Cuisinart CTK17U Traditional Kettle – As kettles go this one is really well made and looks brilliant

This is a nice and very attractive kettle. I find it easy to use, you can see clearly how much water is in and i’ve had none of the problems noted by other reviewers regarding scalding hands when pouring. My only reason for not giving it 5 stars is that it’s not particularly fast to boil.

Really nice looking machine. Ever since i saw monica (in friends) using this type of kettle i wanted one. But nothing grabed my attention. This really looks good and adds modern touch to my kitchen. If you are looking to add a bit of umff to your kitchen then buy this, otherwise you can boil water in £10 one too. But i highly recommend this.

Bought when it was on sale for £40, i love it, it doesn’t have any nasty odour/taste and boils quickly. I like the large window in the side which makes checking the water level easy. I fill it using the spout rather than removing the lid (particularly if it is still hot). It is sturdy and very nicely made.

Had this kettle for around 2 years and still works fine but am going to buy a different one as i’m fed up with getting scalded by steam when making tea. The spout is too close to the handle and scalds your fingers (unless you remember to hold it at the rear of the handle, beyond the natural position,) if you try to pour water as soon as it’s boiled, which you should with tea. Another couple of bugbears: the filter falls out easily. The perspex window has cracked right across the middle. It doesn’t leak, just looks shabby. Picky i know but just being honest.

Was delivered within 2 days of ordering. It is very quiet compared to my last kettle. Easy to see water level and nice stainless steel finish.

I love this kettle despite it’s lack of durability. It looks good and is easy to use. However i’ve had 2 now and i’ve had to replace both of them at around the 2 year mark as the plastic handle for opening the lid becomes so brittle with all the heat cycles it eventually snaps opening the lid. Both times the resulting fragments have dropped into the water and you’re left with a hole in the lid. Other than that it’s a great kettle and would last longer if you just fill it via the spout.

Then the plastic clear part cracked and started to leak. For those 5 years it worked well, and concealed heating element (now standard in most kettles) was good for avoiding limescale build-up. Wish they’d make kettles that lasted longer.

I would have given this kettle 5 stars as the function of it was excellent, ease of use, easy fill, rapid, reasonably quiet boil. Unfortunately i had to replace it recently as the handle became loose and we were unable to tighten the screws holding it in place, making it unsafe to use. I haven’t noticed anyone reviewing saying that they had the same fault, so i could imagine that this was a one off. A shame, great looking kettle too – and matched our toaster.

Great kettle, nicely balanced, will keep my eye on the ‘windows’, as some people have said they crack. Purchased from john lewis as was cheaper, and you get an extra years guarantee.

This high speed kettle is the first one i’ve owned that can rapid boil without deafening you. It looks good, holds enough water for making pots and pots of tea and boils rapidly. All this in a kettle and it lights up with a blue light just to remind you when it’s on.

I was just looking to replace ours that has just started to fall apart and i realised that it lasted almost exactly 3 years. As posted by others – the little black plastic handle on the lid has just degraded over time and the screws have fallen out. Other than that it’s been a great kettle; looks good, boils quickly and is easy to clean (we have very hard water).

For looks this kettle is lovely and exactly what i wanted. For design its not so great, the lid dribbles water all down the side of it when removing and replacing so it can be quite messy.

I would not buy this again if i needed a new kettle, i live in a hard water area and the window looks awful after just a couple of uses. Other than that the kettle is okay. Here are the specifications for the Cuisinart CTK17U Traditional Kettle:

  • Easy clean removable filter, improves quality and taste of your drinks
  • 3kW concealed element for rapid boiling
  • Large window on both sides for easy viewing of fill level
  • Illuminated switch indicates when the kettle is on
  • 360°C cordless base for easy left and right hand use

Is it possible to get quite so enamoured of a functional object?. Got this for my elderly mother as it said something about easy grip but, oh – it’s the prettiest kettle i’ve seen. If there’s nothing on the tv and nobody to talk to, you can indeed while away some time watching the kettle boil.

However, in my opinion, there is a design flaw in the combination of the over arching handle with the manual lid opening. When the kettle has boiled and you use up all the boiled water and you go to refill it, the positioning of the handle will cause the very hot steam to burn your hand. We started filling the kettle now from the spout in these cases. We have used other kettles in the past that were more convenient than this. Speed of boiling is quite good. Overall wouldn’t purchase this again.

This is a very well made kettle, it seems sturdy,does the job and the bonus is that it also looks good. It replaces a leaking kettle and so far it is doing the job.

One of those situations where you get what you pay for. Side windows are very useful and the rubber(?) handle much less likely to slip in your hand than the cheap ones, so probably safer. Looks very smart and boils quickly.

Looks good on counter, heats up quickly with window to see level.

Arrived in good time and very well packed. Looks absolutely great in the kitchen. A little noisier than my old one, but not by much. The lower water level indicator is great for one cup. So far, after one month, would thoroughly recommend.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Lovely kettle if you don’t mind changing it every 2 years
  • Great looks but a big drip!!
  • Lasted three years

Bought this at the request of my sister she had heard the reviews. Its very good and she is pleased with it.

I love this kettle, it’s good to look at, of good quality and works quickly and quietly. It may be a tad on the heavy side for some, especially if you are older, but i’m sure it will last for years.

An excellent traditional kettle. This replaced one of similar size and shape from one of the more well known manufacturers which started to leak around the window and spout elbow. I deliberately delayed reviewing this until after a couple of descales.

Very pleased with this kettle – seems really well made, and is a quick boiler too. Plus the assurance of a 3 year guarantee. I recommend this without reservation.

Quick to boil, not overly noisy, will probably last for years. Been looking for days ,liked this one immediately.

This kettle is definitely worth paying that bit extra for, nice finish, boils quickly, and switches off promptly, so no wasted electricity, easy to fill because the lid is a nice easy fit, my previous kettle was difficult as the lid stuck fast, and i resorted to filling via the spout. The generous window view of the water levels is also a good point and is helpful when wanting to boil a small amount of water.

I bought this kettle a couple of years ago and on the whole i have been very pleased with it. It has stylish good looks, boils quickly and is easy to descale. My only niggle is that some time ago i noticed that when pouring there was water dripping from somewhere. I initially thought it was the spout but have since discovered it is coming out of the base somehow. It is a nuisance having to continually mop up but i imagine it is now too late to do anything about it. Maybe i’ve just been unlucky – it is still a lovely kettle.

Fantastic , at last a kettle i can clearly see how much water is in it. I also think it is very stylish, it holds more than most other kettles, its easy to fill and a good pourer – what more could you ask for. I would recommend it to anyone.

Yes a lovely kettle with good design. My only gripe is because we live in a hard water area the lime scale shows up on the finish – so constant cleaning. The kettle arrived well packaged and in good time and works extremely well.

Adds a touch of class to any kitchen. Slight taint from metal in early days, which is to be expected, but no complaints otherwise.

A nicely made item that boils quickly and is a joy to pour. The blue ‘on’ light is attractive and it’s fun to watch the boiling bubbles through the clear window. It’s easy to use whether you are right or left handed and is well balanced. Worth paying that little bit extra for a quality item.

Although quite expensive, it is so well designed and made that i consider it good value for money. It pours and handles very well (i have arthritic hands so this is important) and it is easy to fill via the spout without having to take the lid off; not that taking the lid off is any problem – filling via the spout is just that little bit quicker and easier.

I’m a guy so a kettles a kettle to me lol. My last kettle kept tripping my circuits and i frew it in the bin. As kettles go this one is really well made and looks brilliant.