CROCKPOT Crock-Pot Lift & Serve Digital Slow Cooker – Nice looking but paying for name

I wanted a ceramic bowl slow cooker and chose this one. It is easy to use and like the the fact the lid is hinged, which removes easily for cleaning. So far am happy with my purchase.

Stylish pot although the display is a bit dull meaning you have to be at eye level to read it. After making a meal in order to get the pot out you have to take lid off first which is ok but am conscious of the risk of breaking it as it doesn’t sit as a regular lid off of the machine. When you turn it on i want a start button but there is not one you just press the temperature low or high and hours and that’s it. For price i expected more other then a fancy looking pot.

This is our second slow cooker, it is a more complex machine, but simple to use. It also has the keep warm feature which we have found useful.

I had a slow cooker for years and missed it when it broke. This is a great replacement and was good value when bought. Nothing amazing in terms of features although the hinged lid is handy sometimes. I don’t use the timer but the general heating and cooking parts work fine.

This is a replacement for an old slow cooker which sadly after many years of use gave up working. This is the perfect replacement, easy to use, easy to clean and lighter than my old one which is a bonus. I use a crockpot mainly for making soup and casseroles. The results so far are brilliant and love the digital timer so i can go off all day knowing if i am a little late home the food stays warm.

Used for the first time and the screws from the lid fell into the stew and when i put them back in they do not tighten up.

Great product, great service a +++.

Only used it once yet and it was great. Will take a bit of getting used to.

So good to have to throw food in the morning and go about my day and then have dinner ready. Having packs prepared in the freezer saves so much time during the day.

I’m in love with this slow cooker. Easy to use, digital display, large pot, looks great on the worktop, good quality.

It cooks, slowly or if you want really slowly. Food on the slow setting is pretty good. I don’t know about the really slow settin i’m not that patient.

Been meaning to buy a slow cooker for years and this is a classic.

After my old slow cooker gave up after 8 years, i wanted one that not only cooked well, but looked good as well. This crock pot does it all perfectly. Food comes out succulent, full of flavour and meat just melts in your mouth. It looks fantastic and stylish, is easy to use, cleans beautifully. I love that when the timer finished cooking it automatically goes to keeping it warm. Cooks easily for 5 to 6 peoplemy only moan is the lead is quite short. Here are the specifications for the CROCKPOT Crock-Pot Lift & Serve Digital Slow Cooker:

  • Digital Timer – Set cooking time from 30 minutes to 20 hours. Auto keep-warm means your dish is ready when you are.
  • Hinged lid – Makes serving and stirring easier. Reduces worktop mess.
  • Dishwasher safe bowl &lid – For easy cleaning.
  • 4.7 Litre ceramic bowl – Ideal for families. Removable so you can serve at the table. Oven-safe.
  • 3 Heat settings – Low, High & Keep-Warm for delicious dishes, from soups and stews to pot roasts and desserts.

Cooks well and much quicker than my old one.

This is a large slow cooker that is easier to use than it is to prepare all the food that goes into it. On first use i wondered if the lid was sitting correctly but its fine rubber insulating band edging the lid is the reason why. Yes it is programmable but it is a minimum of programming that is given or is required of a slow cooker so it is easy to use in that way. Unusually there are two heat choices – low and high, would surmise it will depend on whether i am starting the cooking process with enough time before the meal is required as the defining choice of heat setting. As to the ease of cleaning the inner ceramic bowl, that has caught me out as i missed a piece that required some scrubbing and there it seems to stubbornly remained for a while. I believe it is important to soak and clean almost immediately after emptying it. The whole unit is not as heavy to use as its size might suggest as the outer bowl is so very light. What i haven’t done as yet is try all the suggested recipes having stuck to casseroles which is the reason i bought the pot. Of course the results of eating from this style of cooking are as good as ever.

All round great purchase from start to finish. Arrived with 24hrs – checkeasy assembly – checkeasy of timer setting – checkdidn’t leak as some other buyers have stated (perhaps they didn’t attach the lid properly), turned to “keep warm” as programmed and food was yummy. I would recommend this item.

Has helped me loads as an doing slimming world and can batch cook loads in this.

Very easy to get started and works as expected. However, the pot is a bit difficult to clean as it is large, heavy, and it is not non-stick so requires a bit of soaking/scrubbing.

I spent weeks researching & reading reviews, before i eventually made this purchase. This is my first crock pot/slow cooker & i cannot praise this product enough. I’ve made some fabulous dishes already and found the pot very simple to use & clean. I’m wholeheartedly recommending this essential kitchen device.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Everyone should have one !!!
  • Pay more, get great quality that works
  • Good product

Great product,used it lots of times now. Put in ingredients ,set how many hours,keeps warm when done,brings out flavours.

I kept going through slow cooker after slow cooker because i was buying cheap ones, this is really good, easy to clean as its all dishwasher safe, nothing sticks to it, i have put meat in with no sauce and it doesnt stick.

Was looking for a slow cooker for some time and this popped up on the daily deals. It hasn’t transformed my life not cooking habits but the food it produces and time it saves are both plus points.

I bought this for my parents and they love it. A few months earlier i bought the larger version but it’s not digital – this one is a much better buy, a bit more expensive but the auto function is something i miss on my non- digital slow cooker.

Chicken get very dry when cook long time in it. Also a minus is one can’t program it for delay. I should have read better before i bought it.

Really pleased with this slow cooker. It’s really easy to use and to clean. The lift off hinged lid is an excellent idea. It took a few tries to work out recipes correctly as the lid traps all moisture and therefore you need far less liquid than you would first think. Also you only need to buy less expensive cuts of meat as the slow cooking (8 hours & up to another 4 hours on keep warm) means all meat is really tender. This crock pot is used at least 3 times a week at present and i can see it being put to work more frequently when the winter arrives.

The crockpot is fine – the lid doesn’t feel very stable and due to its configuration could come off accidently when using the cooking pot seprately. Biggest criticism, are the controls, once they are understood they are fine but i just think more design effort could have gone into this elemnt of the utensil.

Brilliant, bought to replace a faulty old version of this. The attached lid is a great addition.

Still experimenting with recipes, but overall it’s working well and the meat especially turns out very soft and nice. There seems to be some leakage (of steam) into the inside, so there’s a wee stain now, but i don’t think it’ll affect the function. Oh, and a little bit of water sometimes ends up on the counter, so you may want to keep that in mind in case your counter’s surface is sensitive to such things. But overall, a good purchase.

This is a great product, it costs more maybe partly partly because of the brand, but also because it is really well made and works wonderfully. Many people don’t realise the cheap slow cookers have one heat source below the cooking pot, better ones heat the sides as well as the base. Be prepared for the instructions not being wholly explanatory, but you will soon work it out since there is not much to it.Three settings, high, low and ‘keep warm. ‘ then you use the up and down keys to set the cooking time. The digital settings are clear–it’s true as some have noted that the black area where the numbers come up doesn’t show against the black surround, but when you switch it on and operate the thing the numbers are clear enough. A pity it doesn’t have a facility for delayed start, but compared to most slow cookers, just having a reminder of how much time is left is a great advance. The cooking pot is heavy because it is really good quality. The lid lifts out to clean, but when inserted it makes a good seal on the pot.

Great for preparing meals and soups etc in advance,.

Absolutely love my slow cooker used it for the first time last week and my dish has never tasted so good. So easy and cleans up even easier. The timer really helps to keep a track of time and the keep warm setting is a god send to make sure everything is served up hot and together.

I would recommend it to anyone interested in a crock pot.

The lid is a bit odd, when you go to close it the back fitting comes loose (pops out). If you don’t notice it can flip back and fall.

Particularly like the keep-warm feature should you get home later than intended.

It cooks well slow as required and gives food good flavour.

Very happy with he slow cooker.

Given as present to daughter and they loved it. It’s been used several times and no issues.

Just fill with your ingredients and leave. Large enough to cook for 4 persons.

It’s my first slow cooker and i’m happy to invest in crock pot as it works wonderfully so far. Everything matches the description and is very easy to use. I also don’t have any problems with the digital display as it was mentioned in other reviews – i can clearly read it from all angles and the distance. I think the only flow i can think of is that it automatically turns into “keep warm” mode after it’s done cooking. Quite convinient most of the time but let’s say you have the emergency and can’t get back home on time it’s going to keep running. And they only recommend to keep in on 4h max for safety reasons. So i wish there was an option to program it yourself and decide if you want to use this option or just get it to turn off after finished.

Replaced broken crockpot with this one.

Excellant wish id have got one years ago.

Very easy to use and to clean.

Wow i’m amazed at how much these crock pots hold. I have a collection of crock pots and slow cookers but these are the perfect size. Not to big or smallhinged lid which makes transporting the food to the table much easier as you wont spill the contents, the washing up is a breeze as the. Pops off for an easy clean up. The whole item is an excellent choice of cooker. I dont have a cooker just a table top oven and slow cookers. Because they are so wonderful the meat comes out tender and falls of the bone ,makes delicious broth at the same time. I dont think i will ever go back to cooking meat in an oven.

Perfect little crock-pot, ideal size for a family of 4.

The food comes out great, meat tender and very tasty.