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Bought as a gift – they absolutely love it. It apparently perform with bells and whistles?.

Wow extra extra happy with this product,easy to cook,you have more time for you ladies .

Wonderful so useful to be able to saute and fry before putting the crock-pot to slow cook. Love this pot could not be with out it now.

Not all things which are exported from “over the pond” are welcome, but in the case of the crook pot multi cooker a shout goes out to our american cousins. The crock pot multi and slow cooker is a fine piece of kit. It is a decent size but certainly not too large to be left on a kitchen work top permanently for ready use. Over time it will prove to as convenient as a microwave while the food it produces is fresher, tastier and less battered by electromagnetic radiation. The key of course is slow cooking and the ability to leave this implement to perform its work while you are out in the office, at work, robbing banks or doing whatever you do. Slow cookers are traditionally pigeon holed as largely useful for stews and casseroles and it is true they perform the task of making such dishes admirably. But to confine your crock pot to this is to massively under employ it. The recipes below from the makers site shows its versatility – easy beef korma cumin and coriander spiced vegetables with pearl barley halibut fillet with saffron infused rice, dill, fennel and cherry vine tomatoes mixed autumn squash and wild garlic medley finished with toasted seeds and croutons orange crème brûlée pea, mint and spring onion summer brothwhat is great about this multi cooker is its functionality and simplicity. Honestly a monkey in a suit could use this. It has five pre-programmed intelligent functions and all you do is press the on/off buttons to select the relevant programme.

Nice looking and good usage for multi purpose.

Another great 👍 product from crock pot.

Crock – pot gifted to family in uk. Very good reaction on arrival at door + positive follow up on first time performance. Have laid out a tough challenge for chef to create the best talked about ‘road kill currie’ crock-pot recipe for the village.

Most brilliant crock pot i have had. I cook in this all the time.

  • Does exactly what it says on the tin 🥫
  • Thank you
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Crock-Pot Multi-Cooker, 5.6 L – Silver

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I bought this as a christmas gift to my friends. They liked it and chuffed with its performance.

Great for just about everything. Makes great easy meals with any ingredients you have lying about.

Looks great and cooks great food.

The wife wanted this as the next step after using a traditional slow cooker. The additional features are useful for “one pot” cooking – great if it’s your turn to wash up. Good sturdy product, the cooking tray is non-stick so really easy to clean and use for browning meat & sweating down veg before slow cooking. Good size as well – you can easily get 6 decent stew portions out of a cook. Only thing i need it to do that it doesn’t is put the food in the fridge when it’s cooked. Don’t forget to like this review if it was useful.

It is brilliant and well worth the money.

I cant live without this now it gives a lovely saute on meat and veg before cooking. Ive madechicken currystew & dumplingschicken chasseursausage caseroletoad in the holebacon onion tomatoe pastaspaghetti bolognaseroast chickenroast vegetablesroast beefyorkshire puddingits so much fun.

Works well easy to use for so many types of cooking, perfect for the busy household like ours.

  • Does exactly what it says on the tin 🥫
  • Thank you
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Crock-Pot Multi-Cooker, 5.6 L – Silver

Ilove this crockpot it is so good. Have used this virtually every day since i bought it. Have`nt used it for steaming or baking yet but have for everything else. Well worth the money, brilliant.

Excellent product, so easy to use. Have done several recipies with meat , tastes delicious cooked slowly on low, done on high with same results. Found condensation easy to remove with paper towels. Use mine with an adapter for plug as l live in italy and have no problems. The outer metal is well designed and does not get hot, the inner pot is simple to remove and serve straight to table. Cooking this way gives me lots more free time.

Bought it for my daughter and she says it is a great addition to her kitchen.

Love it, it does what it says on the tin. Easy to use, more importantly easy to clean. Used it every day since purchase, whilst being without a kitchen for 6 weeks.

I’ve used the crockpot now twice a week. It’s fantastic and saves me a lot of time in the kitchen. This could easily be every working woman’s dream.

Love this does everything it says it does.

The saute mode is fantastic for frying onions and browning vegetables before changing to slow cooker mode to make the rest of the food.

Bought the new but it looks used. Has crashed round the our side of the unit. The in side pan has crashes in it and hearing plate has chips out if it too. I’m disappointed after spending this amount of money.

Produced in line with expectations. For me one of the best slow cooker actually on the market. Excellent service and delivery like amazon policy.

Gets used at least twice per week. Can’t really see how to better it especially for the price.

We had crock pot for more than 10 years. I was looking for an upgraded model then i found it. Lots of options; steaming , slow cooking, roasting and more. Our old crock- pot is still up and running but this one is great.

I have mixed feelings about this slow cooker. The cooker itself is very good, easy to use, and better made than a previous crock-pot i had. Not that the previous one i had was bad, but i found the temperature across the cooking bowl quite uneven (it was a ceramic pot type). The cooking bowl on this one is metal, and it fits against the heating element much better, and the cooking temperature was much more even across the whole bowl, a big improvement. We are only two people, and i really found this cooker too big. It took a tremendous amount of ingredients to fill it to a good level for cooking; much more suited to 4+ people. Not the fault of the cooker, and smaller ones are available. My main issue is a purely personal one. I’m not a good chef, and whilst piling chopped veg and meat into the cooker and covering with liquid is potentially a bad chef’s dream, i really struggled to coax much flavour from the finished dishes, and was ultimately always quite disappointed. Yes of course i could do more.

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