Crock-Pot CSC032 Stainless Steel Slow Cooker – TEACH ME HOW TO COOK REAL SLOW

No instructions re the symbols on the front of the crock pot for the temperature heat. Otherwise very happy with it.

Lovely slow cooker from a top brand. There are no complicated knobs. Just throw your food to be cooked in and away you go. There is a glass lid to see what is happening. It comes with a recipe book. Overall, a brilliant slow cooker.

I have been a convert to low cookers for several years, they save money , time and the food tastes great. I have found crock pot to be a good reliable manufacture of slow cookers and this is one of there no fuss, reliable range. The operation is simple- no timers or fancy controls just a button that you turn to low, high or warm. Usually it’s suggested you start off at high for an hour then leave at low for a few hours for best results. You have to time the cooking in this yourself as ther are no digital function for you to do – which i kind of missed. My suggestion is to leave at low if you want good results – you tend to not be able to over cook food especially meat in this. You need less liquid than normal cooking – and this has a small cookbook inside but ther are loads of web sites with suggestions on how to cook anything. I tried out a small chicken in this – placing some onions and carrots on the base then putting the chicken on top , you can only get away with a small size in this. It is more aimed at smaller families or couples. I cooked the chicken for 7 hours on low after sealing it for stand it was delicious not a result i would have got in a normal cooker the crock pot inside is a heavy solid stoneware but because this is a smaller size it’s not too overly heavy.

Crock-pot are the company that created the slow cooker industry, so their models are essentially the default standard for comparison. This particular model is pretty much the latest benchmark. 5l, which is what you will find as the standard in all the recipe books. It has two power modes, slow, and fast, and a ‘keep the heat in’ (keep warm) mode. It is no-frills, no fuss, no unnecessary bells and whistles. Okay, there is one unnecessary feature. That is unnecessary because once the cooker has been on for an hour or so you can’t see anything through the lid for all the condensation on it.

An excellent item that’s a must for a busy reluctant cook- the production values of the cooker are excellent with a general sense of robustness and durability throughout: especially impressive is the internal ‘crock’ which is a really substantial, well made container. Instructions on use are well expressed and sensible and will have you using the item with confidence quickly. One word of warning would be to check the volume and capacity carefully against your expectations and needs: this probably wouldn’t suit a family of four, but would be fine for a couple. Using this straight away we had a run of excellent results and it’s made a real difference to what we eat during the working week. Good value for money too at the price.

Very easy to operate, just throw in your food and turn the front dial and you’re ready to go. Being as a slow cooker, this means you’re going to wait a food while before your food is nice and tender. Quite a heavy unit, not something that you’d want to put up on a high shelf – if this fell on you, it’d crack your skulllooks well smart on the counter, has a nice shiny sleek stylish look about it.

The concept of slow cooking is brilliant. It is economic*, safe, no harder than ordinary cooking, and good for nutrition and flavour. It takes a bit of adapting and experimenting but it gives good instructions and a short, simple recipe book to get you started. If you leave early to go to work it may not be ideal because most recipes require quite a lot of preparation including browning. I don’t share the other reviewers’ enthusiasm for the quality of the device itself. It comprises an outer container, which does the heating, a ceramic dish for the food, which fits neatly inside the heater, and a lid. The dish and lid are reasonably solid and heavy though not of le creuset standard. The outer container is a bit flimsy. Mine arrived with some small dents which i was able to remove more or less by pressing with my fingers. My biggest concern is the switch which is very flimsy and feels like it will break before long.

Looks good, nice simple slow cooker. I didn’t need something that is multi functional and this fits the bill. Produced some great meal so far.

Works well but lid a bit lose still cooks well.

I only started slow-cooking earlier this year but have really taken to it, and thanks to the vast numbers of recipes freely available online there are always new things to try. They are simple to use and certainly don’t require any cooking skills, even to produce good, tasty meals. This one is made by crock-pot which is a long-established maker of them, and a very good one too with some of their models recommended by which magazine. It has a smart stainless steel appearance with a ceramic cooking dish which sits inside, and is removable for serving, using in the oven, cleaning etc. There are only three settings which keeps things very simple – high heat and low heat for cooking, plus a keep warm function for maintain the food at a good temperature when the cooking is finished. The instructions are not specific about which symbol indicates which setting, but by checking against another crock-pot with the same markings and a more comprehensive guide i can confirm the following:2 wavy vertical lines with flat line underneath = low heat3 wavy vertical lines with flat line underneath = high heat3 wavy vertical lines within a u shape = keep warmthis particular model doesn’t have a timer to control the cooking which is a shame, but i can recommend crock-pot digital countdown slow cooker, 4. 7 litre – gloss black if that function is important to you. 5l which is fine for up to four people but is not really big enough for larger family meals. It is easy to keep the ceramic pot and lid clean, although because of their size i don’t tend to use them in the dishwasher.

It’s well built, easy to use and looks soooo good. Operation couldn’t any simpler. There are 4 settings low, high, warm (to keep warm after cooking) and off. The stoneware pan is solid and suitable for the oven, as is the glass lid which allows you to see how your dinner is getting on. You also get some useful utensils and a handy recipe book that will give you ideas if you are looking for somewhere to start.

I had one of these before and used it regularly but lent it to a friend last winter and never got it back. This one is a really solid, heavy, well-made slow cooker with a hefty removable crock that sits in the metal housing which produces the heat. The lid is glass and has a nice big easy to grip handle. The beauty of a slow cooker like this, is that you can load it up in the morning with your meat, veg, stock and seasonings, switch it on, and then go off to work. When you come home in the evening, you open the door to be greeted by the most wonderful aroma and the most delicious casserole, stew, soup etc. Meat is cooked so it is wonderfully tender, i’ve done pulled pork in mine, and when you try to lift the joints out of the crock, the meat just falls off the bonethis crock has 3 settings; medium, high and keep warm, and it’s really easy to clean afterwards. It claims to be safe to put in the dishwasher though for me, it’s too big really, and so easy to rinse and wipe clean that i really wouldn’t feel the need to put it in the dishwasher. Unless you forgot to add any stock to your dish, it’s unlikely you would end up with any dried on, hard to clean residue in italso impressed that it came with 3 utensils, spoons and ladles and even some recipe ideas to get you started if you’ve never used one of these before. It’s also intended to cater for a family of four and is a bit bigger than my old one, worth noting if you just want to cook for one, or for a couple, or if you have limited cupboard space.

These days i don’t cook anything like as much as i used to, but this is a special cooking pot that i am quite excited to have been offered. The cooking is done in a good-quality ceramic/stoneware inner pot, and the heat is applied via a stainless steel outer ‘heating base’ that can be set to not only a higher, but also a lower, temperature. In fact the inner pot is oven-tolerant if that suits in certain cases, but under no circumstances cook in the outer shell. Indeed i should maybe say this early in the review that the instructions need to be read carefully before you start to cook anything. They are short, they are clear, they are simple, and it can be quite amusing just to imagine some of the disasters that might ensue from not taking this prudent elementary step. It’s all about cooking slowly, which of course is not some universal prescription for good cooking, but is a very useful counterbalance and even corrective in these days of time-saving apparently seen as some self-defined good thing. One doesn’t always want flavours to homogenise, but when we do want that top velocity in the cooking is not usually the way to achieve it. This crock-pot looks good too, and the admirable instructions include good advice on how to keep it looking nice. There are also three large serving-spoons, enhancing the impression that corners have not been cut with this product. If it had been possible, i might have liked to postpone this review for a month or two so as to be able to report on the actual cooking experiences other customers might learn from.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Try rapping chops in foil and placing in cooker no sauce needed
  • Good concept, several minor concerns with this product
  • Essentially the current standard for comparing slow cooker models with