Crock-Pot SCV400RD Slow Cooker – Crockpot

Really good value for money considering its a very reliable and well known brand , came with extra utensils which i was pleased with , deffinetly worth the money, was delivered very quickly even though im not in the uk.

Nice to come home to a cooked meal.

Love it, it’s saves time, simple to use, has clear instructions on timing for what food your using,lovely red colour, easy to clean, easy to handle, i wish i brought one years ago.

Love this slow cooker, i brought to have a second onein house as i don’t eat the same as partner. And love this one as has a warm option.

I purchased this to replace my old one, it is exactly how it advertises, i am pleased it has the light as that was one of my moans about my old one. I do not think it gets as hot so have to leave it on high longer than i normally would and the bottom of the dish was rather sharp and scratched my work top.

This is just perfect,and very easynto used.

I had one years ago and then they seemed to go out of fashion. I bought this model after doing a bit of research. 5l is a really good size for 4 people. I have used it quite a bit and it really does produce excellent meals, ready when you want them.

Excellent value for money and really good quality.

I bought a slow cooker years ago and never used it as it was too big, but then my daily routine changed and i was finding it hard to get dinner on the table at a reasonable time so i decided to buy a new one. This size is perfect for our household. It makes enough for a family of 4 to have a decent size meal, or when there are just 2 of us i can reheat leftovers the next day or freeze them. There are lots of lovely recipes out there, but my favourites to cook in this are beef stew or pork loin in red wine. The meat falls apart after slow cooking for 8 hours, and even the cheapest cuts taste wonderful. My only concern was that it doesn’t have a timer, so on long days away from home i was still stuck, but i picked up a cheap timer plug for less than a fiver which meant i could dump a preprepared freezer meal straight into the pot early in the morning and have it start cooking 3-4 hours later (if you haven’t heard of dump meals, you really need to look them up. They were a game-changer for me). As far as cleaning goes, i take the pot out of the cooker, give it a quick rinse to get rid of any leftover food pieces, and throw it in the dishwasher.

I had this crackpot for more than 1 year now and i must say that it really is an essential part of my cookware now. I prepare dinner quick and easy early in the morning before and leave on the longest cooking time and by the time i am back home everything is ready. It made some days very hassle free when it comes to cooking. It is very easy to use, just go with the instruction and look upon the internet for recipes. I would definitely reccomend it to everyone, in fact now my mom has got one too.

This has been my first slow cooker. I didn’t know what to expect. However, i did my research before i purchased this brand.

Soups taste more wholesome as well as slow cooked meats, fantastic meals come from this and a book we bought. Great addition to the kitchen.

This is the best slow cooker. i had one of these before it was my best friend but when it came to moving house i had to give it up. I thought long and hard if to try a more expensive newer digital one. But i went with what i know and by previous reviews. I must say i am pleased i did. So it switches on if i am out at the right time i need it too. My family have loved everything ive cooked in it so far. It also can go in the dishwasher which is fab as no mess clearing up either. Here are the specifications for the Crock-Pot SCV400RD Slow Cooker:

  • Let the Crock-Pot cook your meal to perfection while you get on with your day
  • Suitable for casseroles, curries, chilli, but also soups, pot roasts and even desserts
  • Oven safe, dishwasher safe stoneware plus tempered glass lid with cool touch handles
  • 3.5 Litre capacity is ideal for small families and households
  • Slow cooker recipe booklet included

This is a fantastic slow cooker, has everything you would expect, keep warm, slow or normal cooker settings. Cleans very well and looks very smart, the red is true to colour on the picture provided. Plenty of space for a family sized stew.

I love my crock pot, just the right size for 4, heats up brilliantly, keeps warm effectively and no fancy, complicated digital control panel just 3 easy settings. Great colour as well with see through lid.

This is used in our house at least twice a week. The versatility and convenience of slow cookers is well known: being able to throw some ingredients into the pot before you go to work so you return to a meal already cooked in the evening. This particular cooker is great because of the glass lid, being able to see what is going on inside instead of having to remove and then lose all of the moisture. It has two settings which is useful: high gets the cook going, then we normally leave it on low for the day. It doesn’t have a timer on it like a previous one that we had, but we haven’t missed this function at all. All in all, a great piece of kit that it very well used in our kitchen.

I bought this as a present for my father and he has been very pleased with it so far having made 4 meals. The cooker is visually nice and the crockpot it’s self is nice quality. The meals he has made have turned out well and easily feeds four adults. Overall very pleased all round.

This is our first venture into slow cooking there is no doubt it does what it says on the box. 5 litre version and in hind site i should have bought the 6 litre version for only a small amount extra they both use the same power and you have the flexibility of catering for more people with the larger one.

The best slow cooked breakfast i’ve had since gary wilmotts wedding, bacon ten on ten, button mushrooms bingo, black pudding snap, minor criticism more distance between the eggs and the beans, i may want to mix them i want that to be my decision, use a sausage as a breakwater, but i’m nit picking.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Mmmmmm, Foooood

  • How can you cook without it when busy?

  • Good slow cooker

Replaced old slow cooker with this very pleased indeed.

Used to make bone broth and tallow once a week. Easy controls, easy cleanup, can’t fault it.

Brilliant slow cooker, great size and easy to use.

Really easy to use and clean.

Only downside is food has to be browned in another pot and transferred. Good temperature control and spread of timings.

Purchased this again after i dropped the bowl. Great value, only downside is it doesn’t have a timer, so i just use a timer plug.

Couldn’t manage without my crock-pot?.

The low setting is quite low in temp but it works wonders.

Cooking has become much easier thanks to this.

Very good really easy to use cooks fantastic.

★ª’˜¨¨★ª’˜¨¨¯¯¨¨˜ª¤. ¸*•¸★☆☆five stars☆☆★¸•*¸. ¤ª˜¨¨¯¯¨¨˜’ª★¨¨˜’ª★.

The next one will be another crock pot.

Bought this for my daughter from chrimbo. She looked horrified when she opened it but now she never stops using it. Great product, looks good and no complaints from the chef.

Really easy to use, temperature control simple, cooks food really well and hassle free.

Amazing product with simple functionality for a top-notch result.

Unfortunately i have had to return the above item as it had a large dent on the front of it. I have however ordered another one as it is just the right size for me.

Very lightweight for the size. Heats up quickly and cooks well. Perfect size for small family meal or small joint.

Very happy with this crock pot, lovely colour, and i’ve used it almost every day.

I use my crock-pot often and i have recommended this item to my full time working daughters. So simple to use and saving time to do other things meanwhile.

Pot is easy to clean and not too heavy. Quite neat in comparison to some sc that look bulky to sit on work surface. I have used it four or five times and it has functioned well. I prefer to brown meat in a pan before slow cooking for appearance and for flavour. You would need to do this in another pan and then add to slow cooker. I can’t comment on durability as i have not had it long. It is such a simple concept i cant imagine there is much to go wrong. Not much versatility in use, but of course you can use it for many things apart from stews eg adding a steamed pudding in a bowl with water in the slow cooker. You could cook meat for a pie and simply finish off in the oven et etc.

This crockpot is wonderful and great for the price. I have cooked only a few meals in it so far but i very much enjoy it and it cooks thoroughly.

Worth it for sure, easy to clean, and does what you expect a slow cooker to do.

You can put this on before the school run & by the end of a busy day it’s all cooked lovely & tender & hot.

My wife and i must say love this machine. It is a really good crock pot. Our meals have benefited from this long,slow cooker. The meat is tender and juicy.

Bought from amazon warehouse at reduced price really happy with it.

Lid does not sit flush on pot. Pot does not sit flush in the main body of the cooker. Only after using and on cleaning, i notice high spots on th enamel lining of the pot.

Even though it was 2nd hand, it came in great condition, like new. I’ve done a couple of casseroles.

I’m a man who can’t(won’t) cook, at least in the traditional sense on a stove, however iv found that slow cookers are so easy, iv cooked currys, chili con carne, stew, chicken, jacket potatos etc and loved it. It so easy and takes no time at all. The slow cooker is excellent quality and looks nice.

Could have done with more instructions.

I have used mine following recipes or just chucking anything we have in.

Arrived within the week (in december from uk to spain). Changed the plug and good to go. I was a little worried that the lid rocked and would not provide the correct seal. This has turned out not to be a problem, so all good,for us, in spain, it is great value for money as even with the postage costs it is still cheaper than to buy in shops here.

Works well, does not overcook food like my last make did.

I am quite pleased with my purchase and already made a good use of it. I like the capacity and colour, which matches my kitchen’s colour scheme.

I’d been eyeing up this crock pot for awhile and finally decided to buy it. When it arrived the pot had clearly been returned once already, as there were finger print marks all over it and a few scuff marks on the pot. After speaking with amazon on live chat, i decided it was going to be more hassle to return the item so have kept it. The product itself works well. It’s not super easy to clean, but that goes for a lot of pots made of a similar material. It takes a lot of stress out of cooking, which is what i bought it for.