortable for quite some time. I think most on ear phones will start to be uncomfortable after a while, well they are for me. These headphones are very good and at the price are a bargain. I have not tested them on a full on music test, but that is not what i bought them for, for audiobooks or podcasts they are brilliant.

    I’ve been through quite a number of bluetooth headphones. I started first with the 7dayshop dj headphones around 10-15 pounds. Last year i upgraded to the 7dayshop r7 premium headphones for 45, now 35 which do have good sound quality. However these creative 350s are far beyond any headphones i’ve tried. The sound quality is simply amazing for bluetooth headphones around this price. My only problem with them is that they are not the most comfortable and they are my first pair of truly on ear headphones. Maybe i will get used to this in time. I decided to also buy a pair of wp-380s to see if they would be more comfortable and unfortunately the sound quality just was no where near 350 headphones and sounded muffled. I still want to try out some of the other over ear bluetooth headphones from philips, etc to see if i can find a more comfortable pair. If you are looking for a pair of really crisp and clear sounding headphones these are probably the pair for you.

    Very handy item, fantastic sound quality, bass is momentous. Battery lasts a long time, easy to connect.

    Bought these as i wanted to save myself from the tangle of earphone wires on my daily commute. Easy to connect, good sound quality (if a little quiet) but unfortunately had to send them back because, as a number of other reviews have noted, the size of these “on-ear” headphones is very strange. The design of the padding around the cup makes it look as though the cups should cover your whole ear, but they are too small to do this and are in fact meant to sit on it; however, the cups are a bit big to comfortably sit on your ear and so result in the disconcerting feeling that they are constantly slipping off. This too big/too small “on-ear” design also appears to enhance the noise leakage, which isn’t great for happy co-commuters. Unfortunately had to send these back and get the philips shb9100/00 which are excellent and a far more comfortable size.

    Bought these to use during travelling as i fly a lot and was fed up of cables breaking and getting tangled up mid flight. The headset is very light and comfortable if using for long periods. Set up was simple and they linked to my ipod/ipad/iphone and mac first time of asking (you will need to remember to turn your bluetooth off or the headset will connect every time you turn it on). Battery life is advertised as around 5 hours but so far i have exceeded this on every charge. Sound quality is surprisingly good – bass could be better.

    Really good product, robust, lightweight and very good sound quality for the price. The set-up is pretty straight forward using the instructions in the manual. One thing to watch out for is that when you pair it with a device, if you set it to use the microphone, the playback quality degrades quite considerably, so if using it for music ensure you don’t use the microphone at the same time. Battery life is good and they can be used while charging if you don’t mind being tethered to a usb portoverall though, great quality for the price.

    This product looks small and cute and to me it seems feminine (i am a woman). The two individual cups that go over my ears are a bit small and it took me awhile to find a comfortable position for them because they did not completely cover my ears. But now i got used to it and they are great. The sound is very clear and i can walk around my appartment freely without losing the sound. One problem i found was that the after sale support was disappointing. I had a problem using skype. However, i was not able to contact creative lab because there was no telephone contact number. Being a global company, creative lab should have telephone numbers to call on 24/7 basis. It was surprising and disappointing that i was not able to find an answer quickly to my problem. I had to leave a message and while waiting for them to get back to me i was able to find my own solution.

    These headphones were great value for money, the sound quality is excellent and the battery life is good. I used them when going running but arent ideal as they slip and are uncomfortable on the ears.

    After spending most of the last 12 months or so using a pair of sony nc-22’s wired headphones, i started to tire with having wires that seem to knot themselves together on a very frequent basis. Add in that my jabra wired pc headset also stopped working, i was looking for a wireless solution for both my pc, smartphone and ipad. First of all, i checked out the jabra halo 2 headphones, which on the face of it, looked like an ideal solution, but i found principally that the audio connection stability between my devices and those headphones was poor. So, i shipped those back and literally stumbled upon the listing on amazon for the creative labs wp-350. Generally, they had great reviews, so i thought i would give them a go, and they were around £10 cheaper than the jabra equivalentswhat attracted me to these, was that these headphones support the apt-x audio codec, which my smartphone supports, which promises better quality sound reproduction over bluetooth. Well, after having these for 2 days, and have tried them with all three of my devices, i can say that i am very much surprised by these headphones. Firstly, they paired with all three devices, and so far, the connectivity has been much improved over the jabra set. No drop out’s from my smartphone or ipad, and only the occasional blip via the pc. The next thing that surprised me, was the sound quality. Wireless headphones have never been as good as their wired equivalents, due to the use of audio conversion for wireless, where wired does not require this, but i have found these headphones to be just slightly inferior in sound to my sony nc-22’s (wired).

    These are my first pair of bluetooth headphones and i have to say they are great in terms of audio quality. The sound is rich and far better than i was expecting, and have been pretty impressed with how clear the sound is over bluetooth. I have been leaving the phone in the front room and have been quite happy wearing these wandering into the kitchen and doing the hoovering around the flat. Mine isn’t the biggest flat but over a 20m range and with a couple of walls in the way the signal still hasn’t shown signs of breaking up. That could be as much to do with the density of my walls mind you. So for me and doing what i hoped they should do – being portable and sounding good – i can’t fault them. From a technical perspective i am using these with my galaxy s2, running ics android. Don’t know if this makes any difference to anyone but i guess it may be helpful for people considering headphones for that particular phone. Key good points- comfort is great – they are a firm fit but are comfortable.

    In appearance, they are very smart, with shiny black covers over the ear cups and controls built into the right hand one. I charged them on arrival, using the supplied usb cable. To pair them with a player, hold down the play button for five seconds and then follow the instructions on your ithing, phone or whatever. From that point on, you can enjoy your music on the headphones. The style is on-ear rather than over-ear, as they are too small to enclose the ears. I generally use in-ear buds now and have not used full-sized headphones for several years. These were comfortable, not too tight, but didn’t cut out ambient noise. The quality of sound was impressive, though i noticed sibilance in some passages, which i put down to bluetooth compression. Overall i liked the sound of orchestral and chamber music.

    The only problems are bluetooth (connectivity/stability) problems. Headphones great for the price. Controls are very intuitive, and simple to operate.

    Features and Spesification

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    • Wireless Bluetooth stereo headset with a concealed microphone
    • Enhanced audio experience with apt-X technology
    • Superior sonic performance with neodymium drivers
    • Soft leatherette ear cushions fold flat for easy storage
    • Compatible with mobile Bluetooth devices, such as laptops, mobile phones, or portable media players