Cricket Flour Energy Bars by Crobar

You heard me right – cricket flour. Energy bars or health bars, whichever you wish to call them, are my go-to snack these days to aid me towards a healthier diet that doesn’t involve constantly snacking on unnecessary sugary treats. I recently did a post on healthy teas which helped cure my cravings throughout the day, but sometimes you do want to be able to just eat something, rather than drink your cravings away. That’s where Crobar comes in.Cricket Flour

Crobar have introduced us to the latest ‘award-winning, protein-rich cricket flour energy bars’, which are the perfect snack for anyone. Do you need a gluten-free, soy-free, or dairy-free snack? Crobar has got you covered, matey. All their bars are free of gluten, soy and dairy, as well as being packed full of protein and are also paleo-friendly!

So why crickets?

It sounds gross, I know. But I’m always up for trying anything once before I make any sort of firm judgement. Sure I seemed a little squirmish, pulling a face as I took my first bite, but these bars simply taste like the flavours they offer. There’s nothing disgusting about them! But we’ll get onto the flavours shortly – back to crickets.

The animal sources dietary protein which is better than that derived from plants and contains ALL 9 essential amino acids. Still not convinced why it’s good for you? Well, crickets actually contain more than twice as much iron than spinach. Need more? Okay: Just 10g contains your daily dose of Vitamin B12, half the amount of fat than beef and they have an Omega 3 & 6 ratio of 1:2.2 which is better than that of hemp, soy and whey.

So that’s why it’s good for YOU, but what about the environment?

Up to 80% of a cricket is digestable which is fairly efficient, leading to less usage of pesticide on animal feed. What does that mean? Well, it provides additional environmental, health and economic incentives. Still not conconvinced? How about: less food waste reducing environmental contamination, better animal welfare and there is also less risk of diseases; crickets biologically are more separated from humans than vertebrate livestock. Therefore, the risk of a parasite jumping to humans is exceedingly low*.

The Flavours.

Raspberry, Cacao & Cricket Flour: The addition of raspberry in this bar adds a natural sweetness to the flavour which is ideal for anyone with a sweet-tooth like me!

Coffee, Vanilla & Cricket Flour: This one is my favourite, purely because I love coffee. If you’re not a huge fan of coffee fear not, as this is a subtle taste that isn’t as overpowering as actually drinking a mug of the good stuff!

Cacoa & Cricket Flour: In all honesty, this wasn’t my favourite but it wasn’t off-putting to stop me eating it. The other three bars have additional flavours to them which simply add a little extra to suit my taste-buds, whereas this one seemed slightly bland in comparison.

Peanut & Cricket Flour: This has to be my second favourite. I love peanut butter and regularly look at incorporating it into various baking recipes, so the addition of peanut flavour in this bar is just what I like!

Now, the flavours are great and although there’s only a choice of 4, I still think there’s one to suit anyone’s preference. As for the texture, this is quite a dense bar with a sticky texture. It’s easy enough to chew, none of this getting stuck in your tooth nonsense, but for anyone who is looking for a crispy energy bar in the style of a typical cereal bar, this is not that!


*Gifted product. All information regarding the ingredients and environmental benefits can be found on the Crobar website.