Cuisinart DGB650BCU Grind and Brew Automatic Filter Coffee Maker : coffee break

Coffee does not completely drain into jugit is necessary to remove the lid from the jug in order to dispense all of the coffee.

This is my second cuisinart coffee machine. Love that it does not stew the coffee, and that the pot is just about indestructible, in a house where there are so many people using it, its invaluable. Hope they never stop making it.

I have had the cuisinart coffee machine for a couple of months which i thought was suitable usage time before writing a review. My husband and i love proper filter coffee (we dislike the gimmick pod or processed coffee machines) and have had quite a few coffee machines over the years, so we are quite critcal about them. I principally wanted this machine because it has a grinder built in, and also because it has the steel thermos jug – we have broken quite a few glass jugs on our kitchen tile floori am extremely happy with this machine. . We use it at least daily, especially on the timer function for the morning. In fact, we only ever use it now with proper coffee beans which we ordered in bulk. The grinder is amazingly efficient. My husband, who is an engineer by trade, is quite impressed by it’s design. The steel jug is a sturdy design, and the whole coffee machine is a nice design. You do have to clean the grinder out after use, which some people might consider a chore, but the whole unit is easy to remove and clean. We don’t use the gold filter as we find it easier to use disposable filters which i can also compost.

My machine is a dgb600bcu model, a previous one, however it works exactly the same. I have been using stove percolators for years, and they are ideal for 1-2 people,but quite awkward when you have some visitors and need more mugs of coffee at once. I was looking at this machine and the other ones, read hundreds of reviews and still could not decide. Luckily, there happened to be one in my local charity shop for £10, so decided to give it a go. My opinion:- after warming the carafe with boiling water prior to brewing the coffee, the drink is hot, however not as the piping hot coffee from the percolator. However, i must admit the coffee is hotter than from some much more expensive machines ( my friends own a huge machine, grinding, frothing, and they have to put the coffee to the microwave when it’s done otherwise it comes out lukewarm)- there is no way coffee is hot for hours. I had a warm coffee after 2 hours, but cold coffee after 4 hours being in the carafe (and the carafe was warmed up with boiling water prior to use)- it is great for a party of people when you make the full carafe, however if you make 1 coffee you need to take the lid off and tip the jug upside down to get the liquid out- the coffee tastes ok, but again if you are used to percolators like me, the taste is not as aromatic, especially after going through all the plasticky bits. Also i do drink drip coffee from different machines and this brew is not the best in comparisonoverall, the machine is handy as the size is quite compact and fits even in our small kitchen, however i wouldn’t spent over £100 for it. Its the best when i have friends in and brew a jug of coffee at once as it’s much hotter than brewing just a little in such a big carafe. I noticed that when i put the paper filter inside the golden mesh basket coffee was tastier, however it maybe only me ☺.

All we wanted was a machine which enables us to take the beans out of the freezer put them in the machine and end up with a perfect cup of coffee a few seconds later and that’s what we got. Along with blue sumatra coffee beans from costa rica coffee co. We have what we wanted – freshly made coffee that tastes like coffee smells. Yes the jug is difficult to pour, yes it is a fag to have to wash everything after every grind but it’s worth it.

Very pleased with this machine, cuisinart machines always look good and feel well made. I especially like the steel jug. Makes good coffee; as always with new machine trial and error to get the coffee to how you personally like it. Another very important plus is that its very easy to clean.

A bit fiddly to begin with as lots of bits to put in and wash after each use, but soon get used to it. The coffee it creates is well worth the effort.

Product is greatdelivered on time.

  • Great coffee maker for the coffee lover!
  • love it
  • Five Stars

Cuisinart DGB650BCU Grind and Brew Automatic Filter Coffee Maker

Style Name:DGB650BCU Grind
Product Description, The Cuisinart Grind and Brew filter coffee maker grinds fresh coffee beans and is fully automatic. It can make up to 10 cups of coffee in just eight minutes and is fully programmable. The coffee machine is fully programmable with preset brewing times. Other great features include a permanent professional gold tone filter which will not distort the taste of your coffee and a double walled insulated carafe which not only looks good but will keep your coffee warm for up to 12 hours.

Manufacturer’s Description,

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Cuisinart Grind and Brew Automatic Filter Coffee Maker


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Fully automatic filter coffee maker

  • Grind off feature gives you the option to use pre ground beans
  • One to four cup selector improves coffee extraction, flavour and temperature
  • Audible beep when your coffee has finished brewing.
  • Two charcoal water filters to improve the taste.
  • Commercial gold tone coffee filter – no need for paper filters.
  • Fresh, good quality beans are the foundation to a perfect cup of coffee.

Grind and Brew Auto

Cuisinart’s bean to cup filter coffee machine grinds fresh beans before brewing delicious filter coffee. With auto start timers, you can wake up to fresh coffee every morning or use at a dinner party.

Using fresh, good quality beans is the foundation to a perfect cup of coffee and grinding the beans immediately before brewing helps to retain the delicate oils and aromas contained inside the beans. The built in ceramic burr grinder presses the beans between its plates for a perfectly even grind, extracting maximum flavour without causing friction which can affect the taste of your coffee.

After grinding the beans to the perfect coarseness, the hot water passes slowly, without pressure through the beans ensuring that every drop of water comes into contact with the coffee grinds. The result is a carafe of hot, beautifully rounded coffee with real depth of flavour.

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I was looking for a replacement coffee maker for another vacuum flask coffee maker that i had and was frustrated by the lack of choice. My must haves were the vacuum flask and a time programming function. This one also has a coffee grinding facility, which i rarely use and don’t need, but the grind off button enables us to use pre-ground coffee. I’ve had no problems with the temperature of the coffee, but have made weak coffee by mistake after forgetting to set it up with a lid on the filter coffee basket, so it loses a point from me for not having a fail safe to stop me from doing that.

This machine makes fantastic coffee and is well worth the money. It is very easy to clean and re assemble, and arrived on time.

My mom was insistent on getting us a quality coffee-maker for a house-warming present (she knows how much i like a good cup of coffee). Until we got this, we’d just been using instant – it was quick and easy in the morning. After much research, we decided to get this one with the idea that it would be nice to just wake up to the coffee and we could do all the work in the evenings. Great in theory, not in practice. The other reviews complaining about the coffee not being hot enough are true (and i’m not one that’s particular about the temperature). The only way to get a properly hot cup is if you rinse the carafe with hot water prior to making the coffee – which entirely negates using the program feature. If, however, you rinse the carafe with hot water to warm it up first, the coffee is lovely and stays warm for a long while inside. As a result, this has all become a bit too much for a couple of cups of coffee every morning. It is great for after-dinner coffee when we have guests though :).

This machine has been coveted for almost a year now. Having used one at a friends home in the us i knew how easy it was to use and how good the coffe it produced was. Well it arrived this morning and set up was easy and i brewed a pot but didn’t have a cup, came back after an hour and a half and poured a hot cup mmmmmmmmone other thin – the seller used dpd for the delivery – absolutely brilliant. Had an email yesterday informing me that they would be delivering this morning between 9 & 10 am, and sure enough the doorbell rang at five past nine.Why can’t other firms do this level of service.

V good but the brew is a little on the weak side.

Bought this for our daughter and her other half, present buying is always a bit tricky but they are absolutely thrilled with it especially the thermos flask/pot keeps the coffee hot hot hot, for hours, they assure us they will use it every day, its got a great timer feature so you can wake up to hot coffee so now instead of arguing who gets up to make the coffee they negotiate who sets it up the night before. Hey so next year i need to get them a butler lol.

Fiddly to clean after each brew but worth it to get a decent cup of freshly brewed coffee.

One of the best drip coffee machines. Excellent price/quality ratio. I would recommend to use paper filters in addition to it’s own filter.

  • Great coffee maker for the coffee lover!
  • love it
  • Five Stars

Cuisinart DGB650BCU Grind and Brew Automatic Filter Coffee Maker

Features and Spesification

  • Automatically grinds coffee before brewing
  • Fully programmable
  • Grind off function
  • 10 cup capacity
  • Brushed stainless steel housing